Substitutes and analogues of "Iruksol".Reviews, prices

Long-lasting non-healing wounds represent an extreme danger to human life. Skin covers with damage lose the ability to protect the body from various infectious agents. The ointment "Iruksol" will help to speed up the healing process. Due to the ingredients included in the components it provides a powerful antimicrobial effect. Analogues of "Iruksol" differ from the original means not only in value, but also in efficiency.

Description of the preparation "Iruksol"

Ointment "Iruksol", manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Smith &Nephew, has a wide range of applications. This combination drug allows you to clean wounds of various etiologies from the necrotic tissues in which the infection develops. To achieve this effect allow enzymes in the composition of the drug. Not all analogues of "Iruksol" have such a therapeutic effect.

Analogues of Iruksol

Uneven in consistency ointment has a yellowish tinge. The drug contains two active components - the enzyme clostridio peptidase A and a powerful antibiotic chloramphenicol( levomycetin).The antimicrobial component ensures the complete destruction of pathogenic agents that cause the inflammatory process. The advantage of the antibiotic is that to it the resistance of microorganisms develops very slowly, which allows it to be used for long-term therapy.

Thanks to the substances that make up the ointment, granulation and epithelialization of damaged tissues occurs. The peculiarity of the drug can be called its ability to clear wounds of any etiology. In most cases, the use of "Iruksol" ointment avoids the removal of necrotic tissues surgically.

Indications for prescribing

Ointment should be prescribed for the treatment of long-term non-healing wounds, as indicated in the instruction."Iruksol" is recommended to be used to treat purulent wounds and trophic ulcers, which are hard to treat medication. Indications for ointment assignment are the following pathological conditions:

  • second- or third-degree burns;Pressure sores;
  • development of gangrene against diabetes mellitus, hypothermia;
  • ulcers of varicose origin;
  • wound after radiation therapy.

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There is a practice of applying "Iruksol" as a means for preparing the skin before transplantation. After surgery, the ointment is prescribed to speed up the epithelization process and prevent infection.

How to use the ointment correctly?

A dermatotropin for external application "Iruksol", which is confirmed by the manufacturer's promised therapeutic effect, should be used only for the doctor's prescription. The instruction says that the ointment should be applied to the damaged areas once a day. Preliminary, the skin is moistened with a physiological solution( sodium chloride).This is necessary in order to soften and purify as many necrotic tissues as possible, opening access to the hearth. This procedure should be carried out before each application of an antimicrobial ointment.

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You can apply the product to the damaged skin with a glass rod. To prevent irritation of nearby tissues, the edges of the wound need to be treated with zinc ointment. The duration of treatment with the drug usually does not exceed 10 days, but in some cases, the therapy is extended to two weeks.

Any analogues of "Iruksol", as well as the original remedy, should not be used without first acquaintance with contraindications. According to the instructions, ointment is forbidden to use if there are the following diseases in the patient's history:

  • psoriasis;
  • fungal lesions of the skin;
  • Hypersensitivity to constituents;
  • eczema;
  • severe dysfunction of the liver and kidneys.

Also to contraindications is children's age under 12 years, the period of pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects of

Allergic reactions may occur with individual intolerance to the ointment "Iruksol".The patients' testimonies indicate that in most cases the medicine is well tolerated. Sometimes, with the initial application of the ointment, there may be itching, minor redness, a rash. Rarely are cases of violation of the process of hematopoiesis.

How to replace the ointment "Iruksol"?

The price of a medicine( about 2500 rubles) is not available for all patients. That's why they often look for a replacement for an expensive ointment. Only the attending physician can choose a drug analogue, taking into account the patient's condition and the presence of concomitant diseases. It should be borne in mind that the direct analogues having the same composition, ointment "Iruksol" does not. You can replace the medicine with a drug that will have a similar mechanism of action. To treat purulent wounds, burns and trophic ulcers, the following medicines are often used:

  1. "Levomekol".
  2. "Argosulfan".
  3. "Solcoseryl".
  4. "Vulnuzan".
  5. "Levosin".
  6. "Synthomycin".

Ointment "Solcoseryl"

Ointment "Iruksol" in pharmacies in Moscow and other cities is currently almost impossible to buy. Some patients who have a financial opportunity, buy the drug in Europe. But in most cases it is necessary to select the analogs available on the pharmaceutical market. One of the popular means is Solcoseryl.

Instruction Iruksol

The drug is an activator of metabolism in tissues and is often prescribed for the treatment of various skin diseases. Ointment is often prescribed as a substitute for the drug "Iruksol".The price of the analogue is 560-620 rubles."Solcoseryl" accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues, activates the synthesis of collagen, helps improve blood supply. The drug is available in various forms: injection, gel, dragee, ointment.

Pharmacology of "Vulnuzan"

Despite the fact that the analogues of "Iruksol" have only a similar therapeutic effect, it is quite possible to select an effective substitute for the drug. For many patients, this was the preparation in the form of ointment "Vulnuzan".

Iruksol in pharmacies in Moscow

This drug also applies to dermatotropic anti-inflammatory drugs. At the heart of the natural remedy is the mother liquor. Ointment is prescribed for trophic ulcers, infectious infection of wounds, burns, erosion of the cervix, cracks in the rectum.