Ivanovo Regional Hospital: address, telephone number of the registry, entry to the doctor

Today we will be interested in the Ivanovo Regional Hospital. This medical facility assists many citizens in Ivanovo. Therefore, it is significant for the population. Just do not quite understand whether it is worthwhile to come here for help, because sometimes you have to look for private clinics for treatment or examination. Is the Ivanovo hospital good? What services does it provide? Are customers satisfied with it? All this is judged by the feedback of patients and employees. What should I look for first? What information do you need to know about this institution before a personal visit? Ivanovo Regional Hospital

Short description

The Ivanovo Regional Clinical Hospital is a medical organization that provides assistance to the population. This is a public institution that serves citizens absolutely free of charge. It is only necessary to have the MHI policy with you.

The Ivanovo hospital is a multidisciplinary institution. It does not have any specific specialization, it provides assistance in almost all areas of medicine. This place is suitable for both children and adults. If you want to get quality assistance on a free basis in Ivanovo, then you have come to the right place.

Branches of

It has already been said that we are dealing with a multidisciplinary center. But what is the structure of the institution called the Ivanovo Regional Clinical Hospital? Know this is necessary, if only because you can understand, it is worth contacting this organization with certain diseases or not. Among the departments are:

  • pediatric;
  • surgical;
  • cardiological;
  • therapeutic;
  • neurological;
  • is a psychiatric;
  • ophthalmic;
  • gastroenterological;
  • pulmonology;
  • gynecological;
  • is urological;
  • advisory centers( children and adults);
  • hospital;
  • treatment rooms;
  • laboratory.

As you can see, there are a lot of areas in which our today's organization operates. The main advantage is that it serves both children and adults. Yes, the children's department has a separate building, but it is located not far from the adult clinic. Ivanovo Regional Clinical Hospital


Where exactly is our today's organization? The Ivanovo regional hospital is divided into several buildings. Everyone has his own address. Fortunately, they are all close to each other. They differ only in house numbers.

If you need to get into an adult hospital, then go to the address: Ivanovo Region, Ivanovo, Lubimova Street 1. The pediatric department is in close proximity. In order to use the services of the hospital for children, go to the address indicated, but only look for the house no longer under number 1, but at number 7.

Very convenient location - both adults and children are actually treated in the same place. However, there is the Ivanovo regional hospital on the outskirts of the city. It's not convenient for everyone. But both minors and already adult citizens can easily make an appointment with doctors and be treated together. Convenient for families with young children! how to make an appointment with a doctor


services Now a little about what services our today's organization provides. The thing is that the Ivanovo hospital is nothing more than a state institution. Here, as already mentioned, they provide free medical care in the presence of a policy. The rule applies to both children's and adult departments.

But that's not all. In addition to free service, the Ivanovo Regional Hospital offers paid services. Their list is similar to that provided without payment. Simply recording is faster, you will get to doctors exactly at the appointed time, and also do not have to sit in the "live queue."

The main difference between paid and free methods is a record for doctors. In the first case, to realize the idea in life is easier. Although some patients indicate that there are also problems with paid recording. Not too often, but they do.

What kind of treatment and counseling option to choose? Everyone decides this independently. Some believe that "platnikov" is better treated. Not at all. Everybody gets help at the proper level. Simply often, paid patients are offered a greater level of comfort. Ivanovo regional hospital appointment

operating mode Before registering for an appointment, you need to find out how our today's organization works. The registration of the Ivanovo Regional Hospital is open Monday to Saturday. On Sunday the clinic has a day off. Only the in-patient department continues its work.

The hospital itself( adult clinic) works constantly( except on Sundays).At the same time, customer service is provided from 7:30 to 18:00.And if you decided to apply to the registry of the children's department, then it will be only from 7:30 to 15:40.

Please note - the operating mode of the phones for reference and reception is different. What exactly? The fact that the phones are working from 8 am. So, if you have the opportunity to visit the hospital in person, it's better to do it. So you can 100% make an appointment, especially if you took the queue "in the forefront."Sometimes by the time the telephone recording of coupons and "windows" for the next few days of the work of the clinic is already gone. Registry of Ivanovo Regional Hospital

Ways to write

Many are interested in how to make an appointment with a doctor at a reception in the Ivanovo Regional Hospital. There are several ways to do this. You have the right to choose the way to solve the problem. At the moment a record is available:

  • through the official website;
  • through the portal "Registratura 37";
  • by phone;
  • on a personal visit.

It is necessary to have ID card( passport), SNILS and policy. If it is a minor, for the primary admission, parents must present a birth certificate to the baby. Mandatory provision of SNILS and MHI policy is mandatory. If you decide to enroll through the phone, you will be asked for personal information( name, surname, patronymic, date of birth).Now it is clear how to make an appointment with a doctor.


recording processes Some features are for each type of record. What do visitors think about them? Which option is most suitable for the implementation of the idea? It is already clear what opportunities the Ivanovo Regional Hospital offers. Recording at the reception is carried out either personally, or electronically, or by phone. But what to choose?

The most effective, but not too convenient for many method is a personal visit to the hospital. So you can enroll in the clinic without any problems even for the current day. The only drawback is the huge queues in the free registry. If you want to get paid on reception, there will be no problems at all.

Telephone recording is another very good way to write to a doctor. It is used by many. And this is despite the fact that it is very problematic to get through to the registry of the Ivanovo Regional Clinical Hospital. As an adult, and before the children's department.

Using the official website of the organization to write to the doctor is used, but rarely. You need to write your wish in the "Feedback Form".Be sure to indicate when and to whom you want to go to the reception. Then just wait for the answer. It can come in a few days. Therefore, the "Feedback Form" is used primarily for complaints, suggestions and discussion of any issues, but not for quick recording at the reception. doctors of the Ivanovo regional hospital

Electronic record

Our Ivanovo regional hospital is also promoting innovative technologies. Electronic record - that's what doctors and registry officials advise to use. Usually this method works qualitatively, without failures and malfunctions. It is enough to go to the site "registry.37" and choose there:

  1. City of your residence.
  2. Relevant medical institution.
  3. The direction of the doctor and the specialist.
  4. Pick up the date and time of reception.
  5. Specify the personal data.
  6. Confirm the changes.

Perhaps, that's all. You can record the number of your ticket or print it, and then wait for the day of reception. The electronic record appeared relatively recently, but it is already in great demand. Yes, no one is immune from system failures, but so far there have not been any.


Which phones are recording or consulting patients? What does the Ivanovo Regional Hospital offer? The polyclinic( adult) is available on the phone: +7 4932 56 03 68 and + 7 4932 56 47 92. You can call them to receive information about receptions, and for recording, every day( except Sundays) from 8am to 6pm.

If you need to reach the children's department, you will have to use other combinations. Polyclinic for children access by phone: +7 4932 56 03 03, and +7 4932 56 32 25. It has already been said that customer service by these numbers is from 8am. But the children's clinic is available until 15:40.Therefore, it is worth hurrying if you decide to write the child to the doctor.

The Ivanovo Regional Clinical Hospital has a separate telephone connection with the hospital. It operates around the clock. It is enough to call +7 4932 56 95 66. According to clients, it is not difficult to get through here.

Doctors of

Doctors of the Ivanovo regional hospital also deserve attention. But they can be judged more on the feedback of patients. After all, initially only qualified specialists work in the hospital. But the level of professionalism is still different. phone of the Ivanovo regional hospital

The staff of the Ivanovo hospital has a wealth of experience. There are practically no young cadres here. Many well-deserved doctors( gastroenterologists, lorry, etc.), staff of higher categories( therapists, surgeons, pediatricians and others), as well as candidates of medical sciences( usually heads of departments).

Doctors here know exactly what they are doing. Only a small number of patients remain dissatisfied with the method. But basically to the medical personnel there are no complaints. Turning to the Ivanovo regional hospital, you can be sure that you will be assisted at the highest level.

Patient Reviews

What impressions do the patients have after visiting our today's medical facility? On the official site of the Ivanovo Regional Hospital there is a whole section in which you can get acquainted with the opinions of visitors. The proof of the words are photographs of letters with reviews about the clinic.

In general, the reviews are positive. Patients are satisfied with both the polyclinic and the hospital. Doctors and attendants please the visitors. You can contact the organization for medical assistance. This is the most common state clinic, in which you will have a qualified service. Now we know the phone number of the Ivanovo regional hospital, as well as some information that can help in writing to the doctor.