Hookah Hookah: specifications and photos

The culture of smoking has a history of several centuries. In modern times hookah can be purchased almost everywhere, in particular, on the Internet. However, the units know the history of its appearance and the stages of its further development.

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How did it all start?

Often you can hear the version that the birthplace of this smoking device was India, but there is no direct evidence for this. Historians say that at one time it was the Indians who taught the culture of smoking the Persians. At one time the Sultan forbade the use of hookah because of its high popularity among the people of Asia Minor. Reactions to the Sultan's ban were not followed, and over time the ruler himself began to pour into the culture of hookah smoking.

There are a lot of theories about its appearance in the world. Americans say that it was originally invented by the people of India. The conquerors of the territory of the Indians, among other things, discovered an object created by a man who was intended for smoking. He was a pipe that came out of a pumpkin. The vessel served as a filter, passing through it, the smoke acquired new properties and tastes.

There is an Indian version of the emergence of a hookah culture, saying that it takes its roots from India, and then sold to all travelers passing through it. And, as you know, there were quite a lot of wanderers at that time.

In addition to the presented there is the Ethiopian theory of the origin of the culture of smoking hookah. History says that the Ethiopians discovered in their caves vessels made of clay intended for liquid, and a tube was also present on the vessel. This design and was a kind of hookah, invented by the people of Ethiopia.

In any case, it does not matter what kind of people the method of smoking was invented, what is important is that it has reached our days as it was conceived.

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And what to choose today?

Nowadays Hookah hookah is very popular, which can be purchased in almost all online stores. He enjoys a rather high demand among modern youth. Hookah Hookah competes with most of the products of companies that are in the leading positions in the hookah industry.

This unit with its unusual design and attractive price easily attracts the attention of the public. The mine and flask depicts the patterns of the southeastern culture. Each model of hookah is individual, stands out for its design and variety of colors. The company, which produces hookah Hookah, believes that each device from the entire line should be unique and unique.

For those who have recently joined the culture of smoking and do not really understand this topic, the company has its own recommendations. Hookahs Pumpkin Hookah from the line of compact smoking appliances will do the best. This is a great device, which will be just right for a beginner.

It is rightly considered very mobile and does not cause any inconvenience, since its height is only 25 cm. The hookah has a shaft made of high-quality metal, a glass flask, an outer ceramic bowl and a beautiful leather hose. All of the above and makes this hookah unique and unique in its way, which is the main chip maker.

In general, all products from Hookah have a relatively low price, which can not but please customers. However, the quality of this product is not inferior to the leading manufacturers of hookahs.

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In pursuit of the exclusive style of the

Also on sale are no less famous hookahs Lavoo Hookah. Thanks to the new design, which recently appeared in the hookah industry, breaking into the market, he immediately took the lead in his niche. This device is unique not only because of its appearance, but also the material, because it is completely made of high-quality thick-walled glass.

One of the main goals of the company is to present its customers with an exclusive hookah, which will have the quality of premium level. The company honors the true traditions of the culture of smoking and tries to transfer them through its products. The manufacture of the product is distinguished by its innovative approach and a combination of several styles of execution.

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Simply and without frills

Hookahs are very simple to operate and functional enough, according to the manufacturer, there are no unnecessary details in them. At manufacturing high-strength and non-polluting materials are used, which are durable and ensure the cleanliness of smoking.

When you smoke, you will not feel any foreign matter and flavors. The price for this product varies in a fairly wide range. If you want to surprise your friends with beauty, elegance and quality of hookah smoking, then this product suits you.

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Hookah in unusual shape? Easily!

Illuzia Hookah Hookahs are a design work entirely done by hand. The mine of the newly-minted vehicle looks like an AK-47 assault rifle. The novelty caused a huge stir by its appearance on the market.

Hookah will be interesting both for collectors who want to replenish their lineup, and for institutions that are ready to do anything to surprise their visitors. It's not so much a device for smoking as an unusual piece of furniture.

Hookah Hookah, whose reviews are very positive among consumers, is gaining new frontiers in the tobacco market.

Smoke - is it harmful? Then there is steam!

However, not everyone likes the traditional hookah. For those who still decided to abandon the usual smoking on sale there is an electronic hookah Hookah. It delivers a huge amount of pleasure, without harming your health. With an electronic hookah, you can:

  • Rid yourself of cooking hookah, simply turn on the device and enjoy smoking.
  • To receive huge pleasure from a variety of taste, and accuracy of its transfer.
  • To smoke, wherever you want, and, most importantly, without violating the law.

This kind of smoking completely lacks tobacco and all the harmful impurities that the traditional hookah is so rich in. Thanks to the electronic evaporator, smoking becomes absolutely harmless, because it is carried out by evaporation of the liquid in the atomizer, due to which steam is formed which is several times thicker than the smoke from the traditional hookah.

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Electronic hookah: it's very simple

Representatives of the family of electronic hookahs are hookahs Blow Hookah. They have a unique design and huge functionality. These devices are very popular with young people, because you can take them anywhere with you and smoke anywhere.

Most prefer them instead of the traditional hookah, because they eliminate all the hassle associated with cooking, as it is enough to simply insert the cartridge and enjoy the wonderful taste and a huge amount of steam.

A good alternative to cigarettes

Today this direction of smoking is gaining increasing popularity. Practically in every city there are bars intended for smoking electronic hookah, where people have a great time, sharing experiences and giving very important instructions to any person who decided to switch from harmful smoking to the safest at the moment.

This kind of smoking also allows you to stop smoking people who have used cigarettes for a long time and used a lot. Statistics show that people who start smoking electronic hookah, over time, permanently throw a bad habit.

Thus, it can be concluded that in the large hookah market it is not worth chasing the popular brands and spending money only for the logo on the device. As practice shows, for a relatively low price you can buy a hookah with a sufficiently high quality and good characteristics.