What are the signs of alcoholism in men?

Alcoholism is one of the problems of the domestic modern society. This disease does not occur immediately, to trace its appearance can be, looking closely at a certain person. I wonder what exactly is to be watched?

There are certain signs of alcoholism in men, by which you can determine whether a person is inclined to such a disease. There are a lot of them, but there are ten basic ones, according to which it is already possible to draw certain conclusions.

Symptom 1

The family should be alerted if a person has a craving for alcohol, he wants to celebrate an event that is not so significant - to wash the purchase or celebrate, for example, the Liberation Day of Africa.

Symptom 2

The following signs of alcoholism in men - tolerance for alcohol. In a normal person, there is a definite reaction to excessively drunk, in alcoholics the same gag reflex disappears. So do not brag to your friends that you can drink a lot of alcohol without much consequence, it should be very dangerous for a person.

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Tag 3

People who are prone to alcoholism also do not have a sense of proportion and are ready to drink before, as they say, the victorious end. If a person has heard a couple of times from friends saying "Maybe it's enough?", It's worth thinking about it.

Symptom 4

What other signs of alcoholism are there in men? Strangely enough, this hangover( abstinence syndrome), when in the morning after the party headache, bones break and twists the joints. Bad morning feeling is one of the first signs of alcoholism.

Tag 5

Forgetfulness and memory dips are the following signs of alcoholism in men. If after a get-together a person can not remember something, it is worthwhile to be alert, because this is also the first bell.

Tag 6

The future alcoholic does not hesitate to drink alone. If there is a desire to raise a glass even without a company, this should frighten a person or at least his family and friends.

Symptom 7

The first signs of alcoholism in men are also a loss of interest in everything and everyone around them, reluctance to communicate and a constant desire for solitude. If a close person shows such signs, it's worth starting to be anxious and trying to eradicate the problem in the bud.

Symptom 8

The following symptoms of alcoholism in men - aggressive behavior, rudeness. A person who stands on the road to alcoholism, begins to behave incorrectly with others, can not only be rude, but also dismiss his hands.

Tag 9

What else characterizes a person who destroys himself with alcohol? This is a complete degradation of personality. Alcoholics do not develop mentally, they gradually forget what they knew, completely dropping to the most miserable mental state.

Tag 10

This is a sharp decline in health. Alcohol destroys from the inside and outside, the organs begin to function poorly, all this affects the face, in the course of time, tremor in the hands may appear.

What should I do?

What to do if a loved one has signs of alcoholism? First of all, it is necessary to make it clear that he is already unwell. Only if there is a return on his part, problems can be avoided. You can also try to treat the alcoholic with medications, folk remedies and coding, but as long as the patient does not want to get rid of the problem, most likely all the efforts of relatives will be wasted.