Dental prosthesis "Sandwich": features, benefits and reviews

Failure to promptly contact a dentist may lead to partial or complete loss of teeth. The violation of the chewing function causes many other problems. In the first place, the gastrointestinal tract suffers. If there are no more than three molar, it is worth considering the use of a denture "Sandwich".

What is it?

A dental prosthesis is the most accessible option for restoring the dentition. Buy such a device can be practical for everyone. But the installation of implants is an expensive pleasure. If the loss of a significant number of teeth in the oral cavity creates space. If it is not filled, the molars will begin to shift. And this is greetings to the violation of the chewing function. In addition, a smile without teeth can not look attractive.

dental prosthesis sandwich Removable denture is an excellent opportunity to return functionality to the dentition. In addition, when using such a device, no one will notice that there are not a few teeth in the mouth. But classical prostheses are not the best option. They can fa

ll off at the most inopportune moment or injure the gums. A wonderful alternative can be a denture "Sandwich".Reviews about such a device can be heard at most positive.

Features of the device

The dental prosthesis "Sandwich" is a device of a new generation. The only similarity of the prosthesis with the traditional option is the ability to cover the patient's gums. The device is made of an elastic polymer. Due to this, the device is easily installed in the oral cavity and completely repeats the shape of the dental arch. Removes it at night there is no need. A conventional prosthesis is attached to the sky by a special gel. It is not always possible to achieve reliable fixation and many patients are forced to deny themselves the use of solid products."Sandwich" is attached directly to the teeth, which are carefully treated beforehand by the dentist-therapist.

dentures sandwich price The device can be installed at patients of any age. Such an adaptation is not suitable only for people with hypersensitivity to the materials from which the "Sandwich" dental prosthesis is made. Before buying the device, you should visit the dentist and hand over all the necessary tests. The device is also contraindicated for patients with mental disorders.

How is the prosthesis made?

The prosthesis is installed in several stages. At the first reception, the dentist examines the oral cavity of the patient, decides on further therapeutic procedures. In some cases, it is necessary to treat periodontitis and pulpitis for several weeks. With a complete lack of teeth or the impossibility of installing four implants, there is no need to purchase a denture.

denture sandwich reviews For each patient the denture "Sandwich" is made individually. To do this, a specialist at one of the receptions performs a cast of dental arches. Next time, the fitting is done. If the device sits perfectly, it is fixed. The prosthesis has a suitable design for prolonged use. Fasteners do not rub gums and do not cause discomfort. The flexibility of the device contributes to the complete restoration of the masticatory function. Many patients note that "new teeth" are almost impossible to distinguish from the real ones. In addition, the prosthesis does not affect the quality of healthy teeth. If necessary, the device can be removed and treated with pulpitis or other dental diseases.

Advantages of

Removable dental prosthesis "Sandwich" has a huge number of pluses. First of all, this is the absence of the need for grinding teeth, which serve as a support. Many patients avoid fitting the prosthesis precisely because of this procedure. Dense fixation is another advantage. Due to the special design, the device can not fall out of the mouth. In order to remove it, you have to work hard. Additionally, special adhesive formulations are not necessary. The production speed is a big plus of the denture "Sandwich".In Moscow, usually two visits to the doctor are sufficient to get a qualitative adjustment. The exception is when the patient has to undergo a variety of therapeutic procedures.

dental prosthesis sandwich in Moscow The prosthesis is easily adjusted. If changes occur in the oral cavity( several more teeth fall out), there is no need to make a new device. It should be noted also a high level of comfort when worn. The prosthesis does not cover the sky, therefore does not affect the diction and taste perception of food.

Disadvantages of

The denture "Sandwich" also has its drawbacks. The device can not be used if there are diseases of the oral cavity. So, even a simple stomatitis can be an excuse for removing the prosthesis for a while. In this case the device must be carefully treated with an antiseptic solution.

removable dental prosthesis sandwich At least four healthy teeth must be present to install the prosthesis. If not, the device can not be installed. There must be a reliable support for fixing the structure. Cost - another drawback of dental prostheses "Sandwich".The price of such a device is higher than that of classical prostheses.

Lifespan and care

Has a high mechanical strength denture removable prosthesis "Sandwich".The price is not accidentally high. The material, from which the device is made, has not lost its properties for many years, despite the fact that it is in a moist environment. The warranty service life of such a denture is 10 years from the date of manufacture. However, experts' reviews show that with proper care the device can be operated much longer. At the same time, the prosthesis can break down after a few years, if you do not follow the simple recommendations of the dentist.

dental removable prosthesis sandwich price The service life also directly depends on the quality of the work performed, the qualifications of the dentist himself. If you fix the prosthesis to a weak tooth, the design may deteriorate in the near future.

In order for the device to last longer, it is necessary to look after it properly. Daily it is not necessary to remove the prosthesis. All you need is periodically to treat it in an antiseptic solution, rinse with boiled water. The formed plaque can be removed with a brush with soft bristles. In addition, special tablets are available that have protective ingredients for the design.

Price policy

Today many dental clinics offer to install dentures "Sandwich".The cost of the procedure will depend on many factors. It matters, with what problems the patient turned to the doctor. Do not overpay if the remaining teeth in the mouth are completely healthy. But if it is necessary to conduct therapeutic treatment or install implants, the cost of the procedure can be quite high.

The price of the prosthesis in different clinics can be from 40 to 60 thousand rubles.

To whom is this fitting suitable?

The absence of teeth due to untimely therapy is not the only reason to install a denture. Some babies are replaced after three years with molar substitutes. Adentia is a genetic disease characterized by a complete absence of ears. At first glance, it may seem - there are no teeth, there are no problems with them. But what about the chewing function? In addition, as the child grows, the skull deforms. Therefore, from an early age, you can install dental prostheses "Sandwich".The cost of the procedure will depend on the specific case. With complete absence of teeth, the patient is placed with implants.

sandwich removable denture of the new generation The device is ideal for patients with sensitive oral cavity. In many, the classic prosthesis is disgusted due to constant nausea. The design touches the sky, causing a vomitive reflex."Sandwich" - a removable denture of a new generation, which does not cause such discomfort.


And although this design began to use dentistry relatively recently, you can already hear a lot of positive reviews about it. As a rule, patients are said to have something to compare with. Pleases patients, first of all, that for the night there is no need to remove the structure. After all, teeth in a glass with water - not a very pleasant picture, because of which many experience the strongest psychological discomfort. Patients note that the prosthesis "Sandwich" is enough to take out once a week for general cleaning. With this mode of maintenance, the device can last for many years.

Due to incorrect selection of dentures, diction can be significantly affected. Such problems do not arise in those who chose the device "Sandwich".Patients note that the design is so convenient that it can be used in a few hours after installation. No discomfort, gums remain unharmed. It is also gratifying that you can eat almost any food. And when using classical prosthesis there are many limitations. Patients who tried to use the "Sandwich" dental prostheses, felt a colossal difference and do not intend to return to the usual design.