Genetic examination of paternity: cost in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow

One of the subspecies of forensic medical examination is genetic, which aims to establish the fact of paternity by comparing the biological materials of the child and the prospective parent.

genetic examination of paternity value

When the

is conducted In most cases, DNA analysis is assigned by the judiciary. Less often the possible father independently applies to a private clinic to obtain confirmation that he is with the child in a relationship.

The main situations requiring examination are:

  1. Detection of substitution of children in the hospital.
  2. Definition of the true father( if there are several women in the family).
  3. Receiving or rejecting an inheritance.
  4. If the mother is a Russian citizen and her father has a different nationality. In this case, genetic examination is necessary to move the family to father's homeland( with the purpose of changing the permanent place of residence).
  5. Doubts about the use of the biological material of the true parent in the process of in vitro fertilization.
  6. Necessity of providing evidence of kinship to the court in order to obtain support after the divorce by the mother.
  7. Identification of the deceased, if his body is severely disfigured as a result of a catastrophe or a terrorist act.

Collection of biological material at the request of the court is carried out in the presence of witnesses. Taking samples to obtain results for personal use does not require the presence of strangers in the laboratory.

It is now possible to establish kinship in the prenatal period after 9 weeks of intrauterine development of the child.

The cost of genetic examination of paternity is quite high, its purpose should be justified.

genetic examination of paternity value of spb

Material, features of carrying out

For successful results it is necessary to provide any biological material to the laboratory. The DNA molecule is contained in all cells of the human body - the outcome will be the same, regardless of the type of sample.

As a rule, in medical clinics, a smear received from the inside of the cheek( buccal) is taken for analysis. The wide application of this method is due to its rapidity and painlessness.

Non-standard samples for genetic examination are:

  1. Hair. They must necessarily be with a bulb. Self-fallen and gray hair is not suitable for analysis. Not the best material for determining paternity, they are more often used to establish motherhood.
  2. Toothbrush. It must be in use for at least 2 weeks.
  3. Cotton wand for the hygiene of the ear canals, on which there are traces of sulfur.
  4. Textile products with stains of blood or semen.
  5. Cropped fingertips.
  6. Used by appointment handkerchief.
  7. Nipple, if it is necessary to confirm or exclude kinship with an infant.

genetic examination of paternity value Novosibirsk

The material should not be touched by hands, after collection it should be placed in a new paper envelope or in advance to purchase a special kit in the clinic. The father and the child can provide different samples for examination, the final result is not affected. Any biomaterial preserves the DNA molecule for several months.

After its transfer to the laboratory, the specialist carries out the process of DNA isolation from the samples with the help of special reagents. After that, PCR( polymerase chain reaction) is started, during which the number and size of molecules multiply.

Since half the chromosomes the child receives from the mother, they are initially compared to her sample. The fact of paternity is considered established if the chromosomes that are not matched with it are identical to those contained in the biomaterial of the prospective parent.

genetic examination of paternity value екатеринбург

What does the price depend on?

In Russia, the average cost of a genetic examination of paternity is 15 thousand rubles. Depending on several factors, it can significantly differ from this figure.

Indicators affecting the amount that you have to pay are:

  1. Number of participants. The procedure can take several people. If the DNA analysis is carried out in relation to a single child and one prospective parent, the cost of a genetic examination of paternity will be about 10 thousand rubles. For each additional participant the amount is doubled.
  2. Type of sample. Analysis of the standard biological material( buccal smear) also costs about 10 thousand rubles. Examination of other samples increases the amount by about a third.
  3. Speed. The duration of the study is at least 10 days. Depending on the medical institution, this period can be increased several times. If the customer wants to get the result faster, the cost of genetic examination of paternity substantially increases.
  4. Price policy. Each institution establishes its own cost for this service. To reduce the risk of overpayment, it is recommended to study in advance the price lists of clinics located at the place of residence( or temporary stay) of the customer.

To date, in Russia, about 50 laboratories provide services for establishing the fact of paternity.

genetic examination of paternity value in St. Petersburg

DNA analysis in Moscow

The majority of medical institutions that carry out genetic examination of paternity are concentrated in the Russian capital. The cost in Moscow is an average of 15 thousand rubles. One of the largest centers, the Urban Fund for DNA Research, analyzes for 12,000 rubles, and the United Lawyers for 16,500 rubles.

Thus, Moscow prices are not sky-high.

DNA analysis in St. Petersburg

In the cultural capital of Russia, many laboratories have all the necessary equipment and reagents for high-quality research.

The cost of genetic examination of paternity in St. Petersburg varies within fairly large limits. For example, the multi-field private clinic "Iri" offers an analysis for 11 thousand rubles, and the laboratory service "Helix" - for 20 thousand rubles. At the same time, the implementation time is the same - 14 days.

Thus, in St. Petersburg the cost of genetic examination of paternity in different medical institutions is significantly different.

DNA analysis in Novosibirsk

In this city the price for the service is much lower than in St. Petersburg. The cost of genetic examination of paternity in Novosibirsk in the "Clinical Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination" - 7 thousand rubles. Another laboratory "Biopap" offers an analysis for 11 thousand rubles. The highest price the service has in the "Center for Genetic Research" - 17 thousand rubles.

DNA analysis in Yekaterinburg

The average price of expertise in this city is different from those that are presented in Novosibirsk clinics. The "Center for Genetic Research" conducts DNA analysis for 12-19 thousand rubles, depending on the number of investigated sections of the molecule. Specialists of the center for restorative medicine "VitaMedika" estimate their services in 15 thousand rubles, and clinics "Olmed" - in 17 thousand rubles.

Thus, the cost of genetic examination of paternity in Yekaterinburg is higher even in Moscow.

genetic examination of paternity value in Moscow

DNA analysis is a study in which a biomaterial of a child and a prospective parent is compared. The average cost of genetic examination of paternity in the Russian Federation is 15,000 rubles.