Regional hospital № 2, Tyumen: address, photo and reviews

No one is immune from health problems. Quickly to restore well-being and to return to a habitual way of life it is possible, if nearby there is a good medical institution. The State Regional Hospital No. 2( Tyumen) has a lot of positive feedback. Get help here, both adults and children.

Basic information

Provides general medical care to the regional clinical hospital № 2. Tyumen is a city with a large population. There are many private clinics with high-quality modern equipment. Despite this, most of the region's residents prefer to contact the state institution. All because the help here is at a high level. If the patient has a policy of compulsory medical insurance, you will not have to pay for the treatment.

regional hospital 2 tyumen For the first time, patients were assisted in 1976.The work was started with the opening of the therapeutic department. In the future, the eye, endocrinological, and diagnostic departments began to function. Over time, the regional hospital № 2( Tyumen) became the largest medical center of state significance.

The medical institution does not lag behind private clinics. The specialists use the latest technologies in their work. If possible, modern equipment is purchased. Relatively recently, it became possible to conduct microsurgical operations. Experts improve their skills. Thanks to this, many patients manage to save life and health.

Contact information

Round-the-clock work 2 regional hospital( Tyumen).Adult Admissions Office address is Melnikayte Street, 75. You can address this address if you need help with a child. Another children's hospital is located along Lenin Street( house 69).You can receive information about the admission of specialists by phone +7( 3452) 28-70-14.

Therapeutic departments of

The leading medical institution dealing with the issue of reducing the incidence is Regional Hospital No. 2( Tyumen).Today in the structure of the health resort there are three therapeutic departments. The head is Azisova Oksana Kamyl'evna - an expert with many years of experience. The fact that therapists and nurses work in close contact with specialists from other areas is positive. Thanks to this, it is possible to provide patients with correct and timely assistance.

Regional Clinical Hospital 2 Tyumen In the therapeutic departments outpatient admission of patients, therapy of severe patients at home, organization of hospitalization in a planned and urgent order. Patients who are registered with chronic diseases have the right to undergo annual check-ups. Thus, it is possible to maintain the body in a healthy state.

The regional hospital № 2( Tyumen) renders medical and social assistance to lonely elderly patients, as well as to disabled people. Sometimes, to maintain the well-being of the old man, careful attention is needed. Elderly patients are offered a free medical examination. When identifying these or other pathologies, specialists propose to undergo treatment in a hospital.

Surgical department

Many pathological processes in the body in the absence of quality therapeutic treatment become chronic. To improve the patient's condition, specialists sometimes have to resort to surgical intervention. Regional hospital number 2( Tyumen) can boast of its surgical department. Real professionals of their business work here, who managed to save more than one life.

children The medical institution is receiving specialists in the following areas: urology, general surgery, oncology, otolaryngology, gastroenterology. Specialists perform any operations, starting with the opening of the boil under local anesthesia and ending with complex many-hour operations to remove malignant tumors. After the operation, each patient is under the close attention of the attending physician and nursing staff. Physiotherapy procedures help to speed up the recovery process.

Department of Medical Prevention

In many cities of Russia more than 50% of the population suffers from one or other chronic diseases. Tyumen is no exception.2 Regional Hospital( Melnikayte, 75) is a medical institution that really helps prolong life. Patients with complex pathologies, undergoing annual medical examination, get the opportunity to fully go to work, communicate with friends, enjoy trifles.

Within the framework of compulsory medical insurance, every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to undergo a full examination of the body. When detecting the disease, specialists will be offered to undergo treatment in a hospital.

regional hospital 2 g of the Tyumen Patients who are already registered with a medical institution are annually screened and prophylactically treated. Most of them are people after 45 years with cardiovascular pathologies. Patients who had to undergo a stroke regularly visit the attending physician, take the necessary tests. Those people who follow the recommendations do not neglect their own health, they manage to live for several decades after they get to the hospital in a critical condition.

Dental department

Many positive responses can be heard about Langer Irina Eduardovna, head of the dental department. The specialist works in the institution almost from the moment of its foundation. Today there are four therapeutic rooms and one surgical room in the department. Irina Eduardovna had to perform complicated surgical interventions, thanks to which the patients managed to save the beauty and functionality of the dentition.

2 regional hospital tyumen address The dental office has all the necessary materials for emergency assistance. You can get to the reception by appointment. But patients with acute pain help will be provided out of turn. All the actions of specialists are aimed at maintaining the health of the teeth. Technologies are used to preserve the viability of molars. The removal of the tooth, according to local experts, is an extreme measure.

Gynecological department

Women's health is the health of the nation. This policy is also followed by the administration of the medical institution. The regional hospital № 2 in Tyumen is famous for its gynecological department. Zoroastrova Natalia Nikolaevna( head of the department) is not just an obstetrician-gynecologist with many years of experience, but a candidate of medical sciences. Many future mothers of Tyumen seek to register for pregnancy with this specialist.

tyumen 2 regional hospital mill 75 Natalia Nikolaevna's work is aimed at the positive outcome of each pregnancy. The specialist has different methods of surgical treatment. Thanks to this, it is possible to save women and toddlers in the womb in the most difficult situations.

Children's department

A medical facility helps the smallest patients. Great attention is paid to immunoprophylaxis. Parents have the opportunity to vaccinate their children according to the schedule established in the clinic. The first inoculation is performed in the maternity ward. In the future, the procedures are performed on an outpatient basis.

regional hospital number 2 tyumen Separate attention deserves separation of resuscitation of newborns.24-hour monitoring of premature babies, as well as infants, who were injured in the process of labor. After the condition of the crumb stabilizes, it falls into the general hospital, where the child's health is monitored by qualified nurses.

Children's Regional Hospital No. 2( Tyumen) accepts patients under 18 years of age. In the future, patients are served in the adult department.

Reviews of the hospital

You can hear positive reviews about the medical institution. Many patients are pleased with the fact that the hospital provides services in various directions. In one institution, you can and cure gastritis, and undergo examination at the dentist. Parents speak well of the children's department. Doctors know how to calm a small patient.

Patients note that in the hospital, quality care is felt. The rooms are clean and comfortable. If there is a health insurance policy, the cost of treatment will be minimal.