Vomiting in children with cough: the reasons for what to do

If a child coughs before vomiting, how to treat? Sooner or later many parents face this question, because such a course is typical for several common diseases. It should be understood that you need to treat the cause, not the consequences, so when the temperature, coughing, vomiting in the child should contact the doctor for a timely diagnosis and based on the information received, take measures to restore health. Attempts to engage in self-medication can lead to complications, which will be much more difficult to eliminate than the original pathology.

vomiting in children with coughing

Child: in danger or not?

Modern children are not flowers that grow like a rose under a glass cap. They communicate with each other and get to know the world, use public places and constantly meet with a variety of alien microorganisms. As a child, the immune system is rather weak, constantly adapting to the characteristics of the environment, so it is more susceptible to the aggressive influence of various factors. Therefore, a dry cough before vomiting in a child is observed much more often than in an adult.

Usually cough, runny nose indicate a cold, as these are the protective reactions of the body, cleansing tissues from mucus, dust. Coughing usually does not cause fear, but coughing attacks with vomiting in the child often become a reason to panic.

Where did the trouble come from?

In childhood, such a strong cough, which is accompanied by vomiting, is observed quite often. At a young age, the body is not yet sufficiently developed, and the organs responsible for the cough reflex are quite close to those that provoke vomiting. These organs are connected with each other, and when you have a fit of coughing before vomiting, the child may not have anything terrible - it's just a specific physiology. However, there is a possibility of a more serious illness. To exclude it or confirm the fear, it is necessary to seek the help of a qualified pediatrician.

the child has a severe dry cough before vomiting

The greatest fears should be caused by the situation when such attacks happen frequently, repeated with a small periodicity, pursued for a long time. It is known that a strong cough in a child at night before vomiting can indicate the presence of a serious illness. Which will be determined by the doctor on the basis of information from the analyzes.


This is an infectious disease that, with preventive vaccination, is quite easy. Initially, the symptoms are weak, so whooping cough is taken for an ordinary cold. When the incubation period of the infection comes to an end, the patient's health deteriorates sharply. The most vivid manifestation of whooping cough is a suffocating strong cough in the child before vomiting, accompanied by cramps. Tears appear in his eyes, his face turns red, his body tensates, his tongue reflexively protrudes.

Such a strong cough in a child before vomiting often comes with a night attack, in severe cases, several seizures may occur in one night, each of which ends with a peculiar sound.

What should I do?

Preparations against cough for whooping cough do not show effectiveness. If there is a suggestion that the reason that a child has a severe dry cough prior to vomiting, it is in whooping cough, it is urgent to make an appointment with a specialist. In the laboratory, sowing mucus is done, taking information from the blood of a small patient.

severe cough in the baby at night before vomiting

It should be understood that coughing attacks with pertussis are not only unpleasant, but also dangerous, as the tissues of the body do not receive oxygen during such "attacks" of the disease. This primarily affects the nervous system. The disease torments the little man and deprives him of his strength, and the immune system is too weak to give any effective response. Self-medication with pertussis can lead to numerous complications, at home it is not practiced, you need constant monitoring of the doctor. So, if a child coughs before vomiting, what should I do? In the first place - contact the doctor for the identification of the exact cause.


This disease occurs quite often, usually accompanies a cold as a complication if the primary cause has not been treated. The most favorable conditions - the change of seasons, high humidity, temperature fluctuations. Often coughing and vomiting in a child without a temperature are observed if the baby spent some time in a room where drafts were walking. Hardening, multi-layer windproof clothing, unfortunately, can not prevent the attack of a cold.

coughing attacks before vomiting in a child

Bronchitis is one of the most difficult complications of the common cold. The fight against this disease stretches for a long time. If you run, there is a probability of changing the form to a chronic one. If the case is in bronchitis and there is a cough before vomiting in the child, what should I do? As soon as possible, it is necessary to consult a district pediatrician. Each next attack is usually accompanied by not only vomiting, but also shortness of breath, and when sputum is out, the baby becomes lighter.

Bronchitis: can not be started

If vomiting in children with a cough is triggered by bronchitis, this situation should be given special attention. Pathology is associated with bacterial, viral damage to the body, and each of the options requires a specific therapeutic approach. If the reason that there is vomiting in children when coughing, in viral bronchitis, with properly selected treatment in just a week, the disease will completely go away. But with the bacterial form of therapy will be delayed for a much longer time and will be more difficult.

If vomiting in children with cough is caused by viral bronchitis, the use of antimicrobials will not give the desired result, but it will significantly weaken the immune system. But with bronchitis, provoked by infections with microbes, antibiotics come to the rescue, and that group that is effective with the pathogen detected in the child. If vomiting in children with cough is provoked by bronchitis, it is necessary to use modern and effective means, the use of which is associated with the least danger to health. Treatment with antimicrobial drugs always lasts a course and under the control of a doctor, there is a possibility of an allergic reaction, so the choice of such an option is unacceptable by itself.

Cough and runny nose

At a very young age, the kids do not know how to clean the nasal passages themselves, and the mucous secretions flow down the back wall of the pharynx, provoking irritation. The body reacts to this with a cough reflex accompanied by a urge to vomit. At the same time, the external runny nose may not be noticeable, especially if the disease is associated with severe swelling, when the snot simply can not go out with the nose.

To prevent vomiting in children with a cough caused by this cause, it is necessary to apply drugs against the common cold. However, it is necessary to do this only after examining the child by a pediatrician and confirming the assumption that the gag reflex was provoked by the common cold. Also, the doctor will help you choose a safe and effective medication that can be used at a tender age.

Allergy and cough

Allergy is often accompanied by various unpleasant, severe symptoms, including a runny nose, cough and vomiting reflex. Many children suffer from nasal congestion, and drugs to eliminate cold in such a situation do not show any effectiveness. The real benefit can bring special medicines developed against allergic reactions - antihistamine group.

cough and vomiting in a child without fever

In a tender childhood, it is usually impossible to take such drugs, so before choosing a treatment, you should consult a doctor. Often the only reasonable option is to find out exactly which allergen triggered the reaction of the body, and excluding it from the daily routine of the baby. Preventing contact with the allergenic composition, the substance in most cases gives the best effect, and the symptomatology exhausts itself quickly enough.

Alien body and cough

Sometimes vomiting in children with a cough is provoked by the fact that an alien body has got into the body. Kids are the most curious members of the human society, and they all want to taste it. Often, elements of absorbed food, small parts of toys are in the respiratory tract, where they get stuck. In such a situation, a cough reflex develops as an attempt by the body to purify itself from an alien inclusion. These seizures may well be accompanied by vomiting.

Usually the reason is exactly this, if the child's condition worsened dramatically, without any assumptions, for what reason this could happen, and also in the absence of prerequisites in the form of colds, temperatures. To prevent undesirable severe consequences, it is necessary to immediately seek help from specialists. If the nose, larynx for a long time will be foreign objects, this will cause tissue damage. With the most unfavorable development of the situation, the airways completely overlap, which provokes suffocation, leads to a lack of oxygen in the organs and tissues of the body, and in some cases can even provoke a fatal outcome.

There are a lot of options!

There are a lot of causes of vomiting in children with cough. Determine yourself, what's the matter, without having a special education and the ability to conduct a series of tests is very unlikely. It is known that coughing can be accompanied by an emetic reflex in pneumonia, which requires urgent medical intervention. Characteristic of such symptoms and for asthma, croup, pharyngitis. In a number of cases, the symptom indicates serious disturbances in the integrity of the tissues of the organs. Thus, violations of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, can manifest themselves. In addition, vomiting in children with cough may indicate infection with a tubercle bacillus.

To determine what is the matter, and to take the correct measures to eliminate the cause, you need to seek the help of a specialist with knowledge, technique, other possibilities for a full study of the child's body. In the area of ​​responsibility of parents - timely application for qualified assistance. In this case, the relief will be accompanied by the most effective measures against the original cause of the symptom.

Dry cough and vomiting

Dry cough is associated with a strong muscular tension, which can provoke a gag reflex, since the center responsible for it is located relatively near the pharynx, and nervous excitement is also transmitted here. Vomiting in this situation is short, and after it cough for a while disappears. Each new attack causes the child to fear, the patient seems weak, feels tired.

The reasons for a dry cough quite a lot. Such a symptom can provoke a variety of infections, viruses that cause respiratory pathologies. When microscopic harmful forms of life penetrate the respiratory tract, it provokes inflammatory processes, and the receptors responsible for coughing become more active. In a number of cases, the cause is inflammation that affects the vocal cords. Quite often, dry cough is triggered by an allergic reaction, by infection with pathological bacteria or inflammatory processes of the pleura. Known such a symptom, if there is a reverse throwing food into the mouth, esophagus. Dry cough may accompany being in a room with harmful fumes, as well as the consequences of such a stay. Finally, this may indicate cardiac defects, aortic aneurysm. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by a qualified physician with a careful examination of the patient and a study of the tests taken.

the child coughs before vomiting how to treat

Night cough and vomiting

Regardless of the cause, the cough at night is always stronger than the daytime cough. This is due to the accumulation of mucous secretions during sleep. In this case, the body does not have the ability to resolve the secretions, which irritates the cough receptors and activates the reflex. At the same time, the blood flow slows down when a person takes a horizontal position, the lungs receive less oxygen, and mucus and sputum simply can not be absorbed in a timely manner. The accumulation of these masses generated by mucous tissues leads to a severe cough, often accompanied by an emetic reflex.

It is likely that in the daytime if the child coughs, it practically does not bother and does not pay attention to itself, but at night the situation is greatly aggravated, severe attacks begin, and even for short time intervals, the breath is blocked. Coughing at night is much more complicated than during the day, and getting rid of sputum requires a very intense effort. This condition is associated with a number of health hazards, including the possibility of choking with the masses that go away when vomiting. To prevent this development of the situation, during an attack, adults should be close to the child and provide him with all possible assistance.

What else to pay attention to?

It is known that vomiting in children with coughing can accompany a prolonged stay in a cool room. In particular, if a child sleeps in a cold room with dry air, this causes an increased likelihood of coughing. Dry air provokes irritation of the mucosa, which activates cough receptors.

If cough is caused by whooping cough, at night it also becomes much stronger, and seizures are heavier than in the daytime. Cough is dry, literally tearing and torturing a child and does not allow to sleep. But if cough seizures, including those accompanied by vomiting, appear in the morning, it signals about asthma. Often on inspiration, the child makes a characteristic whistle.

Attention all aspects of

In some cases, vomiting in children with a cough is triggered by the fact that teeth are chapped. This process is accompanied by abundant salivation, and at night, in a dream, the swallowing reflex does not work, so saliva accumulates in the laryngeal region. This activates the cough receptors and provokes an attack.

cough to vomit in a child what to do

If the teeth have already erupted and the child is much older, then the horizontal position can provoke an incorrect operation of the digestive system when the products enter the esophagus into the respiratory system. This is also accompanied by vomiting. Do not discount the possible infection of the bed with parasites, such as bugs. Severe vomiting in children when coughing can trigger chemical substances, including powders used when washing bed linen.