Golden mustache( tincture on vodka): how to take? Therapeutic properties and contraindications

Golden mustache is a curative plant that came to us from the tropical forests of South America. It was there that for the first time they began to use its properties, which are now known to folk healers around the world. In fact, it was brought to Russia in the XIX century, but then very few people knew about its properties. Many grew up collision only as a houseplant. However, today we already know it as a golden mustache. Tincture on vodka( how to take it, we'll tell you later) helps with a large number of diseases, ranging from common cold and ending with severe inflammatory processes and even cancer tumors. golden hone tincture on vodka how to take

Features of growing

In fact, it is very difficult to find another plant that would grow so quickly and be as unpretentious as a golden mustache. Tincture on vodka( how to take it, we will tell you in detail) is made from its shoots, which grow at the speed of the most common weed. This is the most powerful biostimulator, which is used in folk medicine. It perfectly tolerates any soil and almost any temperature conditions. A few months after planting, the plant will gain enough green mass to be used to make medicinal infusions.

However, there are subtleties in using the most medicinal raw materials. And in different sources the information differs, but most physicians of phytotherapeutists agree that before applying different parts of the plant, they should be put in the refrigerator for 2 weeks( temperature regime from -2 to +4).But if you need the leaves themselves, they are kept in the refrigerator for only three days. golden hive tincture application

Chemical composition and properties of

It should be noted that physicians recognize the medicinal properties of this plant. However, no traditional therapist will recommend you a course of treatment based solely on the use of this plant. All because its properties, chemical composition and side effects are not proved by reliable research. Preparations from it refer to folk remedies. However, as expected, they can not help absolutely everyone. It is not recommended to engage in self-medication, especially it is dangerous to use freshly cut leaves. In any case, your physician should be managed by a phytotherapeutist. But as a houseplant unpretentious collision will never be harmful. It perfectly cleans air from pathogenic microflora.

Benefits for your health

Let's take a closer look at the fact that he heals a golden mustache. First of all, it is a wonderful remedy for strengthening immunity. The carried out researches have shown, that in juice of a plant a considerable quantity of biologically active substances is found out. Despite the fact that their influence on the body can not yet be calculated by 100%, one can say for sure that they support and activate immunity very well. If you are not personally subject to contraindications, then the juice of this plant can become a real helper in the off-season. It stimulates vitality. Observations of various specialists confirm that it activates the cells of the immune system. The composition of the juice of a golden mustache is a real storehouse of useful substances: vitamins and tannins, pectins and minerals. golden mustache contraindications

With what diseases helps to fight

The most common use is not in itself a golden mustache. Tincture on vodka( how to take - be sure to ask the treating phytotherapeutist) - this is the most popular dosage form. At the same time, the spectrum of application is extremely wide. People use it to treat diabetes. Very widely with the help of juice of this plant are treated diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and many other diseases, in particular, endocrine disorders and problems with the thyroid gland.

In what other cases can the golden mustache help? Leaves are a real lifesaver for bronchitis and pneumonia, tuberculosis, as well as for colds. This is an excellent tool for the prevention of influenza.

While we talked about the use of plant juice inside, but more often it is used for external use. Any damage to the skin will heal very quickly, since the plant has a disinfectant effect. The reviews testify to the fact that even a large cut begins to be delayed after the first day of applying the bandage. However, that's not all. Golden mustache for the joints is a real wand-zashchalochkoy. It is used for various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Preparing the raw material

The plant acquires its healing properties when its shoots change their color, become darker and form at least 6 joints or knots. However, it must be remembered that not the whole bush is suitable for preparation of the medicine. First of all, stems and leaves cut at the base of the rosettes are used. The time of the year also plays a role. In spring, the plant is not suitable for harvesting raw materials, since the medicinal properties are manifested to the highest degree by the autumn. It is at this time of year that you can prepare ointments and tinctures. golden curative properties and contraindications

Juice of

The easiest way to prepare a fresh juice of a golden mustache. Unfortunately, it is not subject to storage, so it is necessary to calculate the portion of fresh product only for one reception. However, in its pure form, it is not recommended to use it, as it can get burns of the skin or mucous membranes. First of all, you need to ask the phytotherapist to know exactly how to use the golden mustache. His healing properties and contraindications are quite extensive, which means that it will be difficult for you to understand independently. If you decide to use the juice for external use, it is much better to mix it with any baby cream in the proportion of 2 to 3 and then in the form of an ointment applied to the skin. This remedy perfectly helps with joint pain, arthritis and osteochondrosis, but it must be taken into account that it can cause an allergic reaction.

For general prevention, it is recommended to chew one joint or plant stem every morning. In this case, the juice should be swallowed, and cake spit. You can do differently, slightly discourage the leaf and squeeze out the juice from it, mix it with honey and take on a tablespoon twice a day.

Treatment of burns, abrasions and injuries

We continue to tell you about how remarkable the plant is the golden mustache. Recipes given today, you can successfully use in their home practice. However, do not forget that individual intolerance is possible, as well as an allergic reaction. So do not self-medicate. The simplest thing you can think of is to apply the mashed leaves to the wounds. Very good this tool helps to treat burns. However, it is necessary to approach with great care the treatment of large open wounds, trophic ulcers and deep burns. In the first days after applying the leaves, there is a significant improvement in the condition. However, after 3-5 days, a severe allergic reaction occurs. Therefore, it is better to use the plant juice, diluted with boiled water 1: 5.golden mustache recipes

Gold syrup syrup

In autumn and spring, many people face such problems as cold and concomitant cough. A golden mustache can help you. Therapeutic properties and contraindications to know is extremely important, although anyway evaluate its use should the attending physician.

Expectorant syrup is prepared from fresh leaves. To do this, you will need one large sheet. It can be grinded with a knife or meat grinder and pour half a glass of water. The solution must be brought to a boil and evaporated in a water bath. This process is quite long. It continues until one tablespoon of concentrated solution remains. After cooling, you need to add a tablespoon of vodka. Now prepare the syrup, boiling sugar with water in a ratio of 2: 1.This syrup needs to dilute the raw material to achieve a volume of 100 ml. Store it can be no more than three weeks in the refrigerator. golden mustache on alcohol


In fact, it's the easiest to cook, and it's stored long enough. Therefore, in the first place and remembered when it comes to the golden mustache, tincture on vodka. How to take - let's consider together. I would like to separately note that it can be done on water and on alcohol, in any case the effect will be quite high. This tincture is unique in its versatility. It effectively reduces pain and helps the functioning of endocrine glands. Positively affects virtually all organs and systems, in particular, on the circulatory, digestive and respiratory.

Let's take a closer look at the cases when the golden must( tincture) is used. The use is justified for pancreatitis and diabetes. Very often it is used for myomas and even cancerous tumors. Traditional healers note the beneficial effect of plants on the thyroid gland.

If infusion is done on water, it is necessary to pour a liter of boiling water one large leaf of a golden mustache and leave for a day. If there is no other indication, then take it should be 100 ml three times a day.

If alcohol is the basis, 15 collision collisions must be taken. Raw materials need to be ground, poured into a bottle and pour 500 grams of vodka. And it is better to harvest it in the autumn, at this time the golden mustache is distinguished by the maximum medicinal properties. Tincture, the application of which with each new study only expands its horizons, is being prepared approximately 2 weeks. All this time the tincture should be held in a dark place.

Take one dessert spoon three times a day, 40 minutes before meals. Do not jam or drink anything. Tincture is very effective against tuberculosis and a variety of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

golden yew reviews

Oil or oil emulsion

This is not limited to the scope of such an amazing tool as the golden mustache. Recipes that can be found today in large numbers are not just effective, but can really serve as a salvation for those who have already been denied official medicine. Another form that can be cooked at home is oil. To do this, the leaves and stems are thoroughly crushed, and the mixture is poured with olive or sunflower oil. Now the whole mixture needs to be doused in a water bath for 2 hours. Then it is poured into a glass bottle and cleaned in a dark and cool place for 3-4 weeks.

Gold mustache on alcohol should not be in contact with mucous membranes, but for these purposes an oil emulsion is used. Cancer of the rectum is treated with a microclyster of 20 g. To treat cervical cancer use tampons soaked in this oil.

Oil emulsion can be used as a chemotherapy. To do this, 30 ml of alcohol tincture must be mixed with 40 g of any( but preferably unrefined) oil. The mixture should be drunk at a glance, it is enough to take it twice a day for 10 days. Then take a 5-day break and do three more treatments.

Golden mustache: contraindications

To date, this plant is very popular in folk medicine. However, we must remember that its properties are not fully understood. This plant is not poisonous, which is the main argument of many phytotherapists. However, as you know, any medicine is poison if you mute the dosage. We can say the same about the golden mustache.

Contraindications to its use are simple enough and understandable. Do not use it in the case of asthma in children and adults, and if allergic reactions are possible. However, one must also take into account that useful substances are contained in it in a high concentration, which means that even a slight overdose threatens with serious consequences.

Like the composition, side effects are not fully understood. That is why it is not recommended to change the course of treatment independently, and also the dosage. If your child is a child, be sure to consult your doctor. He will be able to assess the possible risks and side effects that threaten the golden mustache. Instructions for use are only recommendatory, because each of us is individual.

It is absolutely not recommended to use the tincture of this plant for pregnant and lactating women. The slightest overdose leads to damage to the vocal cords and edema, as well as rashes. For the period of treatment it is necessary to refuse the use of salty and fatty foods, as well as sweets. Of course, you must completely give up smoking and alcohol. sap of the golden mustache

Recipes and reviews

Despite the fact that we tried to tell you in detail about the golden mustache, the recipes are difficult to enumerate. Use it to treat toothache. For this purpose, the fresh juice of the plant is rubbed into the gum, and the mouth is also rinsed with a water infusion of the golden mustache. With the help of fresh juice, herpes are treated. Usually, two or three procedures are sufficient for the disease to recede. In the treatment of dermatitis, it is possible to apply gauze impregnated to the affected area with a decoction of the plant. This will get rid of itching.

Traditional medicine recommends the use of gold mustard for the fight against premature aging. Feedback suggests that if a woman starts taking it at the first symptoms of menopause, then the physiological changes in the body occur more gently, which means that you can prolong your youth. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of golden mustache juice, 3 cups of boiling water and three tablespoons of hawthorn. It is necessary to protect the water bath and cool it. Take a tablespoon three times a day. The course of treatment is not less than 14 days. On the recommendation of the attending physician, the treatment time may be reduced or prolonged.

Judging by the numerous reviews, the golden mustache is also used with great success to treat bruises and burns, flu and osteochondrosis, gout and otitis, tonsillitis and bronchitis. As you can see, these plants can be very useful in every home.