'Bebikalm' preparation: instructions for use

Flatulence in newborns is common. Often the result is colic and abdominal pain, the baby is restless, often crying. In most cases, by 3-4 months, there is an improvement( if there are no concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or dysbiosis).However, it is worth it to help the child earlier, to ease his condition. It is good that a large selection of special tools is currently available. For example, the drug "Bebikalm", the instruction to which says that it is a biologically active additive. It is affordable and at the same time effective enough.

Only natural ingredients enter here, among which are essential oils of anise, peppermint and fennel. The latter is close to the fruits of dill, and the carminative effect of this plant has been known for a long time. In addition, fennel has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antispasmodic effect. Anise eliminates bloating and promotes intestinal stimulation. Mint has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

Before taking "Bebikalm" supplement, you must read the annotation. It clearly describes its use. To begin with, concentrate the oils diluted with boiled cold water to the mark indicated on the vial. Then the baby is given 10 drops before the beginning of each feeding. The drug "Bebikalm", the instruction notes this, in the diluted form is stored no longer than a month. You can add the product to breast milk or a mixture. However, what remains will be unsuitable for re-feeding. Including because it will be impossible to determine exactly how much the medicine was drunk by the baby.

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Before giving "Bebikalm" solution, it is necessary to consult a doctor. He also helps determine the duration of treatment. This drug can be given to a child directly with abdominal pain to relieve his condition.

There are no special contraindications for this remedy, as well as side effects. In most cases, it is well tolerated even by very small patients. This biologically active additive is not recommended if there is sensitivity to any of the components present here. Seldom can there be allergic reactions, in such cases, the drug immediately stops.

Before using "Bebikalm", the instruction does not permit it to be heated. It is necessary to pass a spoon with boiling water and then pour the remedy. So the solution will become warm, and the spoon will cool. However, it is necessary to check this before giving the child.

Most of the responses left by young parents in the thematic forums indicate the effectiveness of the drug. However, one can find statements that more than any other remedy helped, which is also true, since the organism is individual. Therefore, the drugs are always selected for each specific case.

Convenient pipette dispenser allows you to measure the required amount of fluid most accurately. At the same time there have not been any cases of overdose. Before you give the medicine to the child in the right amount, it is worth checking whether it has a sensitivity to its components. To do this, first give 2-3 drops, wait for a certain time and only then give the remaining dose.

The instruction "Bebikalm" instruction recommends the use of children in the first months of life, but even older babies can be given this remedy. This is especially important during the first feeding season, when the child's stomach learns to digest a new, unfamiliar food, and accordingly, the appearance of problems at this time is almost inevitable.

Interaction with other drugs in the instructions is not indicated, so before using it is worth consulting with a pediatrician who will indicate the most accurate way of treatment.