How to knock down the heat in children: tips and tricks

If a young child has a high fever, many parents, especially young ones, start to panic, try to knock her down in all possible ways or call an ambulance. In this article, we will consider the main questions that arise in parents, if the child has a fever.

How to knock down the heat in children?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to find out whether it is necessary to knock it down altogether.

What is elevated temperature? It is the body's reaction to the processes taking place in it. In children, especially infants, it can be caused by a disease - infection, colds - or cutting teeth. Elevated temperature indicates that the body itself is fighting the disease, producing antibodies. Sometimes the lack of temperature can be even worse than having it. In case of illness, absence of temperature indicates low immunity and lack of resistance of the organism. Before you knock off the heat in children, make sure that it is really necessary. For babies to be ill - in the order of things. This is due to the lack of immunity to many, even the most simple infections. The fact that the body of an adult man will cope with playfulness, for children will pass with a temperature.

Should I bring down the temperature 38?

We used to think that the normal body temperature is 36.6.Putting the thermometer in the child's mouth, we see the temperature of 37 and start panicking, although the temperature is normal, and we did not take into account that it also depends on the place of measurement.

Normal temperature for different kind of thermometers:

  1. Rectal measurement( for infants) - 37.5 degrees.
  2. Oral measurement is 37 degrees. Axillary measurement is 36.6 degrees.

Before we carry out procedures to reduce temperature, we evaluate the state of the child. When it's worth taking action to reduce the temperature:

  1. The temperature is above 38.5 and the
  2. continues to rise. Before you knock off the heat in children, make sure that it gives the child an inconvenience. For example, he refuses to eat, drink, fusses and complains of pain.
  3. He has pale skin and cramps - in this case, always call for an ambulance.
  4. The heat does not drop for several days already.
  5. Child has difficulty breathing.

In all listed cases, especially if the temperature does not pass several days, consult a doctor to find out the causes of the disease. Remember, it is a signal about more serious problems in the baby, and it is necessary to treat not the consequence( temperature), but the cause of the disease.

Than to knock down temperature to the child( 1 year)?

If the temperature has risen to the level of 39, but does not give the child much concern, it can be knocked down by non-medicament methods by 1 or 1.5 degrees. What to do:

  1. Give your child plenty of drinks, but in small portions. The drink should be warm( 5 - 6 degrees below body temperature).   
  2. As you can knock down the heat in children without medicines, try rubbing warm water below body temperature, but not cold, and you can also bathe it.
  3. If the child has chills, wrap it.
  4. Do wiping with warm water and vinegar. In warm water, add a little vinegar and wipe them with palms, feet, hands, feet, chest, stomach, back - in this order. Do this in the direction of the heart.

If the heat still keeps and brings inconvenience, you can use medication. Now there are many drugs that will help delicately and effectively reduce the temperature. For the youngest - it's candles, for older children - syrups and pills. Their main active ingredient is paracetamol, ibuprofen will also do very well with decreasing temperature.

Warning! Do not give the child any aspirin! After its admission in childhood, there is a risk of developing Reye's syndrome - an extremely dangerous condition.

After lowering the temperature, be sure to find out the reason for its increase, so as not to miss a really serious illness, in which the child may need urgent medical help. It is necessary to call a doctor.