Can I remove birthmarks without a scar on my face? Is it possible to remove the birthmark on the face from which the hair grows?

Almost all people have birthmarks. In some, they are located on the face. Women such a birthmark gives a special appeal, and a man - sexuality. It is known that there was a fashion when the young ladies specially applied "flies" to give their appearance charm. But recently, very often the question arises about whether it is possible to remove the birthmark on the face. After all, they often bring discomfort, cling to clothing and look just plain ugly.

can I remove my birthmark on my face

So, can I remove moles on my face? And by what methods, so as not to cause harm?

Kinds of moles

As stated in any medical guide, a nevus is a skin formation that manifests itself at birth. In special cases, it is acquired during life. These data are benign. They do not need to be removed or treated. But during a person's life they can become malignant tumors. This can be accompanied by influences from outside as well as from within.

All nevi are divided into several varieties:

  1. Flat. These birthmarks are pigmented spots that every person has. Visually they look like dots. Their color can vary from bright brown to dark shade. Such nevi do not grow and do not threaten human life. Can I remove flat birthmarks on my face? Doctors say that getting rid of such nevi is almost always permitted.
  2. Convex. These are prominent cutaneous structures. From ordinary moles are tuberosity. This species is unsafe for human life. Therefore, people with such birthmarks should be observed by a doctor. And only the doctor can tell whether to get rid of such nevi.
  3. Blue. These birthmarks are a special kind. They are considered safe. A doctor's consultation is only necessary if the nevus is enlarged. Blue moles can be of different shapes, sizes, consistency.
  4. Vascular. This kind appears on the human body from the upper layer of the skin. Vascular moles are warts. The danger they represent only if they grow very quickly or are in the epicenter of inflammation.

Indications for elimination of nevi

Can I remove moles on my face? This issue must be discussed with the doctor.

whether it is possible to remove flat birthmarks on the face

The removal of moles on the face is done in two cases:

  1. Aesthetic considerations. Removal of the nevus is based on the wishes of the patient.
  2. Medical indications. Removal of moles is recommended by doctors. This is advisable if the nevi are constantly being traumatized. In the future this can lead to serious consequences. For example, a mole is located on the head. A person combs her hair and constantly traumatizes her.

Serious symptomatology

In some cases it is better not to think about whether it is possible to remove moles on your face, but to hurry to the doctor and remove them as soon as possible. It's about the degeneration of the nevus.

Symptoms characterizing the hazard are:

  • different color of the color;
  • increase in birthmark in size;
  • redness;
  • dropping hair growing from the roots of a mole;
  • cracks are observed;
  • does not itch or burn;
  • from a mole is secreted by fluid or blood.

At such displays it is necessary to address immediately for the help to the dermatologist-oncologist. If there is a discomfort in the area of ​​the birthmark, and the doctor's advice is removal, do not hesitate. Untimely removal of the nevus can lead to the development of melanoma.

It is very dangerous to self-medicate, use various ointments and folk remedies. This can lead to the development of a pathological process in the tissues. Also, it is strictly forbidden to get rid of moles. The consequence of such an act may be infection of blood.

Why do black hair grow on moles: what is it?

Often people pay very little attention to ordinary nevi. But, of course, attracts the eye of a large, pronounced mole. Especially if her hair grows out of her. The appearance of such nevi is far from aesthetic. Therefore, people with such birthmarks often develop complexes. It's no wonder that the question arises as to whether it is possible to remove the birthmark on the face from which the hair grows? After all, I so want to get rid of such a "kiss of angels."

can I remove birthmarks on my face with a laser

Laboratory studies have proven that hair that grows from a mole is a natural phenomenon. This is a sign that the nevus develops normally and its cells are healthy. The appearance of hair from the moles indicates a good blood supply. Such nevi practically do not degenerate into oncological formations.

Therefore, you can always get rid of a birthmark with hairs. But just do it in a medical facility.

What birthmarks can not be deleted

It is known that not every nevus is allowed to dispose of. Therefore, before deciding whether it is possible to remove a small mole on the face, the doctor will carefully study it.

There are a variety of types of nevi that must necessarily be observed by a doctor, as they can endanger human life. Basically, these are large moles, which increase quite rapidly. If birthmarks increase gradually, then they are less dangerous. Doctors do not recommend removing nevuses that do not bother.

The fact is that surgery to remove a birthmark can provoke severe consequences:

  1. After getting rid of the nevus, you can start the mechanism of oncology development. In this case, cancer cells will "walk" through the body and damage the weak system of organs.
  2. The operation to remove moles can be done only if the tests confirmed that it is a nevus, not a malignant skin formation.
  3. It is absolutely forbidden to carry out an "operation" at home. One wrong step - and the consequences can be lethal.
  4. There is one, but very big danger when removing a birthmark, it's a blood poisoning.

Methods of removing moles

If you have to remove a few nevi, then to each of them - a special approach. After all, by their structure and by education they can be different. The doctor conducts a dermatoscopic examination. So he determines the absence of atypical cells and selects the most effective way to remove the mole.

There are a variety of methods for eliminating nevi. The safest, high-quality and fastest way is laser removal. This method is recommended for those who are interested in the question of whether it is possible to remove the birthmark on the face without a scar. After the laser procedure, scars practically never remain.

Surgical intervention is an older method, but is also used in medicine. It is carried out in the event that there are suspicions of oncology.

Laser removal

This type of operation is painless, fast, effective. Is it possible to remove the birthmarks on my face with a laser? Doctors recommend this intervention to eliminate nevi.

can I remove a small mole on my face

After all, the procedure has a number of advantages:

  1. The laser action can be adjusted. Due to this, the doctor will choose the depth and diameter of the puncture as accurately as possible.
  2. Other skin areas other than the mole are not damaged.
  3. Removes all layers of the nevus.
  4. There is no bleeding.
  5. The removal site heals in a couple of days.
  6. No scars or scars left.

This type of operation is painless, the operation time is several minutes.

After operation it is necessary to adhere to such rules:

  • to avoid sunlight;
  • refuse to go to the pool, sauna, bath;
  • the place where the birthmark was, wipe with disinfectants.

This kind of operation has practically no contraindications, does not cause negative consequences and does not provoke unpleasant sensations. It is easy and quick to remove flat moles on the face. The photo before and after allows you to make sure that the scar does not leave the operation.

can I remove the birthmark on my face celandine

Liquid nitrogen removal

Cryodestruction is carried out at a sufficiently low temperature( approximately - 180 degrees).This method involves freezing the birthmark.

This removal principle is unique in that human tissues that become dead are not removed. They are a good protection, under which a new, healthy skin is formed. But this method is practically not practiced in removing moles on the face. It is often used to get rid of papillomas.


This operation is usually called electrocoagulation. This method can be used on any part of the body, including on the face. When conducting electrocoagulation, the birthmark is burned off the skin.

The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • removal is done in one session;
  • disposal of any type and type of moles;
  • without bleeding.

There is one disadvantage - scars and scars can remain at the site of removal.

Surgical removal

This type of removal is used only when moles are large and the skin is deep. The operation is performed under anesthesia. The doctor cuts the nevus with a scalpel. Then he puts medical seams.

whether it is possible to remove a birthmark on the face from which the hair grows

In this operation there are such disadvantages:

  • open bleeding;
  • possibility of blood poisoning;
  • may remain scars.

Therefore, it is not recommended to carry out this kind of operation on the face.

Removal at home

Do not practice self-disposal of nevi. Such "operations" often lead to serious consequences.

It is allowed to remove only hanging moles at home. There are different methods for getting rid of such nevuses:

  1. Wiping a birthmark with pineapple juice.
  2. Vaseline also helps. They need to lubricate the nevus.
  3. Can I remove the birthmark on my face with celandine? To get rid of nevus, it is recommended to wipe it with the juice of the above-named plant.

can I remove a birthmark on my face without a scar

Remember that it is absolutely not recommended to remove birthmarks at home! It is better to consult a doctor beforehand.