Heel spur: which doctor heals? Effective methods of treatment

Quite serious and extremely unpleasant pathology - calcaneal spur. Which doctor treats this problem? First of all - a surgeon. However, about everything in order.

heel spur which doctor heals

General information

The disease is rather unpleasant, but not all doctors prefer to see the cause in the violations of the work of internal systems and organs. Some nonprofessionals offer to write off everything for age, but statistics show: a spur can appear in childhood, youth, maturity, and in advanced years. Investigating the heel spur, the doctor usually diagnoses bone pathology, which is the source of pain.

Actually the spur is such a growth, the growth of the bone, which takes the form of a wedge, a spike. Nastrost provokes painful sensations. If at first the pain only hurts when walking, over time the disorder progresses and unpleasant sensations torment at rest. Carrying out studies of the calcaneal spur, the attending physician prescribes an x-ray examination, since only in this image can one reveal both the build-up itself and its characteristic features.

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Where and why?

Before deciding on which doctor to go with the heel spur, it is important to understand why the disease develops. The following are the most common causes of the problem:

  • flat feet;
  • active sports;
  • overload;
  • age changes;
  • excess weight;
  • general mathematical violations.

And if more?

Which doctor treats the heel spur if it is triggered by the factors listed above? First of all, they go to the therapist who is treating the doctor, but almost always the specialist redirects to the surgeon. It is known that up to 90% of cases spurs diagnosed in those suffering from flat feet.

how to heal a heel spur folk

With age, bone tissue weakens, which also provokes the development of various disorders. Not the last among them is a growth in the form of a spike, that is, a spur. As the tissues are regenerated slowly, with difficulty, the situation with time deteriorates.

To protect yourself

Often information about which doctor heals a heel spur is necessary for athletes and those who lead a very active lifestyle. This is due to an increased probability of spur development with regular overload. If a person is engaged in sports, but negligently refers to safety rules and restrictions on training, this provokes changes in bone tissue, most often expressed in the appearance of a spur.

People who are overweight also give bone tissue that forms limb bones, an extra burden, even unconsciously, unlike athletes. Metabolic disturbances in combination with high load indices rapidly provoke wedge formations, and when walking, and then at rest, severe pains in the heel begin to excruciate. It's sad, but almost all overweight people know exactly which doctor heals the heel spur.

General health problems

How to treat the heel spurs with folk recipes, many people know, suffering from unpleasant diseases, negatively affecting the overall health. The most typical example is diabetes mellitus. The disease imposes serious limitations on both lifestyle and nutrition, and is accompanied by regular deterioration of well-being, degenerative processes and pathologies of various organs. Of their number - a spur.

In addition to diabetics, blockage of the heel spur is often required for those who have heart disease, circulatory system. Such violations affect the immunity, the general condition of the body, therefore, the probability of the appearance of a spur increases.

What should I look for?

It's no secret that the disease is easier to treat if you find it at the very beginning. The spur will not be an exception: the earlier the therapy starts, the shorter the course and the higher its effectiveness. The very first symptom, hinting that it's time to visit a doctor - pain in the heel, accompanying the transfer of weight. The sensation is like this, as if by inaccuracy a person stepped on a nail.

heel spurs doctor

Pain is explained by the impact of the build-up on the bone on the surrounding skeleton of soft tissue. Bone formation squeezes surrounding tissues, affecting nerves. When walking, discomfort becomes more pronounced.

It hurts - does not hurt

There is an opinion among ordinary people: the more pain the stronger, the more spur. In fact, there is no direct connection between the sensations and the size of the build-up. As doctors say, tenderness is more connected with the affected point. After learning which doctor heals the heel spur, it is necessary to visit the therapist or surgeon urgently to reveal the exact position of the spur and the degree of neglect of the pathology.

Usually morning soreness is pronounced, but with time it weakens. The peak comes at a time when a person gets up after an overnight rest. However, late in the evening unpleasant sensations again increase. Over time, the cone becomes bigger and bigger.

It hurts to walk: what to do?

It is known that the treatment of the calcaneal spur with shock wave method gives good results, but it is impossible to record at once for the session, first it is necessary to conduct a complete examination and reveal the features of the pathology. And for this it is necessary to look for a really good doctor.

heel spur treatment shock wave

Usually patients visit a district therapist who prescribes a referral for further treatment of the disease. As a rule, refer to a surgeon. Here, a leg is examined, an X-ray is taken to obtain maximum information about the build-up. This allows you to choose the optimal method of treatment.

Than to treat?

It is widely known to treat the calcaneal spur with shock-wave method, but this is not the only possibility. The most modern variant is ultrasound, although such technology is not worked out to a sufficient degree. It's really innovative, but it's not too precise yet. In addition, a lot of contra-indications are known for ultrasound, which limits the possibility of applying the methodology.

An alternative is radiotherapy. They resort to x-ray radiation directed to bone formation. With high efficacy rates, the technique is good with minimal contraindications.

And how else?

Quite a common option - laser therapy. The technology is based on the following: when passing through the tissues of the human body, the laser beam relieves pain without removing the build-up. This technique is considered to be gentle, simple, but requires regular repeated courses of treatment.

Another option for getting rid of discomfort is physiotherapy. As a rule, doctors prescribe a special massage and select gymnastic exercises, due to which soreness decreases and quality of life returns.

However, if soft, non-invasive techniques do not work, designate an operation.

block of heel spur

Features of treatment

Usually the spur grows from three to 12 millimeters. To eliminate the soreness resorted to folk methods. Known for their effectiveness against spurs:

  • plantain;
  • mustard;
  • vinegar;Hot chilli pepper.

It is worthwhile to understand: folk recipes help in combination with medical measures to eliminate build-up and when agreed with the attending physician. Otherwise, there is a probability of complicating the situation. Typically, make compresses on the affected area, applying a bandage with chopped leaves or a liquid soaked with a bandage, then put on warm socks. Compresses are kept for 15 minutes to several hours( depending on the chosen remedy).

Shockwave therapy

This method can be safely called the most famous. It is well established and effective against a variety of bone growths - large and small, localized in different places. In addition to good performance is painless.

heel spur treatment shock

The idea of ​​the technology is as follows: the affected part of the foot is affected by an infrasonic wave. Under the influence of the shock-wave method, calcium salts, the crystals of which form a built-up( spur), loosen. Over time, bone tissue is restored.

Osteopaths against spurs

Osteopathy is another rather well-known method of combating the disease. Its idea is to activate the work of internal organs, systems, which positively affects the bone tissue. At the same time the growths dissolve, the seals go away. Correctly applied techniques of osteopathy can improve the periosteum, including the supply of tissues with blood and nutrients.

It is important to consult a certified osteopath. Combine this treatment with other methods is strictly not recommended. Do not resort to traditional medicine.

Chronic illness is a sentence?

Spur is a chronic disease, provoked by metabolic problems in the body and associated with overstrain of the ligaments in the foot. Cure the spur once and for all - the task is almost impossible, at least for the time being, so almost all known methods of therapy are reduced to the elimination of pain.

Quite well recommended non-steroidal medications that eliminate inflammation and pain. A specific option is chosen by the doctor, most often by assigning one of the means from the following list:

  • "Ibuprofen";
  • "Movalis";
  • "Diclofenac".

All these drugs on sale are presented by tablets, ointments, gels. They relieve pain, block inflammation, that is, they treat not the problem, but its manifestations. It is necessary to choose a remedy carefully, since each of the listed variants has many contraindications. It is inadmissible to use these funds for long courses, and treatment is always carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

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Hormones against spurs

Another effective approach to fighting spurs is hormonal drugs. They are good against inflammatory processes, which means they quickly remove painful sensations in the damaged area. The correct choice of hormonal therapy allows you to block the growth of tumors. The most widely used means:

  • "Flosteron";
  • "Diprospan".

They are administered topically to avoid side effects. This is due to the high efficiency of the active substance.