Baked sperm: indications, preparation, delivery, transcript

In the modern world, one of the serious problems is male infertility. Almost every fifth married couple encounters it. To combat infertility requires accurate diagnosis. Bax sperm is considered one of the methods for recognizing the disease. This analysis in 95% of cases allows you to accurately determine the reason for the absence of children. However, not only bacterial sowing of ejaculate is used to solve this problem.

What is spermogram?

This is a survey that allows you to assess the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the male's semen. Spermogramma is considered one of the main methods of diagnosing infertility. However, it can not be considered a kind of test for the possibility of conception of the baby. Why? bac sowing of sperm

The structure of spermatozoa, their movement speed and the general content of the ejaculate are key parameters determining the probability of conceiving a child. Not always a good analysis ensures that a man will soon become a father. About 30% of members of the stronger sex, suffering from infertility, know what a spermogram is, and have good results from this survey.

On the other hand, poor performance should also not be considered a final verdict. To confirm the diagnosis of "infertility" a man needs to undergo a complete examination and take a few tests, including bacaps sperm. More details about it will be described later.

What is this analysis for?

The delivery of bacterial sperm seed is recommended to all men without exception, who have problems with conception of the baby. If a couple is preparing for replenishment within a year, not using contraceptive methods, and pregnancy does not occur, one can speak of problems from the part of the reproductive system. In this case, if a woman is suspected of infertility, it is necessary to pass the examination not only to the man, but also to his companion.

Previously, the culprits of this problem were women. Today, statistics say the opposite. Stress, smoking, mental overexertion - all these factors affect the quality of sperm, as a consequence, the ability to have children.

A man has all the chances of conceiving a child, if in 1 ml of his ejaculate contains about 20 million spermatozoa. When this figure falls to a mark of 10 million or less, the likelihood of pregnancy is negligible. Even after ejaculation, spermatozoa should remain active for several hours. Otherwise, the man must necessarily make a bacterial seeding of the ejaculate. Often this analysis allows us to determine the cause of the violation. examination in case of suspected infertility

In what other cases do doctors prescribe baclos sperm?

  1. Detection of symptoms of genital inflammation, infection.
  2. Prostatitis and similar diseases.
  3. Detection of sexually transmitted pathologies in a partner.

This analysis allows you to detect dermatological, urological and venereal problems in the subject. With his help, a doctor can appoint competent treatment. Sowing on the microflora gives fairly accurate results.

Preparing for the

Survey The analysis is a responsible exercise, therefore it is necessary to approach it with all seriousness. In addition, it is necessary to be guided by certain rules. Non-compliance with at least one of them is fraught with violations in the collection of biological material. Therefore, the results may be inaccurate.

Each clinic has its own rules for fetching ejaculate. It is better to specify them in advance. However, there are general recommendations, compliance with which is extremely important.

  1. 3-5 days before sperm delivery, it is necessary to abandon intimate intimacy and other actions that may lead to ejaculation.
  2. Within a week before the proposed analysis, you can not visit saunas and baths, drink alcohol and smoke.
  3. Collection of biological material should only be carried out in sterile dishes. Some clinics provide their own container for analysis. Others allow you to purchase it in pharmacy chains.

It should be noted that the container for sampling biological material must be new and clean. It is strictly forbidden to open it until the time of the analysis, touch the inner surface. Such actions can lead to the ingress of bacteria. As a result, a man will receive an unreliable diagnosis. before sperm delivery

How is the analysis performed?

Before taking biological material, a man should wash his hands and genitals. It is forbidden to use antibacterial agents.

Usually sperm is obtained by masturbation or irritation of the ejaculatory center with special electrodes. They are injected directly into the rectum. During the collection of material, it is important to ensure that sweat, villi from clothing or hair do not enter the analysis container. It is strictly forbidden to pour it from one container to another. If the pollination occurred a day before the examination, it is necessary to notify the doctor about it. Most likely, it will be necessary to shift the date of testing for several days.

Doctors do not recommend taking material at home. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in following the sanitary requirements listed above. For the analysis, only a full portion of the sperm is suitable. We must try not to lose its first part, since it is there that the main flow of microorganisms is located. analysis container

Checking the ejaculate in the

laboratory Sperm is placed in an artificial environment that is considered to be favorable for the propagation of microorganisms. For several days, laboratory assistants maintain a certain temperature in the container with biological material. Microorganisms begin to actively multiply and unite in colonies. They can easily be examined under a microscope. The duties of a specialist include counting the number of microorganisms, the rate of reproduction, the detection of sensitivity to various antibiotics. A detailed study of the material subsequently allows the doctor to prescribe competent therapy. what is a spermogram

Decoding of results

Only qualified physicians can decipher sap bubbles. Why? The thing is that the organism of each person is individual. It has its own characteristics. For one man, the presence of certain microorganisms in sperm is the norm, and for another, a cunning diagnosis. Therefore, it is not recommended to decipher the analysis independently.

The term of its execution usually varies within 5-8 days. After that, the man takes the form with the answers. Nowadays, the results of the survey can be obtained by phone or email. pass the semen for analysis

Cost of analysis

How much does it cost to pass the sperm for analysis? The price of the survey directly depends on the clinic( private / public), the region in which it is located. The average cost of such a service varies between 500-1500 rubles.


The health of any person requires close attention. If you dream of replenishment in the family, but all attempts are futile, you should sperm for analysis. The test will certainly help to identify the cause of failure. However, only a qualified physician can find the solution to this problem as soon as possible.