Normal and pathological white discharge before menstruation

Each woman of childbearing age has vaginal discharge during the full menstrual cycle. Depending on the phase of the selection cycle, slightly change their hue. Daily white discharge before the monthly can be allocated in an amount of 3 or 4 ml.

On other days their norm is slightly less, on the order of 1-2 ml. They acquire a beige or a yellowish shade. The smell of vaginal discharge before menstruation is neutral, mild, without specific notes.

Allocations may be absent in the first days after menstruation, but closer to the middle of the cycle, to the phase of ovulation, again appear. The work of the glands of the cervical canal in the cervix is ​​activated, the epithelium of the uterus is cleared, the sterile flora of the reproductive system multiplies - so the white excretions are obtained before the monthly ones. They have neither blood nor brown marks. If you check with a clean cloth, there will not be a colored trace left on it.

The secretory function of the uterus and vagina increases during intense sexual arousal. Stress states sometimes also create a prerequisite for a profuse secretion of the sexual glands. Even a sharp change in climate affects the production of vaginal discharge.

Pathological white discharge

Anxiety should be caused by secretion, which is accompanied by impurities of pus, blood or which are accompanied by a specific odor.

  1. Thrush( candidiasis) is characterized by thick white discharge with an acidic odor. The consistency of excretions resembles a lump of yellowish cottage cheese. The shade can change to greyish or greenish. Genital candidiasis affects the mucosa of the vulva and the vagina. The patient feels burning and itching in the vagina, as well as pain in the lower abdomen.
  2. Thrush often masks another, more serious infection. Then a specific treatment does not work. Therefore, it is better to diagnose thrush symptoms using laboratory tests.
  3. With bacterial vaginosis, very abundant white discharge with an unpleasant odor( with a fish note).Fish "plume" is the result of intensive decay of amines, which produce anaerobic bacteria. Often the disease has all the signs of vaginitis, accompanied by burning and itching. The sexual act of the patient is described as unpleasant. In severe form of bacterial vaginosis, there are disorders of the urethra and pain in the perineal zone.
  4. Chlamydia is a more hidden disease, white discharge before the menstrual period acquires a characteristic yellow color. There are 15 types of chlamydia known to science. Insidious microorganisms are arranged as bacteria, but multiply as viruses. The onset of the disease is asymptomatic, then complications occur in the form of inflammation of the urogenital system.
  5. In general, all the inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs affect the secretory function. A special threat to the health of women are tumors of various kinds and locations. Foreign bodies that fall into the vagina, improper use of tampons and tendrils of intrauterine spirals cause abnormal white discharge before menstruation. Also, risk factors are the use of contraceptive caps with violation of instructions, masturbation, interrupted sexual intercourse and prolonged use of birth control pills.

An important factor in preventing the occurrence of pathological white discharge is strict adherence to all recommended rules of personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Timely change of clothes and regular washing procedures reduce the risk of appearance of whites. It is necessary to change the hygiene pads in time during menstruation, at the maximum, every 4-6 hours.