"Angilex"( spray): instructions for use for children, reviews

With the onset of winter begin to make itself felt angina, pharyngitis, exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis in children, causing panic caring parents. And not in vain, because the throat diseases - one of the most unpleasant diseases. A child may refuse to eat, be capricious and complain of pain when swallowing.

Symptoms of the disease

Throat diseases are accompanied by perspiration and pain, often associated with inflammation of the nasal sinuses, bronchi. Also, sore throat can be a symptom of more serious diseases, such as diphtheria, mumps, measles. Therefore, you should not diagnose yourself with angina - it is necessary to show your child to a pediatrician, especially if there is fever and other significant symptoms.

anglilex health spray instruction

Pediatricians recommend spray "Angilex"

The doctor, depending on the complexity of the course of sore throat, can prescribe antibiotic treatment, various antipyretic drugs, prescription vitamins. It will also be recommended to rinse tonsils with various anti-inflammatory solutions to relieve the condition. The doctor can advise for this purpose many antiseptics, but in most cases prescribe "Angilex Health"( spray).Instructions for use indicate that it is harmless and well tolerated. Children, unlike adults, do not know how to perform mouthwash procedures, and often the rinse product gets into the stomach, which is harmful to the child's digestive system. Therefore, the treatment of tonsils requires a certain approach.

angilex spray instruction

Advantages of the spray "Angilex"

According to the instructions, it is dispensed without a prescription and is available for free sale of many pharmacies. The presented drug is released in the form of a spray. It is quite convenient for irrigation of the tonsils in children. According to the instructions "Angilex"( spray) can be used for children with two and a half years. Advantage of "Angilex" in quick contact with the oral cavity of the child, one pshik and all! In addition, the drug is not bitter at all - the procedure can even turn into a kind of game.

All family members, including adults, who are able to show an example to a baby how to safely and cheerfully treat the neck with the help of "Angileks" in the form of a spray can use the medicine. According to the instructions that are in each package, you can understand how the drug works. The method of treatment of tonsils with a spray is considered the most effective and safe for children, since it is evenly applied to the affected throat and does not leave excess that the child can swallow.

angilex spray instructions

Therapeutic properties of

The preparation "Angilex Health"( spray) has a wide range of indications for antibacterial and antifungal action. The drug is active against microorganisms, both gram-positive and gram-negative."Angilex" has a pronounced bactericidal action and actively fights with the spread of infection in the oral cavity. It is an active local anesthetic due to the content of chlorobutanol, a drug from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which greatly alleviates the pain in the throat and retains the curative effect for several hours.

Spray of wide action

"Angilex"( spray) is produced, instructions for use and mention this, using ingredients coming from European countries by the company "Health", which contributes to high quality and affordable price. A convenient dosage form in the form of a spray makes it possible to treat hard-to-reach tonsils and the back wall of the larynx, concentrating the substance in the locus of infection.

The preparation "Angilex"( spray) is quite high-quality. The instruction tells that apart from sore throat medication is prescribed for a variety of diseases of the oral cavity, such as stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, and also for the prevention of the development of infections and various complications after surgical operations.

In addition to therapeutic and preventive effects, "Angilex"( spray) is pleasant to taste and easy to use. Auxiliary substances are essential oils of lemon, anise, menthol, mint.

Method of administration and dosage of

For the treatment of angina and stomatitis, there are some conditions for treatment with such a medicine as "Angilex"( spray).Instruction for children from 2.5 years suggests not frequent use - enough for one irrigation three times a day. In difficult cases or after surgery, you may need to use up to five times a day. Before processing Angilex, the mouth should be rinsed with clean water, and the child should be allowed to drink before irrigation. After the procedure, it is advisable not to eat or drink for about 20 minutes.

angilex spray instruction manual

Overdose and side effects of

In the preparation "Angilex"( spray), the instruction indicates that it does not contribute to the occurrence of allergic reactions, but in case of excessively long application it is possible to change the natural flora in the oral cavity. There were no other consequences after an overdose during the study of the drug. In case of significant ingestion of this drug, gastric lavage and enterosorbent intake are necessary. The package for "Angilex" includes an instruction for children and adults.


We have been considered for the preparation "Angilex"( spray) instruction. Reviews of people who have tried the spray to treat the throat in children, called the following advantages of this tool:

  • convenient use;
  • efficiency;
  • is an affordable price.

angilex spray instruction for children

Reviews are usually positive: most children are great, many advise the drug. A large volume of the contents of the bottle and a small flow ensure long-term use. All members of the family can use Angilex. With the slightest symptoms of angina, it is sufficient to use the spray several times and the disease recedes.

Who tried once a spray, always tries to have it in the home medicine cabinet. Children gladly agree to the treatment procedure "Angielex", without hysterics and fears.100% cope with a sore throat in children who do not like tablets, spray.

Of the disadvantages: the individual intolerance of the components of the drug, such as essential oils of mint, menthol and others.