Drops "Krom-allerg": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

How should I properly use Crom-Allerg? The instructions for use, the indications and the form of this medication will be provided below. chrome allergic instructions for use

Description, composition, shape, packaging of the ophthalmic product

"Crom-Allerg" - eye drops 2%, available for sale as a colorless and clear drug solution( may have a yellowish tinge).

The preparation is placed in a polymer bottle-dropper of white color, screwed with a lid with a safety ring, which together with the instruction for use is contained in a cardboard bundle.

Which components include eye drops "Crom-Allergen"?The main substance of this medication is sodium cromoglicate. Also, the ophthalmic solution contains auxiliary ingredients: sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate, sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, sorbitol, polysorbate 80, benzalkonium chloride, disodium edetate dihydrate and purified water.

Pharmacological action of a local agent

What are eye drops "Crom-Allerg"?The instructions for use indicate that it is an antiallergic agent for topical application, which is very popular in ophthalmic practice.

The effect of the drug in question is based on the stabilization of the membranes of mast cells. After the solution is installed, the release of leukotrienes, histamine and other biologically active components is prevented. In this case, the delay in the release of inflammatory mediators is due to blocking the entry of Ca ions into the cells. chrome allergic instruction

Kinetics of the ophthalmic medicine

Are the drops of the "Crom-Allerg" absorbed into the bloodstream? The instruction says that the absorption of this medication through the mucous membrane of the visual organs is insignificant. At the same time, the system bioavailability of the drug is less than 0.03%, and the time of its half-elimination is 7-10 minutes.

Indications for the use of eye drops

In what cases can such a tool as "Crom-Allerg" be used? The instructions for use indicate such indications for the use of the drug in question, as:

  • therapy( as part of complex treatment), as well as the prevention of conjunctivitis, allergic( chronic and acute);
  • relief and removal of irritations of the mucous membrane of the visual organs that arose due to allergic reactions to environmental factors, as well as after contact with domestic animals or plants, the use of household chemicals, medicines, cosmetics or due to occupational hazards( including- smoke, dust, solvent vapors and other chemicals).

Contraindications to the use of ophthalmic drops

In what cases is "Crom-Allerg" not available for use by the patient? As a rule, this remedy is not prescribed: drops chrome allergic instructions

  • in children under the age of four;
  • with hypersensitivity to local medication.

Preparation "Crom-Allerg": instructions for use

The patient should be explained by the ophthalmologist how to properly use the medication in question. If you can not visit a specialist before using this product, you should carefully read the attached instructions.

For the treatment of ophthalmic diseases in adults and children, the eye preparation is instilled in the lower sac of the affected organ( conjunctival) in an amount of 1-2 drops four times a day. This procedure should be followed after an equal amount of time.

The maximum dosage of this drug per day is 12 drops, that is up to 6 instillations per day.

The duration of application of the preparation in question with seasonal conjunctivitis of allergic origin is 1 week, and for a similar chronic disease, up to 28 days.

With the preventive purpose of children and adults, "Crom-Allerg" is instilled in the conjunctival sac 1 drop four times a day( after an equal amount of time).In this case, the use of the drug begins 8-10 days before the possible occurrence of allergic conjunctivitis( seasonal) and continues for another 10 days after the disappearance of all signs of the disease. eye allergen

Side effects of

In some cases, Crom-Allerg eye drops, as described above, may cause local side reactions such as a burning sensation in the visual organs, a temporary violation of clarity and clarity of vision, a lesion of( superficial) corneal epitheliumfor the maintenance in a preparation of a preservative - benzalkonium chloride).

Also on the background of the application of the agent under consideration, allergic reactions such as mild tenderness, itching and congestion hyperemia can occur. In addition, in single cases, patients using the "Crom-Allerg", there was nausea.

Drug overdose, drug interaction

There is no information on overdose with the drug under consideration to date.

As for the interaction, according to the instruction, sodium cromolyng can reduce a person's need for using ophthalmic agents that contain the GCS.

Lactation and gestational period

The use of drops during lactation and pregnancy is only indicated if the benefit for the mother in childbirth substantially exceeds the risk for the fetus and the newborn baby.

The substance of the substance in question can be excreted together with breast milk. It should be noted that its adverse effect on the child is unlikely, since systemic absorption of sodium cromoglycate is negligible. Drops of chrome allergen

Special Information

Cream-Allergy Eye Contour contains a preservative such as benzalkonium chloride. In this regard, people wearing contact lenses should remove them before installing the drops and install again only after ¼ hours.

During treatment with Crom-Allerg medicament, patients should be careful when dealing with hazardous activities and driving vehicles, as the use of drops shortens the visual perception and clarity of vision.

Conditions, shelf life of medicament

"Crom-Allerg" is a medicinal ophthalmic solution that should be stored in a dry place, protected from sunlight and out of reach of children, at a temperature of not more than 24 degrees.

The shelf life of such drops is 4 years. After opening the medicine, it should be used within a month.

Similar preparations and testimonials about drops

The following drugs are considered analogues of this medicine: Neuzelin, Agistam, Kromogeksal, Alomid, Lecrolin, Pharmadex, Dinaf and others.

What do patients say about this medicine? According to their statements, this drug shows itself very well, especially with conjunctivitis of allergic origin. Thanks to these drops, consumers can quickly relieve the severe course of an allergic reaction, eliminating the irritation of the mucous membrane of the visual organs. food allergies

Also, many patients are pleased with the price of the product in question, which is approximately 60-100 rubles.