Description of the drug "Nucleo CMF Forte."Indications for appointment and reviews

The ailments of the peripheral nervous system are characterized by a certain localization. The most common of these are neuralgia and neuritis, which many adult patients face. To restore the proper functioning of the nervous system, patients are often recommended to take "Nucleos CMF Forte".This unique medicine is distinguished by its high safety and therapeutic effectiveness.

Description of the medicine

The peripheral nervous system performs the most important functions in the body. It is part of the nervous system and connects the spinal cord to the internal organs, muscles, and skin. Some external factors and mechanical damage can adversely affect the condition of the PNS.In this sense, the central nervous system is better protected. Violation of the work of neurons is facilitated by taking medications, viral diseases, environmental conditions, bacterial infections.

Nucleo cumf forte

To restore the morphological structure of the peripheral nervous system will help "Nucleus CMF Forte."The instruction positions the drug as a unique drug due to the components that make up the composition. Experts argue that it is this medication that allows you to achieve maximum therapeutic effect in the treatment of various pathologies of the nervous system.

Composition and Forms of Release

For the development of Nucleo CMF Forte, pyrimidine fibers( bases) were used. They can be used to restore the peripheral nervous system. These substances include cytidine-5-monophosphate, a nucleotide that participates in the synthesis of lipid complexes, and uridine-5-triphosphate. The latter complements the action of the first nucleotide and is a coenzyme that stimulates the synthesis of complex lipids of myelin( electrically insulating) neuronal envelopes. Such composition of the preparation allows to accelerate the regeneration of damaged nerve fibers.

Nucleo cymph forte instructions

Manufacturer, the Spanish pharmaceutical company Ferrer International, produces a drug in two forms. Capsules of gray-blue color are filled with powder and contain in addition to the main active ingredients, such substances as magnesium stearate, mannitol, citric acid, silicon dioxide colloid, sodium citrate dehydrate.

For the elimination of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, specialists prefer to prescribe injection therapy with Nucleo CMF Forte. Ampoules( in the package there are three) contain lyophilized powder, intended for solution preparation. The solvent is included in the kit. This liquid in the ampoules has no color and odor.

Indications for prescribing

The drug is the latest development and a significant step in the development of therapy for the ailments of the peripheral nervous system. According to the official instruction, it can be prescribed to patients who have the following neurological diseases:

  • inflammation of the trigeminal nerve or facial;
  • Bell's palsy;
  • neuralgia of infectious etiology( shingles, ganglionitis);
  • lumbago, lumboishalgia, lumbargia;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • myopathy;
  • radiculitis.

Nucleo cumf forte price

"Nucleo CMF Forte" adjusts, restores sensitivity in the damaged area, reduces signs of the inflammatory process, relieves pain syndrome, restores the conductivity of nerve fibers, improves impulse conductivity and triggers the regeneration of nerve fibers. The therapeutic efficacy of the drug was proven in clinical trials.

Reviews about the medicine "Nucleo CMF Forte"

The price of the medicine in ampoules is 760-920 rubles. This is quite expensive medicine. Please note that the recommended course of treatment is 21 days. In the form of tablets, the drug should be taken at least 1 month. In some cases, therapy can begin with intramuscular administration of the drug, and then switch to capsules for oral use. Duration of treatment, dosage of the drug will depend on the patient's condition.

Nucleo cumf forte ampoules

Patient reviews confirm the manufacturer's claimed safety of Nucleo CMF Forte. The medication is really well tolerated and does not cause negative reactions of the body. This is an effective drug that allows you to adjust the work of the peripheral nervous system. A positive result can be seen already in the first days of therapy. Most patients argue that the drug helped them to return quickly to work and get rid of the symptoms of the pathological condition.