Toothache folk remedies - only to relieve unpleasant sensations

Toothache is very insidious and can strike any person who has not even complained about this problem before. Moreover - unpleasant sensations can arise at any time of the day, although in most cases they choose a night time, when there is practically no possibility to consult a doctor. In this case, you have to use folk remedies for toothache, which will help alleviate suffering even until the morning - before a visit to the dentist.

In principle, such pain can arise due to a variety of reasons - due to the carious processes occurring in the mouth, due to the consequences of unsuccessful treatment, inflammation of the nerve or gums. And in any case, it is important not only to remove the symptoms, but also to eliminate the very reason, otherwise the pain can return with renewed vigor. To help in this is only traditional medicine, but the toothache of folk remedies also "does not like", so with every attack, you should use herbal infusions or other medications. For example, an excellent solution to the problem is the infusion of vodka. To make it, you need to pour birch buds( 50 grams) into this strong alcoholic beverage( 500 ml.) And let it brew for 10 days. In the ready-made infusion, you need to dab a cotton wool and apply it to a sick tooth. You can, in addition, rinse with warm water( 350 ml.) With salt( 15 g.) And iodine( 2-3 drops).

Also effectively, toothache at home is treated with wine vinegar( 30 ml.), Which is filled with finely chopped mint leaves and raspberries. After three days, when the substance qualitatively infuses, they can rinse the mouth. Like sage( 1 tbsp.), Boiled in a glass of boiling water and chilled for an hour.

But these measures are excellent for preventing disease or if your teeth often hurt or bleed. If the pain occurs suddenly, and it should be removed immediately, you can use the following method: take a piece of fat and put it for a quarter of an hour between the gum and cheek in the area of ​​the affected tooth. In addition, in order to prevent toothache, folk remedies do not "win", such a combination should be combined - gargles should be combined with filling the patient's tooth with fresh fat, a piece of beet, a small amount of horse sorrel or plantain.

Sometimes it is useful to acupressure - it is necessary to tightly squeeze the fingers of whiskey and keep it for 30-40 seconds, after which repeat the procedure a few more times. You can tap your thumb on the carotid artery under the lower jaw, where the sick tooth is located, and lightly press until the pain disappears completely.

When a toothache is suffering, folk remedies can be the most original: for example, some "experienced patients" recommend pribintovat from the inside of the wrist finely chopped garlic, and on the hand opposite the side on which the problem tooth is located. That is, if the tooth hurts on the left, the garlic should be located on the right side, and vice versa. You can also lay a little crushed onion under the thumb of the hand - the principle of arrangement is the same as with garlic. And if the pain hurts little children, and is associated with teething, then it is possible, on the recommendation of our ancestors, to hang a piece of amber around their neck.

Of course, the toothache of folk remedies can not stand and succumbs to them, but only up to a certain point, besides, they bring temporary relief. With the help of such methods it is possible to remove acute attacks of painful sensations and to endure them before going to the dentist. Remember that the pain that has disappeared does not mean that it will not return again and with much greater intensity. As soon as there is an opportunity - it is necessary immediately to address to the expert who will eliminate the cause of the disease and ensures that the pain will never return.