What is useful feijoa and what diseases? Feychoa fruit: useful properties, contraindications, photos and recipes. Jam from feijoa: useful properties

When on the shelves of the shops a few years ago appeared berries that look like gooseberries, people for a long time did not dare to buy them. But, having understood and once tried, they began to consider them an ordinary fruit, whose name is feijoa. Over time, it became known and what is useful feijoa. From this article you can learn everything, because of what it is worth to get acquainted with this beautiful and necessary miracle of nature.

Feijoa: photo, description

Feijoa is a shrub with evergreen foliage, whose height is from two to four meters. Branches are gray-yellow in color, beautiful large flowers are seen on them during flowering. Blooms from June to July. The flowers are cute, they blossom for a long time. than useful feijoa

The fruit is greenish in color, the berries reach a size of about 5 cm in length and from 20 to 120 g of weight. Full maturation occurs in the late autumn, late October - early November, depending on the variety. Harvest from the bush collect abundant. Even an indoor plant can give about three kilograms of fruit, and on a plantation from a tree they remove 30 kg and more.

Feijoa fruit, useful properties of which became known a little later, taste very sweet, like a ripe sweet pear. It contains a lot of fructose and sucrose, which makes it so. The consistency of the fruit is a jelly-like mass that can be eaten with a spoon.

Feijoa: features of choice

If you need to buy feijoa, it's better to do it in the market, and not in the supermarket. During the purchase, the seller must cut the fruit to make sure that the flesh is transparent. If it is white, it turns out that it is not mature, but in a couple of days it will be fully mature. The unfitting fruit is indicated by the brown color of the pulp. than feijoa is useful and at what diseases Buy better large fruit, uniform dark green color and without damage. If the fetus decays at home, it should be discarded. A fruit of feijoa, whose useful properties depend on quality and freshness, should be consumed only in a suitable form. Completely rasprostovat opportunity will be only if it is fully ripe. So, before you start tasting, you should put it in the refrigerator for a few days.

Hazardous properties feijoa

Before you try, you need to learn everything about feijoa: useful properties and contraindications, reviews of knowledgeable people. Basically, this fruit does not provide any danger to a person. But there are some limitations:

• Allergy to fruit essential oils is possible.
• Do not consume more than 400 grams per day.
• Large amounts of sugar can cause digestive problems.
• There may be a malfunction in the heart.
• Do not use if you are overweight.
• It is unfavorable for diabetes mellitus.
• With acne, due to an overabundance in iodine fruits, you can not eat them.

If there are no contraindications, this food product may be in your diet.

Than useful feijoa and under what diseases

This rare fruit is of great interest to specialists in the field of medicine. Like other exotic fruit, he is very attracted to himself and becomes the culprit of disputes. Often the question is discussed, what is useful feijoa and in what diseases is beneficial. feijoa useful properties and contraindications reviews

The benefits of feijoa are great, especially for people who have iodine deficiency in the body. In its composition it is in a bioavailable form.

Thanks to vitamin C, which is contained in fruits, the human body becomes stronger and stronger protected from various infectious diseases. This is especially noticeable in the autumn and winter time.

Everyone knows what feijoa is useful and what benefit for the organism is given by pectin, which is in it. Thanks to him Feijoa is considered a great natural laxative. The rind is rich in tannins, but it should be taken only in brewed form. Such a drink or tea has a unique taste and is able to quickly eliminate all signs of poisoning. It is recommended to give it to adolescents and children, since the benefits to an organism that is not yet fully strengthened are invaluable.

Here is a feijoa fruit. Why is it useful? Useful properties include:

  1. The presence of microelements and vitamins, which can have an anti-cancer effect.
  2. Participation together with other means in normalizing blood pressure.
  3. Ability to purify blood from dangerous substances.

Seeking help from feijoa should first of all people who have suspicions of apathy, lack of appetite, severe chills, hair loss. It is also useful for people with decreased hemoglobin and with progressive atherosclerosis.

Feijoa - treatment of thyroid gland. Recipes

The amount of iodine in feijoa is the same as in seafood. But it all depends on the place of growth of the bush. If the fruits are used to treat a particular disease, you first need to find out how much it contains in the product you buy. For the purpose of prevention, fruits from any shrub will work. This is not the only treatment for thyroid disease.

The thyroid gland is well treatable, in which feijoa is used. Useful properties and recipes read further in the article:

  1. Through the meat grinder, skip a kilogram of sugar and fruits of feijoa, insist until the sugar dissolves. Take for ten days on a tablespoon of the mixture in the morning and at bedtime. After a ten-day break, repeat the treatment.
  2. With thyroid diseases every day eat about 300 g of fresh fruit. The course is three weeks. In winter, when there are no fresh feijoa, you can drink infusion of dry( 3 tablespoons of raw material pour two cups of boiling water, insist a day in the thermos).Next day, drink the contents in three meals of 0.5 st.for half an hour before meals.
  3. It is possible to do easier: cutting the fruit in half, scoop the fragrant contents with a teaspoon and eat it, inhaling the healing odors.
  4. Grass cocklebur and dry fruits feijoa, taken evenly, pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Drink the medicine 100 ml before meals three times a day.
  5. In this recipe feijoa useful properties( reviews confirm) shows very brightly. It includes 200 g of peeled walnuts, 500 g of fresh fruits of feijoa and 200 g of liquid honey. The therapeutic mixture of a tablespoon taken 3 times a day, always before eating.

Recipes with feijoa for the treatment of diseases

Next we will talk about feijoa, useful properties and recipes for the treatment of certain diseases which are not known to everyone. The fruit is endowed with the ability to clean blood vessels and is used for atherosclerosis, and also improves memory.

It is possible, without waiting for exacerbations of cardiovascular diseases, to apply preventive measures using a plant. What is useful feijoa, has been mentioned before. In order to prevent heart disease, you can drink 50 g of water once a day with 1 tbsp.spoon of juicy feijoa. With depressive conditions and with stress, regularly eat 3 fetuses a day. feijoa useful properties

People who suffer from jaundice or nephritis will get tea from the leaves of the curative bush. To insist in a glass of boiled water one tablespoon of leaves for 30 minutes. Drink twice a day.

Jam from feijoa: useful properties of

Feijoa can be eaten raw, adding salads, dessert dishes, and making a very tasty jam from it. It will be better if you make it fresh, that is, do not cook, and keep it in the refrigerator in sterilized jars. There are many recipes on which you can make jam from feijoa, the useful properties of which are preserved for a long time. feijoa fruit than useful

1. In combination with honey and walnuts it is very good. Jam made from these ingredients, too, is distinguished by excellent taste.

Necessary products:

  • Fresh fruits of feijoa - 0,5 kg.
  • The core of walnuts is 0.1 kg.
  • Sugar-sand - 0,7 kg.

How to cook: Fruits wash, chop the meat grinder( at the discretion), fill it with sugar and shredded nuts. Ten minutes to boil, put in sterile jars and roll up. Keep it better in the refrigerator or in a cold basement.

2. Perfectly combined in feijoa jam with lemon. For cooking you need:

  • Fruit - 1 kg.
  • Average lemon - one piece.
  • Sugar - 800 grams.
  • Water is one glass.

Preparation of jam

Cut the fruits into halves, remove the pulp, put in a bowl and cover with sugar. Then squeeze the juice from the lemon and send it to a bowl. Mix everything. Grate on a fine grated zest with lemon, add to the mixture. Pour in water and put on a small fire until boiling. Cook for eight minutes. Pour into cans and cork.

Raw jam

There is a recipe for exotic jam from the feijoa fruit with sugar. Useful properties in this way are not lost, as it happens during cooking. Jam, like raw fruit, green for color and very fragrant, with sweet and sour taste. It resembles the smell of kiwi, strawberry and pineapple combined.

Preparation process

Fruits wash with the skin, as all the vitamins are in it. Grind the meat grinder through the smallest grate. In the mass to add sugar in a proportion of 1: 1, you can 1: 1.5.All put in jars and leave on the table, until the sugar dissolves. Close the lids and put in the refrigerator.

Remember the feijoa, useful properties and recipes of jam for a long time. There are many options. You can add an orange, in short, everything that an amateur will come up with to experiment with.

Feijoa and Cooking

This fruit is used not only in kind. It is a part of different dishes. This is not only dessert, but also second unsweetened dishes. If such a wide application has a feijoa fruit, what is it useful in cooking? What can I cook using it? fruit goodies

It is added to sauces, vegetable side dishes. It is considered indispensable in vitamin drinks, lemonades, home-made juices. Pancakes are especially delicious, if you add the feychoa pulp to the dough. Interlayer in the cake is also excellent!

Anyone who loves exquisite taste, will certainly try all the dishes with feijoa, useful properties( photo of the fruit are available in the review) which is so in demand in cooking.

Feijoa: the benefits of cosmetology

How useful is feijoa in cosmetology? This question can be answered, without much thought: its antioxidants, which are rich in fruits.

Especially appreciated are masks made based on feijoa. They help to remove the inflammation of the skin, make it soft and supple. Thanks to the mask, blood circulation improves, and the appearance of the face is fresh and rejuvenated.

Acne and pigmentation spots disappear from treatment with feijoa.

How to properly use feijoa

Considering the topic: "Feijoa, useful properties and contraindications, reviews," you need to stop on how to eat fruit properly.

You can get acquainted with real taste qualities only when there is a ripe feijoa. But you can not buy the full ripeness of the fruit often, because it is not fully ripened. This causes a rapid damage. There is no spoiled fruit.

Some people, by their ignorance, eat feijoa like kiwi, cutting off the upper cuticle and cutting the flesh into slices. In fact, they need to eat with the skin, which contains all the useful substances.

How to store correctly. Recommendations

How useful is feijoa? Presence of vitamins and healing properties, which are lost when stored incorrectly. But the period of its storage in the ripe form is very short. Even in the refrigerator can be stored in a suitable form for not more than a week. If desired, always have delicious fresh fruits, but you need to buy up to two kilograms at a time. jam from feijoa

If the fetus is not yet mature, its shelf life is longer. If it is collected in the last autumn days, then, if you follow the rules of storage, it will be possible to lie until the very spring. The temperature should be 0 degrees. But if you need to make sure that the unripened fruits are ripe at home, they should lie in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of about 24 degrees. Approximately a week or two will come ripening.

The best storage option for feijoa is a special department of the refrigerator where the right temperature is maintained.