Cough and hoarse voice: what to treat?

Than to treat a hoarse voice and cough? Let's look at this in more detail. Everyone at least once in his life encountered hoarse voices. When these symptoms appear, it's hard not to pay attention to it. It should be noted that all this requires urgent treatment. These signs can hide many different serious diseases. In the event that for several days this ailment does not pass, then it is required to make an appointment with a doctor, who, depending on the pathology, will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Osip voice than cure

So, the hoarse voice - what to treat?

Reasons for

Causes, due to which the voice can be sharply chopped, allocate a large number. Here are the main:

  • Inflammatory diseases in the throat.
  • The presence of viral infections affecting the oral and nasal cavity.
  • The appearance of allergic reactions.
  • Oxidation as a result of vocal cord strain.

How to treat a hoarse voice in an adult, interests many.

Other reasons for

In addition to the listed prerequisites, there are

several other options that may result in the loss of voice. These causes are more dangerous compared to the previous ones:

  • Human poisoning with chlorine. This dangerous chemical substance threatens a person with the appearance of hoarseness along with reflex exhalations. As a rule, people can be poisoned with detergents, the evaporation of which they involuntarily inhale. This is a common reason for the voice of an adult. How to treat, we find out below.
  • Contact man with ammonia. In the event that the voice disappears and there is a sharp cough immediately after contact with ammonia, this indicates the poisoning of the body with this substance. In addition to the listed symptoms in this poisoning, there may be pain in the sternum, along with mucus discharge and discomfort in the throat.
  • Human poisoning with fluoride. In the event that, in addition to hoarseness and cough, there is symptomatology in the form of secretions from the nasal cavity along with reddening of the conjunctiva, tearing, then this may be evidence of poisoning with a chemical substance such as fluoride. As an example of additional symptoms, you can cause convulsions, and in addition, diarrhea with blood impurities and hallucinations.

Sometimes it happens that the voice of adults is heard in adults. Than to treat this pathology? There are situations when this symptomatology can last for a long time. As a result, it can be assumed that the disease that provoked the hoarse voice, took a chronic form, which, of course, requires immediate treatment, and therefore, the appeal to the doctor.

How to treat a hoarse voice in an adult

The situation can also be ruled out when the child's voice is hoarse. Than to treat, we will tell more low.

Treatment of coughing and hoarseness

Treatment of coughing and hoarseness, as a rule, differs depending on the doctor's diagnosis. So, the voice of the hoarse and cough - what to treat?

In the presence of otolaryngological diseases or laryngitis, in addition to the hoarse voice, cough can occur along with an increased body temperature and runny nose. In addition to basic medicines, the doctor can prescribe sprays from the throat, as well as medicines that contain menthol and sage.

It happens that from overexertion the hoarse voice. Than to treat in this case?

If hoarseness in the voice is not a disease, but it is due to overstrain of the ligaments, it is advisable to gargle with such means as "Furacilin", chamomile, calendula and sea salt.

Against the background of stresses

Sometimes hoarseness can be manifested against a background of stress. In this case, doctors prescribe sedative medications. Also, when the voice of the hoarse, except for treatment, is required to abstain from any short-term conversations, in order to allow the ligaments to rest. The diet is important during throat diseases. When the hoarse voice of an adult, how to treat, it is important to find out in advance.

Osip voice in an adult how to heal

Useful advices

Here are some useful tips:

  • Use during cough should be only warm food. In this taboo acts on a cold or too hot food.
  • Alcohol is contraindicated even in small doses.
  • It is advisable to refrain from smoking in order to avoid possible complications.
  • Do not drink too hot tea or coffee.
  • It is required to exclude the use of sharp spices, which can irritate the throat.
  • Sour, as well as salty products are not allowed.

How to treat a hoarse voice, not everyone knows. Many people believe that with throat diseases the body needs warming procedures. This is a completely wrong opinion. Do steam inhalation or apply any heat can not. Under the influence of thermal procedures, the virus is able to penetrate deep into the human body, getting into healthy organs, thereby only worsening the situation.

How to treat the hoarse voice of an adult with folk methods?

Folk remedies

If a person's voice disappears, then after consulting a doctor, people's methods can be used in conjunction with medicines. Here are some of them:

How to treat a hoarse voice

It is necessary to prepare a mixture of crushed dried crimson leaves, which need to be transferred to a thermos bottle. Next, you need to fill all this mass with 500 milliliters of hot water. After exactly one hour, the mixture is poured into a clean container and passed through a sieve. Take a prepared medicine is required four to five times a day for half a glass from the day when the voice of the hoarse. Than to treat still it is possible the given problem?

  • In the event that hoarseness is caused by a viral illness, juice from radish can help. Radish as it should, washed, then cut off its top. Next, take out the flesh of the fruit and pour inside honey or fall asleep with sugar. Then the radish should be covered with a cut top and let it brew for an hour. This is necessary in order for the radish to start the juice. Take the resulting medicine for one teaspoon several times within a day from the moment when the voice of the hoarse. Than to treat still?
  • Milk, which is mixed with Borjomi water, also has a very strong effect. For this purpose, the two ingredients must be combined together. This is done in equal proportions, after which a tablespoon of honey is added. They drink a warm mixture half a cup three times a day.
  • Saving the hoarse voice perfectly helps calendula. To do this, two spoons of flowers are covered in a thermos and poured into them with two glasses of boiling water. After two hours the product should be filtered, then taken within a day three times.
    Osipshy voice in the child than to treat

Osip voice in a child - what to treat?

The main reason for the hoarseness of the voice is the common cold. An abundant drink will be useful for a speedy recovery. This will help wash out the virus. Well helps milk with honey, warm herbal decoctions, dog rose, tea with lemon and jam from raspberries.

It is necessary to maintain a certain humidity. In dry air, the mucous membrane dries up, which leads to additional hoarseness. The room should be regularly ventilated, and in the winter time it is good to use an air humidifier, since air is dried from the working radiators. You can also throw wet cloth on the batteries to improve position.

With viral colds, antibiotics are useless. Symptomatic treatment and antiviral drugs are required. Pain in the throat will remove special sprays, aerosols and tablets for resorption, for example, "Geksoral", "Miramistin", "Septotelet."The nose should be washed with salt water. At high temperatures antipyretic drugs are mandatory. Such therapy will quickly put the baby on its feet.

Than to treat a hoarse voice at the child, now it is clear.

Features of laryngitis

The most common cause, due to which the voice can be hoarse and cough appear, is a diagnosis that doctors call "laryngitis".In addition to having a hoarse voice, this disease manifests itself, as a rule, by the following symptoms:

  • Having a hoarse voice.
  • Appearance of irritation in the throat.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • The onset of pain when swallowing.
  • The presence of a dry cough, later turning into wet.
  • The appearance of general weakness.

Therapy Methods

It is necessary to know how the laryngitis is treated. People who suffer from laryngitis are prescribed topical preparations, for example, all kinds of sprays and expectorant medications along with mucolytic drugs. When coughing the throat, doctors often prescribe such drugs as "Sinekod" and "Kofeks".Antibiotics in the presence of laryngitis are very rarely prescribed. Doctors do this only on condition that the pathogen is a bacterial infection, and any other methods of treatment are ineffective.

Osip voice in a child than treated

Than to treat a hoarse voice at the child and a cough at a laryngitis?

Folk methods

Along with the basic medicines for rapid recovery in children, folk medicine methods are also used. As a rule, all these methods are harmless to the human body and perfectly help in combination with the basic medicines:

  • On a large grater, rub one hundred grams of purified carrots. Half a liter of milk is brought to a boil and cooked carrots on low heat for fifteen minutes. Immediately after the mixture has cooled, it can be drunk several sips up to five times a day.
  • Grind a small piece of horseradish. Use the root of the plant. Pour the product half a glass of boiling water, then cover with a towel. The product must be allowed to infuse for twenty minutes. Then add one spoonful of honey, stirring. After this, the resulting mixture should be filtered. Take the resulting medicine on a teaspoonful for three hours and wash it down with a small amount of water. Still how to treat a hoarse voice?
  • In the presence of acute or chronic form, tincture with anise helps. For this, anise seeds are cooked in a glass of water. This is done within fifteen minutes. After that, the broth is filtered, adding 50 grams of honey, prepared from linden, and, in addition, two tablespoons of cognac. The mixture is brought to a boil. Take the resulting medicine is required in a warm form every forty minutes. It is also desirable to add a drop of propolis. In the event that you comply with all the rules exactly, then the ailment within the framework of this treatment will recede in just one day. Than every parent should know what to treat a child's hoarse voice in a child.

Presence of hoarseness and coughing during allergy

Spasms along with changes in the tone of voice may indicate a strong sensitivity of the human body to various substances and components. In addition to coughing, other symptoms may appear, for example, sneezing, as well as redness of the eyes. It is mandatory to call a specialist home if there are the following symptoms:

  • A sharp appearance of a cough.
  • Sudden loss of voice.
  • Acquisition of the skin with a pale or cyanotic color.
  • Sensation of overexcitation.
  • Loss of consciousness.

When the first signs of an allergy occur, it is always necessary to first eliminate the allergen itself, and in addition, take the required medicine. In this case, you need to be especially careful, since the presence of such symptoms may indicate the development of a serious disease - Quincke's edema.

Voice of the hoist, than to treat

Loss of voice as a result of burns

Spasms of the bronchi along with the missing speech can report the contact of the mucous ligaments, and, in addition, the larynx with external stimuli. The most common reasons for this are the following factors:

  • Smoking. In the process of smoking a person, as a rule, inhales warm steam containing tar and nicotine. These substances are detrimental to the mucosal, thus provoking swelling of the vocal cords.
  • Alcoholic beverages. As a result of the abuse of alcoholic beverages, a person may experience various spasms. This happens because of periodic burns in the throat, which are caused by alcohol.
  • Vinegar. With burns of the larynx through acetic acid, it can cause scars. It is these scars that prevent the ligaments from functioning correctly.


Thus, in the event that a person has a cough, a hoarse voice, and the thermometer has risen above 37 degrees, he should immediately consult a doctor and not in any case self-medicate. Considering the fact that the loss of voice is considered a symptom of many diseases, it is not worthwhile to engage in only prophylactic measures. When the hoarse voice, than to treat the disease, only an experienced doctor, in particular a therapist or an otolaryngologist, will tell.