"Gusarniy runny nose": symptoms, treatment, prevention

Do you know what the "hussar cold" is? If you do not possess such information, it will be presented in the materials of this article. common hussar

Basic information

"Gusar coryza" is a venereal disease that is called gonorrhea. By the way, in medical practice such a disease is often called a gonorrhea.

Why does gonorrhea have such an unusual name, like "hussar cold"?According to historians, this disease began to be called this way even during the reign of King Charles II.What is the reason for this? The fact is that in those days for most of the hussars such a "runny nose" was as common and common as the ordinary one.

It is not a secret for anyone that in the old days servicemen were extraordinarily amiable, as they enjoyed special success among the fairer sex. But, unfortunately, then people did not hear about any methods of protection. Therefore, every second hussar was sick with gonorrhea, and therefore, was the source of infection for others.

Features of the disease

"Gusar coryza" is a venereal disease that affects the human genital organs. In most cases, it is transmitted sexually. However, there were often such situations when infection with this disease occurred through household attributes( for example, through someone else's underwear, washcloths, towels, etc.).

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"Gusar's cold", or gonorrhea, is a classic venereal disease. Most health workers do not perceive this disease as something special. It should be noted that the presence of gonorrhea in a person characterizes him as frivolous and leading a promiscuous sex life.

"Gusar Nasal": symptoms of

What are the first signs of gonorrhea you are aware of? Experts argue that with such a disease, almost all patients feel pain when trying to urinate. At the same time on the underwear of the patient appear greenish discharge with an unpleasant odor.

If you find yourself experiencing such symptoms, you should immediately contact the venereologist. Also, the problem should be reported to your partner. This should be done only after the gonorrhea is confirmed by assays.

By the way, some experts say that even using a contraceptive method such as a condom does not always prevent infection with this disease. Hussar French runny nose

Types of the disease

"Gusar coryza", the symptoms, the treatment of which is discussed in this article, is provoked by the bacterium gonococcus. As mentioned above, most often it is transmitted sexually.

It should be noted that the disease in question can proceed in different ways. Currently, specialists distinguish subacute, acute and chronic gonorrhea. Consider the characteristics of each species in more detail.

Subacute gonorrhea

Subacute gonorrhea is characterized by such signs as:

  • burning and itching in the canals;
  • crust formation;
  • small discharge;
  • swelling of lymph nodes located in the groin.

This type of disease is more dangerous than others. This is due to the fact that it often provokes the appearance of purulent foci in the genital area, abdomen, pubic area and groin. Such an unpleasant phenomenon can occur only if these areas get purulent discharge directly from the genital organ. In this regard, if suspicion of the gonorrhea should immediately consult a venereologist.

Acute gonorrhea

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Signs of such a "hussar cold" are very pronounced. These include the following symptoms:

  • elevated body temperature;
  • or pain when urinating;
  • purulent discharge;
  • pain in the ovaries and above above the pubis.

In the absence of proper treatment of acute gonorrhea, the disease passes into a chronic stage, which greatly complicates the process of its treatment.

Chronic disease

As a rule, a chronic gonorrhea occurs without any symptoms. However, the development of such a disease can quickly lead to disastrous consequences. A possible complication of this disease is chronic prostatitis, chronic cystitis, infertility, decreased sexual desire and pelvic pain syndrome.

How to treat a "hussar( French) runny nose"?

The disease under consideration in the first stage is cured much more easily than neglected cases. At the same time, in no case should you neglect the advice of doctors, and also engage in self-medication.

Depending on the degree of development of the disease, the patient may need completely different versions of complex therapy. If a patient has contraindications to antibiotic drugs, then he is given local procedures.

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It should be specially noted that all of the above symptoms( for example, pain during urination, discharge) can be noted not only in men, but also in women. Although the signs of a "hussar's cold" in the fairer sex sometimes do not appear at all. At the same time the time goes by and the disease progresses. Often, women learn about the problem only after the occurrence of complications. The therapy in this case will be longer and more complex. Therefore, asymptomatic gonorrhea in women is especially dangerous.

Preventative measures

To prevent the development of sexually transmitted diseases, in the process of sexual intercourse, it is necessary to use protective equipment. It is also necessary to meet only with a regular partner, strengthen their immunity and regularly undergo examination by a gynecologist or urologist.