Angina phlegmonous: symptoms and treatment. Tablets with angina in adults

This disease, like angina, is not considered rare - it can occur not only in young children, but also in adults, but only treatment for each is prescribed individually.

What is a phlegmonous sore throat?

Angina phlegmonous is often caused by an infection that affects the throat. In this case, the patient may have lymph nodes. The causes of this disease are staphylococci, streptococci and other microorganisms. angina phlegmonous

Phlegmonous tonsillitis is much less common than other types of this disease. With such a disease, you should pay attention to the tonsils, which can increase several times and when you touch them will be very sick. You can feel the increase of the tonsils with the help of palpation.

Causes of

The cause for the appearance of this disease can actually be many, but the main doctors include such as:

  1. Angina in adults can appear due to severe hypothermia of the body.
  2. If the immunity of a person is greatly reduced, this condition can be a consequence of severe fatigue, lack of rest, emotional stress.
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  4. When deviations in the nervous system are observed.
  5. In case of injuries to the tonsils. Sometimes angina can develop even after the tonsils are removed.
  6. If there are breathing disorders, mostly nasal, for example, when a nasal septum has been shifted.

what antibiotic is better with angina

Symptoms that accompany refluxing angina

Angina in adults is identical to that in children, so the symptoms are generally the same, but in an adult the disease is much more complicated than that of a child. Consider the main signs of phlegmonous sore throat:

  1. When eating or drinking while swallowing, severe pains in the throat may occur, so in this case it is recommended to eat softened food.
  2. The person can have a general intoxication of the body, the general condition of the patient worsens, sometimes there may be vomiting and diarrhea.
  3. There is a strong reddening of the throat, as well as an increase in the tonsils several times. And they can be noticed with the naked eye, because they begin to bulge in the jaw area.
  4. The human body temperature can increase to 40 degrees.

tablets with angina in adults

Phlegmonous tonsillitis, the symptoms of which are very similar to the usual, requires immediate treatment, since such a disease can give serious complications in the body, in addition, it can quickly become heavy.


First of all, the diagnosis is carried out in order to exclude a number of other diseases. For this purpose, the following procedures are prescribed:

  1. Throat examination.
  2. Measurement of body temperature.
  3. All symptoms of the disease are evaluated, so the doctor collects a complete history.
  4. Complaints of the patient are considered.
  5. A smear of mucus is made and tests are conducted to identify bacteria and their resistance to drugs. A general blood test is required, whereby the presence of an inflammatory process in other organs can be determined.

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Once the doctor has received all the test results, he can proceed directly to treatment and select antibiotics that will be tailored to the individual patient.

Complications that can be caused by phlegmonous sore throat

If phlegmonous angina is not treated at an early stage, then there is a risk of getting serious complications that may cost the patient a life. The person gets complications in the form of otitis, laryngeal edema, acute laryngitis, neck phlegmon, oclo-pharyngeal abscess, development of meningitis, renal insufficiency and even rheumatic fever can begin.

Treatment at outpatient clinics

As soon as the patient begins to notice that acute paratonzillitis develops, it is urgent to seek medical help, as every minute of delay can cost great health problems. A person must necessarily adhere to bed rest, eat fortified food and drink plenty of water.

acute paratonsylitis

Which antibiotic is better for angina, only a doctor can determine, because such conclusions are made based on the analysis. First of all, it is necessary to determine the microbes that caused the disease, and the treatment will be directed at their elimination. If a person has phlegmonous tonsillitis, the symptoms often initially resemble an ordinary cold, so patients begin improper treatment, thereby aggravating the general health. The doctor prescribes such medications:

  1. First of all, preparations of synthetic origin are prescribed for the elimination of microbes, which kill microbes in the throat - these are sprays, aerosols and candies.
  2. If phlegmonous angina is caused by a fungus, then antifungal drugs are used.
  3. Of course, the doctor prescribes medicines that help relieve inflammation and swelling, that is, you can include anti-inflammatory drugs.

Treatment with antibiotics

If the process is too run, treatment can be carried out exclusively with the use of antibiotics. Which antibiotic is better for angina, only the doctor prescribes. The most common drugs are:

  1. "Bioporox".It can be used by many people, it is allowed even to nursing mothers.
  2. "Miramistin" perfectly copes with sore throat, if it began to appear only at the initial stage. Also, this drug can effectively defeat fungi and viruses.
  3. When choosing pills for angina in adults, preference is given to "Sumamedu".This medicine doctors recommend to use extremely carefully, since it has strong properties. As a rule, a reception is scheduled for five days, after which it is necessary to take a break.
  4. If there is an increase in temperature, then it must necessarily be knocked down with drugs such as Ketonal, Paracetamol, Panadol, Aspirin.
  5. Angina phlegmonous is perfectly treated, if along with these antibiotics apply drugs such as "Tetracycline", "Bicillin", "Ampicillin."

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Treatment of phlegmonous sore throat at home

Tablets in adults with angina are aimed at completely eliminating the cause of the disease, but they can not always effectively cope with certain symptoms, therefore, along with medical therapy, it is necessary to apply and treatment at home. For example, an excellent way to relieve redness of the throat, will rinse with infusion of chamomile.

If the patient suspects that he develops a phlegmonous sore throat, treatment at home should begin with the following methods:

  1. If you have a honeycomb or carnation at hand, you should chew them thoroughly. Do this unhurriedly so that the saliva that swallows has a soothing effect on the red throat.
  2. The throat can be rinsed not only with the infusion of chamomile, but also brew marigold, while the broth of marigold is recommended to dilute with warm water.
  3. It is recommended to drink one tablespoon of onion juice per day. To apply this medicine it is possible to full recovery after all in a bow contains many vitamins.
  4. Very effective with quinsy fights lemon. It is necessary to take lemon juice without washing down every ten hours. Redness of the throat in this case very quickly passes.

phlegmonous tonsillitis treatment at home

It is also important to remember that honey and propolis are effective means of fighting chronic tonsillitis and tonsillitis. Before going to sleep, you should mix a tablespoon of propolis tincture with alcohol and the same amount of honey. All this mixture will need to be eaten, but it should be done in small portions, you can dissolve, so that the main effect is on the throat. Treatment should take courses, as a rule, a minimum period of ten days. In this case, there is a possibility that the removal of tonsils will not be necessary.