Gel from varicose "Renoven": reviews, instructions, price

Varicose is a problem that has recently begun to persecute people more often. Sedentary lifestyle, unwillingness to play sports, work characteristics, heredity, excess weight - all this and not only can lead to the appearance of this disease. A good tool that can cope with varicose veins, you can call the gel "Renov".This is a natural remedy that has already saved many people from such a dangerous ailment. Today we learn a lot of interesting information about the means "Renov" - feedback about it, the rules of application, storage. Also we will find out what components this medicine consists of, what are its advantages and disadvantages. Renovated reviews


The drug Renoven, reviewed about which will be discussed below, is an effective remedy for varicose veins. The medicine consists of herbs that are collected in ecologically clean regions of Siberia. Inside the jar with the drug is powder. To get a balm, in the tank you need to add water. That's why the manufacturers indicated on the jar that the tool is handmade.


The preparation "Renoven" has the following composition:

- Leaves of Khakass red grapes. They do not give rise to blood clots, reduce the risk of blockage of blood vessels, and slow the aging process of the skin.

- Transurian horse chestnut. Due to this component, the permeability of capillaries decreases.

- Agar-Agar - rejuvenates, moisturizes the skin.

- Kamchatka ginkgo biloba. This element of the agent increases the elasticity of the vessels, and also reduces their permeability.

- Aloe juice - soothes the skin, does not allow the edema to form.

- Mint essential oil - regulates the tone of veins and arteries. Renewed gel from varicose veins

Operating Rules. Country-manufacturer

"Renoven" - gel, which also needs to be prepared. After all the preparation is issued in the form of a powder. And to get the gel you need to add about 150 ml of purified water in the jar with the contents. It should be warm, but not hot. Close the jar and wait 5 minutes until the remedy turns into a gel.

Apply balsam to a clean, damaged surface. It is not necessary to save on the gel, it should be spread over the whole patient site. It is impossible to wash the drug, you need to wait until the medicine is absorbed. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

Store balsam in the refrigerator. Save the finished product can be 1 week.

A drug is produced in Russia.


"Renova" - a gel from varicose, which helps:

- to restore the valve apparatus and the elasticity of the walls;

- improve lymphatic drainage;

- to eliminate discomfort;

- get rid of the vascular network;

- remove toxic substances from the body;

- strengthen the vascular system;

- stop the disease, prevent the progression of the disease. renovated price

Who is at risk?

Varicose can begin in people who:

- They lead a passive lifestyle.

- They are engaged in standing work.

- They are overweight.

- Because of heredity, they got this problem.

Do not close your eyes to the disease or hope that it will pass by itself. This miracle does not happen. Therefore, it is very important to begin therapy early in the first stages, so that it is easier and faster to overcome the ailment.


Balm Renovan is prohibited to be used in such cases:

- During lactation.

- In case of individual intolerance to the ingredients of the preparation.

- During pregnancy at all its stages.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Positive aspects of the drug:

- Operative result.

- Natural composition.

- No side effects.

- Fast absorption.

- Affordable price.

Negative aspects of the remedy:

- The gel needs to be cooked, which takes a while. For some people this causes inconvenience. Others believe that it would be possible to produce the medication in another form.

- A short period of use. Keep the medicine only 7 days, no more.

- Lack of proven efficacy at advanced stage of the disease. Renovated gel

Where to buy? The cost of

Buy the original drug can be, ordering it on the official website. The drug "Renov" in pharmacies is not for sale, buy it there, too, will not work. Only through the Internet this medicine is released. Yes, it's even better: you do not need to run around pharmacies in search of a drug. It is enough to open any search engine, drive in the name of the medicine and find the right site on which it is sold. The cost of balsam ranges from 1000 to 1300 rubles per packing. It's inexpensive, considering what kind of a dangerous disease can cure this remedy.

Positive user ratings

Balm "Renova" reviews are different. There are both supporters of this tool, and its obvious opponents. Those people who are fortunate enough to buy the original product, flattered about it. Men and women insist that no other drug they tested could produce such a quick and effective effect as the "Renoven" gel. In pharmacies, unfortunately or fortunately, it can not be bought, but some users even like it. After all, you do not even need to leave the house, it is enough to order the goods on the checked site, as in a few days it will come by mail or courier. It is very convenient. As for the effect, people note that after a week of active use, the results are visible: the venous network disappears, the legs stop swelling and ache. balsam renovated

Negative assessments of people

The tool "Renov" reviews people receives and negative. For example:

  1. No effect.
  2. Acquisition of a fake.
  3. Costlyness.

We'll sort it out in order. So, if a person complains that there is no result after using the drug, then the patient made mistakes.

  1. Incorrectly spread the powder. For example, without reading the instructions thoroughly, they poured more or less water. Or poured a jar of cold water, rather than warm, as written in the liner to the facility.
  2. Incorrectly saved the medicine. Ready-made cream "Renov" should be stored in the refrigerator. And if the patient neglects this rule, leaves the drug on the shelf at a temperature of 25 degrees, and even under the sun's rays, then the medicine will simply deteriorate. Then it will not bring any effect any more.
  3. Incorrectly applied to the skin. If a person is lazy and before the procedure does not clean the affected skin, and apply the medicine immediately, the cream is hard to penetrate through the clogged pores. Also, if the patient saves on the drug, then this is also not good. Saving on medicine, he does worse to himself, because then the effect will be worse, and perhaps, it does not.

The second reason why this balsam gets bad reviews of people is the purchase of a fake. Unfortunately, many patients encounter this situation. Indeed, the original and effective means to buy very hard. And all because in connection with the popularity that has begun, dubious producers have stepped up their underground activities. They sell supposedly original "Renoven" - a gel from varicose, and in the end it turns out that this is an ordinary powder, not bringing absolutely no effect. And people believe in what is written in advertising, and buy this product. And some scammers have already contrived to the point that they began to create allegedly their official websites. If earlier scammers simply placed ads on the Internet, now it's much harder to understand where the official Internet resource is, and where the fake one. cream renovated

The third reason is the high cost of the drug "Renoven".The price of the powder is actually low. But if a person starts a disease, then he can not do with one jar, which is designed for a week. The user buys a second and even a third. In the end, it turns out that he spends about 4,000 rubles on treating varicose veins. But in fact it was possible to manage with one bank, if a person did not start the disease, and began therapy even at the very beginning of the manifestation of the disease.

How not to fall for the trick of scams?

All users who purchase any product, including the "Renovan" powder, whose price can vary widely, should distinguish this site from a fictitious one. So, a 100% divorce will be provided if:

- Only one product is available in the online store. This should lead the prospective buyer to the idea that the real seller can not realize only the Renova tool. The official seller, in addition to this drug, has a lot of other medicines that he also offers to people.

- There are no contact data on the site, except for the e-mail address. A company that respects itself and its customers will never miss a moment and will not hide their phones or faxes. Yes, there, on the official resource, there is even a form of feedback. That is, the person who came to the site can write a question to the administrator or managers in writing, and soon the employee will call him back.

- The company refuses to grant a license to sell its medications. The official distributor always has documents proving the authenticity of this or that remedy.

- The site on which the powder is sold, conducts stunning actions. For example, near the picture with medicine, they indicate an allegedly old price - 4,000 rubles. Cross out it and side by side "mold" another cost - 999 rubles. Such generosity from the seller can only say that he wants to implement a counterfeit. Renovated in pharmacies

Evaluations of doctors

Surgeons-phlebologists note that the powder "Renoven" can actually have a curative effect, but only at the beginning of the disease. The composition and action of this drug doctors approve. But before you buy the drug, you need a consultation phlebologist. After all, the doctor can not always recommend this remedy. Perhaps a person will need to take additional measures to prevent the disease from progressing further.


A unique and effective medicine "Renoven" can be called a natural and effective drug at the initial stage of varicose veins. Instructions for this product must be attached to the jar. After all, the user must find important information about how to properly dilute the powder and use the balm. Doctors approve of this medicine, however, believe that it can only have an effect at the initial stage of varicose veins. But the patients differed in their opinions: some argue that the drug helped them to cope with the disease quickly and qualitatively, while others were completely disappointed in the effect of this drug. But this is understandable why. Many were unlucky, and they waded through a counterfeit. To prevent this from happening, and a person bought the original product, you need to more seriously and carefully check the site on which the Renov powder is sold.