What causes the disease - herpes zoster? Treatment and recommendations of traditional medicine

Herpes zoster is an infectious highly contagious disease caused by a virus from the Herpesviridae family, and more specifically by the Varicella Zoster subspecies. The varicella-zoster virus can cause varicella, herpetic single rashes and herpes zoster. Yes Yes. One virus causes several diseases. Chicken pox is a childish disease. But occasionally they are ill and adults who have had contact with a sick child. The transferred disease, as a rule, gives a permanent lifelong immunity. However, the virus in the body remains in the cells of the nerves, and under favorable conditions is activated. Thus, a person becomes ill with herpes zoster.

The main factor contributing to the development of shingles is a decrease in immunity, so most often they are sick people after the age of 50, but to date this disease has significantly grown younger. Avitaminosis, psychological overload, physical activity, severe illness, surgery and many other factors can reduce the protective ability of immunity and cause herpes zoster.

Symptoms and characteristics of

Primary manifestations of herpes zoster are very similar to influenza. The temperature rises to 39C, chills, malaise, itching, redness, swelling along the nerves affected by herpes. Within a day, the skin appears pink in color, then rashes in the form of pustules( bubbles) with a clear liquid. Then the pustules burst, forming wounds. The development of external signs of the disease is accompanied by severe pain of a different nature: stitching, burning, pulling.

The localization of the herpes zoster may be different. Most often the intercostal nerves are affected, forming a "tape" of rashes, which served as the name - "girdling".Often there are cases when the shingles affect the facial trigeminal nerve and the nerves of the extremities.

Rarely does the disease acquire a severe meningoencephalitic form, in which the rashes can be located anywhere on the body, while hitting the brain. The prognosis of this form of the disease indicates a high percentage of deaths.

How to treat herpes zoster?

Treatment of herpes zoster is carried out under the supervision of doctors: a dermatologist and neurologist, and from the first days it is directed to fight with the herpes virus, stopping the pain syndrome and preventing the spread of infection.

Immunoglobulin, acyclovir, valaciclovir are widely used in the treatment of herpes from antiviral drugs. To therapy with antibiotics resorted to secondary signs of infection.

In the fight against the severe pain caused by herpes zoster, treatment with analgesics is not effective, most often non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with analgesic effect are used. Sometimes it is necessary to use tranquilizers. To maintain the immune system, vitamin therapy is indicated.

To alleviate the condition of the patient, you can use the traditional medicine recipes to cure the rashes on the skin that accompany herpes zoster. Treatment with folk remedies helps purify the skin from the crusts and heal wounds without the formation of scars.

Folk recipes

Compresses with apple cider vinegar perfectly clean the skin of crusts. To do this, you will need unpurified home-made vinegar. Compresses do every four hours, including at night, until the skin is completely cleansed.

Juice from spring leaves of mother-and-stepmother effectively heals wounds caused by herpes zoster. Treatment is carried out three times a day. It is necessary to lubricate sore spots, then cover with a linen cloth and after half an hour wash off with warm water.

An excellent folk remedy for herpes zoster - whey, which should be drunk instead of water, and also used as compresses at the site of rashes.