Syrup "Beta Glukan": properties, application and reviews

Many have heard that there is a substance such as beta-glucan( β-glucan).But very few people know what it is, what it is used for and how it works. These and other issues are discussed in this article.

Where does the substance

There are several types of beta-glucan-type polysaccharides that differ in the degree of molecular branching and therefore they have different activities. The most active forms of this substance, which have found industrial pharmaceutical and cosmetological application, are extracted from Saccharomyces cerevisiae - baker's yeast and fungal walls, which have wood-destroying mycelium, oat bran, barley and several other cereals. It is especially widely used in the form of syrups for various needs. beta glucan

The production of beta-glucan in a readily digestible form occurs chemically in a complicated way. For this, high-temperature processing and extraction of raw materials are used, the output is a soluble and insoluble form of the substance, which are markedly different in particle sizes.

In cosmetics, beta-glucan is used in both forms: insoluble is added to powders and syrups for sorbitol, and water-soluble contains lotions, creams, and whey. This substance not only does not interfere with the action of other agents, but sometimes even contributes to their better absorption into the skin.

Medical application is based on the powerful immunostimulatory properties of beta-glucan.

Beta-glucan from mushrooms

In medicine of the East, for more than three millennia, mushrooms have been used to treat various diseases. Of the order of several thousand of their varieties, only a few dozen are used, which are called "medical mushrooms".This title is deserved because they have excellent healing properties in the fight against tumors, radiation and reduced immunity. Studies of these properties by specialists from different countries, including Japan, China, the United States, Russia and others have proved their effectiveness. beta glucan reviews

The main active substance of fungi is polysaccharides having a long chain. With the help of extraction, the most effective is released - polysaccharide beta-glucan, the purity of which is up to 95% of the finished product. Then, after the micronization procedure, this indicator rises, increasing the bioactivity of the product, which allows it to be rapidly absorbed through the small intestine.

Only natural substances are used in production.

Beta-glucan for cosmetology

For cosmetic purposes, the substance is isolated from yeast cells. For the first time such a procedure was carried out in the early forties of the last century. As a result, a crude substance with polysaccharides was obtained, which markedly increased the immunity due to cellular binding to macrophages-cells of the immune system. syrup beta glucan

A molecule of beta-glucan is a complex chain of sugar units, in interaction with which dead cells are destroyed. Along with this, interferon begins to work, which causes increased formation of elastin and collagen, as well as the production of hyaluronic acid. Also, the formation of capillaries is accelerated, and the walls of the cutaneous blood vessels are strengthened.

Skin macrophages permeate the entire layer and reach the epidermis. When applied to the skin preparations with beta-glucan, especially its form such as syrup or emulsion, they bind to epidermal cells and trigger the skin protection process. As a result, the useful substance is delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, clearing it of infections, protecting from surrounding natural factors, toning, smoothing and enhancing elasticity.

Substance for immunity

As everyone knows from the school course, immunity is a protective reaction of the body to the influence of the external environment. Human health depends on the state of immunity. The immune system is constantly at work, without interruptions, protecting the body from exposure to harmful factors.

In today's urbanized world, radiating various harmful frequencies, provoking stresses, with a bad ecology, immunity sharply decreases, reducing protection from bacteria, viruses and parasites. This causes malfunctions in the functioning of the body, which entails the appearance of various diseases, slagging of tissues and organs.

To continue the further effective vital activity, it is necessary to restore the protective properties of the body. This is where the modifier of the biological reaction of the organism, beta-glucan, comes to the rescue. The responses of the doctors and scientists are unambiguous - the effect of this element is unique.

Beta-glucan: properties of

The most important properties of this substance are:

  1. Powerful immune activation. This action causes an increase in the rate of maturation of immunocompetent cells, activation and increase in their life span.
  2. The tool allows old cells to fight with foreign elements until the moment when new cells that have this ability are ripe.
  3. Stimulation of production of cytokines( interleukins and interferon) for the activation of cells of the immune system.
  4. Activation of the production of immunity cells in the bone marrow.
  5. A substance of high purity, water soluble, active in oral administration, especially as a syrup.
  6. Gives information to the immune system about the nature of the infection.

It is important to note such a feature that the action of beta-glucan is different from that of other drugs that also stimulate the immune system. The action of the latter has the potential to cause an overactive response of the body, which can provoke an autoimmune disease.

Beta-glucan, doctors' reviews confirm this, on the contrary, it increases the immune system response without using the mechanism of excessive reaction. It increases the functionality of lymphocytes( T-cells) and macrophages, which find and eliminate foreign elements in the body and increase the specific and nonspecific immune responses of the body. The process of using beta-glucan does not cause toxic or side effects. The most easily digested fractions in the form of a syrup or emulsion.

Indications for use of

beta glucan instruction

Indications for the use of drugs containing beta-glucans are prevention and treatment:

  • of oncological diseases;
  • complications and adverse effects of radiation and chemotherapy;
  • of any liver disease( hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatosis, dystrophy);
  • manifestations of an allergic nature;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • diseases of weakened immunity( including HIV);
  • flu, ARVI and colds;
  • hypertension;
  • hyperglycemia arising from diabetes mellitus;
  • elevated cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • reduction of the effect of radiation factors;
  • stress states, chronic fatigue;
  • systemic diseases.

Treatment of other diseases

The problem of treatment of malignant and benign tumors, which can lead to the first, is the main one in the sphere of interests of scientists and doctors. Benign education occurs against the background of failures of cellular antitumor immunity with oppression of macrophages. As a result, uncontrolled growth of cells - neoplasms - can occur in different parts of the body. beta glucan syrup reviews

The reason for this can be stresses, bad ecology, insufficient quality food and so on. The property of beta-glucans is the effect on antitumor surveillance in order to activate this system by blocking the circulatory system of the tumor. This prevents the latter from increasing in size, preventing its nutrition, as a result of which it then dries up.

"Beta Glucan" syrup and tablet forms of this substance help antitumor lymphocytes and other natural killers to penetrate into the formation and to fight there already, and not just outside. This significantly increases the positive effect of anticancer therapy.

The drug is also used to treat other specific diseases:

  1. Diabetes mellitus and its complications are treated with mushroom extracts that control the level of sugar in the blood and block its increase.
  2. Allergies of various origins. The therapeutic composition acts by reducing the production of histamine that causes the disease, mast cells.
  3. HIV.Preparations of beta-glucan soften the clinical picture of HIV patients by increasing the activity of lymphocytes, remission of the disease is achieved.
  4. Autoimmune diseases with the development of pathology of tissues and organs as a result of a violation of the mechanism of recognition of own cells, on which the attack begins. This occurs with diseases such as asthma, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and others.

In the event of such diseases, traditional treatment was carried out with the help of immunosuppressors, with prolonged use giving severe side effects. With the discovery of beta-glucans, immunomodulators were treated that did not have side effects.

Beta-glucan for the skin

The main properties of this substance used for cosmetic purposes are:

  1. Healing of skin lesions, such as wounds, cuts, scratches, burns with blocking the development of infectious processes in these areas.
  2. Protective antioxidant action as a natural filter against damage to ultraviolet rays, from harmful atmospheric influences, from the formation under the action of the sun of tumor cells.
  3. Cleansing anti-inflammatory property, which causes the destruction of bacteria and fungi on the surface of the skin, removes dead cells and fatty plugs. The skin is cleansed, leveled, and the substance is also active against the formation of dandruff.
  4. Thanks to the synthesis of collagens and elastin, which is enhanced by beta-glucan, wrinkles are noticeably smoothed, skin and cell regeneration is accelerated, the aging process slows down, and the rejuvenating effect is manifested.
  5. Moisturizing property is manifested in stimulating the penetration of moisture into the skin and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.
  6. Strengthening action is expressed in strengthening the nutrition of hair follicles, which improves the condition of the hair.

Beta-glucan in

cosmetics The agents that make up this substance are:

  • night creams for mature skin;
  • anti-edema creams under the eyes;
  • means for moisturizing the skin;
  • daytime moisturizing face creams;
  • tonics for oily skin;
  • shaving aids;
  • cosmetic sunscreen series;
  • matting facial gel;
  • lotions and tonics for the care of problem and sensitive skin;
  • anti-stress serums for face care;
  • cleansing and caring products for hair( nourishing masks, shampoos, balms);
  • serum and milk for smoothing wrinkles in the eyelids.

beta glucan for children

Beta-glucan for children

This drug found its use in children's medical practice in the form of syrups. They are made with various fruit or citrus flavors( pineapple, orange, forest berries) and vitamin supplements. The degree of purification of the substance in children's syrups is 93%, micronization - up to 5μm. Such indicators contribute to the fact that the substance quickly penetrates through the epithelium of the intestine into the blood and lymph. beta glucan properties

The percentage of the main substance in the five milliliters of the syrup is thirty milligrams and the same is contained in vitamin C, which is half the daily requirement for this element. Also in the composition of syrup includes purified water, fructose and fruit natural flavors. The main substance here is beta-glucan. Syrup, reviews of which only positive, regulates the activity of the immune system of children. It shows immunomodulatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, hepatoprotective properties. Under its action, the circulatory, endocrine and nervous systems, as well as internal organs, normalize their work.

Application of the preparation

The "Beta Glucan" syrup, the instruction to which it prescribes to store it in a dry, cool place, is recommended for children when they reach the age of one year.

The drug is given in its pure form or dissolved in a warm liquid for drinking at the request of the child. Babies from one to three years are recommended dosage in the amount of one teaspoon per day, and older - in the volume of a tablespoon with the same periodicity. Duration of admission is two to three months. To stop the disease at the initial stage is allowed in the first days to exceed these doses twice.

Contraindications to the use of the preparation "Beta Glucan"( syrup), the instruction is uniquely determined, is hypersensitivity to the components of the substance.

Keep the syrup away from sunlight. In the pharmacy is released without a prescription, because it is not a drug.