The drug "Kobrotoxan"( ointment): instruction manual, reviews

Do you often have a backache, aching knee, or wringing out your forearm? Do not hesitate with treatment! Most likely, you started to worry about joints. Insidious diseases of the joints begin with just minor pains, which gradually turn into exhausting ones.

kobratoxan ointment

Today the pharmaceutical market offers a lot of tools for treating such phenomena, a new Vietnamese drug "Kobrotoksan" deserved a special positive evaluation of sick people. Its properties and nuances of application will be discussed below.

What is the means of "Kobrotoxan"?

Medication "Kobrotoxan" - ointment, instructions for use describes it as a balm that is applied externally. Its use is very wide. Ointment has found its place in folk medicine, and in the traditional treatment of sick people. Buy ointment kobratoksan you can from the official distributor in Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic Beware of fakes!

kobratoksan ointment instructions for use review

Its main purpose is to rid the person of inflammations of all kinds, accelerate the healing of injuries of varying complexity, associated with stretching of the tendons and muscles, dislocations.

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Composition of anti-inflammatory ointment

The fact that the preparation "Kobrotoxan" -meal( the instruction for use emphasizes this on special attention) is a unique drug, many doctors note. It includes snake venom. To produce medicinal balsam, in particular, cobra venom is used. Do not be surprised that this substance can be useful to a person. It has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times.

cobaltoxane pharmacological agent

External application of this drug has a special effect on the removal of pain, serious inflammation, influence on nerve endings and processors located in the subcutaneous layer.

Ointment "Kobrotoxan" can be used in basic therapy or be an auxiliary drug in the treatment of complex ailments. Of course, not only useful snake venom is included in the composition of balsam, it reveals its positive properties in combination with essential oil of menthol, which is also widely used in medicine as an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic agent, as well as methyl salicylate.

real ointment of cobaltotoxane

Cream-like preparation is easily applied to the skin, instantly absorbed and pleases with a quick effect of the effect on the foci of pain.

Pharmacokinetic properties of the drug

Ointment "Kobrotoxan" is a pharmacological preparation, which has no equal in its properties. It should be noted that the composition does not include the pure venom of the cobra, but only the toxin-co-troughin, extracted from it, which is specific and useful to the human body in a certain dose. It is he that contributes to the improvement of metabolism, which causes the cessation of spasms of the vessels, anesthesia, calming of nervous overexcitation. Especially useful is the use of the ointment "Kobrotoxan" in malignant formations, chronic complex diseases of the respiratory system, for example, in the treatment of asthma.

Uses and contraindications for the use of the drug

The drug "Kobrotoksan"( ointment) recommends the use of the instruction for the removal of pain during exacerbation of radiculitis, in trauma and joint damage, in the stretching of muscles or ligaments, during treatment of pain in the back,dislocations and bruises of varying complexity, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, arthrosinovitis, cranking, meniscus problems.

cobaltoxane instruction

Following the recommendations of the instruction, many doctors do not miss the opportunity to improve the patient's condition, advising him exactly the application of this effective tool.

Instruction on contraindications to the drug should also not forget to use. She warns that an ointment with cobra venom is not suitable for treating people who have such diagnoses as tuberculosis of the open form, exhaustion of the body, kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, fever, inferior circulation in the brain.

Possible negative consequences of the application of the

ointment Of course, in this article it is impossible to describe in full all the merits that the instruction refers to the drug "Kobrotoxan".Use "Kobrotaksan"( ointment), despite all its advantages, it is necessary with special care and under the control of the attending physician.

If the drug is used inappropriately, it is possible to achieve a deterioration in the state of health of a sick person. Use a medicinal ointment based on snake venom is necessary, strictly adhering to the recommended dose.

Creamy balm "Kobrotoxan" -meal( the instructions for use indicate this point) can cause allergic reactions.

Dosage when using

Ointment "Kobrotoksan" is applied to the painful areas externally. The total number of applications per day should not exceed two times. With tolerable pains or unpleasant aching and twisting sensations, it is recommended to rub two or three grams of medical balm once a day to the place of pain syndrome.

If the pain is severe and sharp, then rubbing the ointment is allowed up to two times within a day, no more. The general therapeutic course of treatment with the use of this remedy lasts ten days.

total number of applications

However, not all diagnoses are typical, so the doctor can prescribe a larger dose of the drug, only he does it with cautious progressive increases that do not damage the patient's health and lead to its recovery.

Self-administration of a creamy remedy based on snake venom is inappropriate, as it can be harmful to your health. The application can begin after the recommendations of the treating doctor.

Ointment is used externally, in no case can it be used inside, because this medicine is poisonous, even though it contains a scanty fraction of snake venom!

Reviews of specialists on ointments "Kobrotaksan"

If you compare the properties of this drug with other medicines, many doctors from a large list of medicines often choose the balsam "Kobrotoksan".It should be emphasized that doctors respond positively to the drug, if in mind there is a real ointment "Kobrotaksan", and not its forgery.

Qualitative medicine is always pleased with the positive results of restoration of the functions of the spine, joints, muscles. Very often doctors prescribe this tool to professional athletes in complex injuries.

Reviews of patients on the effective preparation

Because many people use the ointment only for the doctor's prescription, they are also happy with the subsequent effect, because they adhere to the prescribed dosage. Very much helped to restore the health of the drug "Kobrotaksan"( ointment).

Instructions for use( reviews also note this point) suggests that the effect of applying balm may not be immediate if the disease has already passed into a complex phase of its manifestation. With mild forms of trauma and bruises, the effect of anesthesia and the removal of inflammation occurs within half an hour.

The drug "Kobrotoxan" is an effective remedy, especially its people suffering from radiculitis and joint diseases. For many, this remedy is a real salvation.

instruction on contraindications

If you have already tried many drugs and do not notice any improvement, consult your doctor, maybe, like many others, it can help you with an ointment based on the snake venom "Kobrotoksan".

The price of this medicine is not so high( 270 rubles per 20 g tube) to deny yourself the opportunity to improve your health at times.

Once again, we warn that the information outlined in this article is informational in nature. Use the treated medication, which includes snake venom, should be strictly following the recommendation of the attending physician, who, according to the diagnosis, will determine the correct dose of daily intake.