Egyptian Hookah: features of production

Egyptian hookah - a great replacement for smoking and a great pastime. After all, you can relax with friends or business partners. Many have already fallen in love with the smoking ceremony, which allows you to relax and spend a pleasant time.

Types of hookahs

To date, the Egyptian hookah - the most popular. This country is recognized as a producer of durable, high-quality and reliable specimens. Egyptian Hookah

In addition to Egypt, many countries are engaged in production, for example: Turkey, China, Syria.

Turkish hookah is made of glass and metal. Their main difference is a protective cap, which does not become narrower to the top. Sometimes Turks use wood for their production instead of metal.

Small Syrian models are characterized by a rigid tube that replaces the flexible hose.

Chinese samples can often be found in stores. They look like a metal flat flask with a chibouk and a mouthpiece. Also distinguished by a small cup for tobacco, with a diameter of not more than one centimeter. A height of 10-30 cm


With the models of the most famous company of Egyptian hookahs Khalil Mamoon, consumers are well acquainted. First of all, Egyptian hookahs are associated with it. In fact, this is not the only manufacturer. There are several more brands, for example: Magdy Zidan, Al Khawanky and Sherif Fawzy. firms of Egyptian hookahs

They also have their unconditional advantages, they are not less qualitative and durable. Just their brands are not so popular, although they are the standard.

Differences of Egyptian hookahs

The device consists of several parts that harmoniously blend:

  • The Egyptian bulb for the hookah has the shape of a bell. Egyptian bulb for shisha
  • Hose with curved port.
  • External hookah bowl.

From others, this type is characterized by large holes that provide good traction, and high-quality material used for manufacturing.


All hookahs look similar. Only some details differ depending on the brand of the manufacturer, for example:

  • Finishing.
  • Valve.
  • Hose port.
  • Saucer, stand under it and more.

By the way of manufacturing it is possible to divide all Egyptian hookahs into solid and stamped ones. The first type is rare, but such devices are very heavy, they cool the smoke well and look more presentable. Stamping shafts are most often made of stainless steel, so they are easy to recognize by silvery color. To distinguish these varieties is also possible by the weight and shape of the decorative elements.

Production of hookahs

The manufacture of devices for the smoking ceremony takes place in two stages:

1. Elements of the mines are produced on special equipment.

2. Each product must be collected manually.

The material used is bronze, stainless steel, tin or copper. Egyptian hookah from the outside is covered with embossing or engraving. Ornament is a variety of inscriptions Arabic script.

The models of Egyptian manufacturers have a distinctive feature - a long part of the tube, which is immersed in water. It is for this reason that the flasks for the Egyptian hookahs should be in the form of a bell.

Models Khalil Mamoon

Egyptian hookah is exactly the brand "Khalil Mamun" is the most famous in consumer circles. But if you come to the country, then the market is likely to be able to purchase handmade products that do not belong to this brand at all, although they are not inferior in quality. Nevertheless, the hookah of Egyptian Khalil Mamoon, namely "Pharaoh" is considered the best. Hookah Egyptian khalil mamoon

In order to make it, use three different metals: steel, copper and brass. In the center of the shaft is a detail in the form of a cylinder, similar to a handle. Hence the name( the handle symbolizes the scepter of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh).

The height of such a product is small, about 75 centimeters, and the weight is about two kilograms. This hookah can be put on the floor or on the table.

The products of this brand are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Do not have threaded connections.
  • All connections are handmade, this ensures tightness.
  • The diameter of the shaft is wider than that of its analogs, it does not lend itself to oxidation and rust.
  • Beautiful appearance.

"Khalil Mamun" produces high-quality products from thick-walled stainless steel, with elegant finishes of copper, brass and bronze. The main advantage of the products is the high tightness provided by the digestion of each seam. When smoking it is of great importance. No less important is the height of the hookah, which should be more than fifty centimeters. The length of the path that passes through the smoke depends on the altitude, while cooling.

Another distinguishing feature of the manufacturer's products is the weight. It is much higher than that of analogues. The reason for this is the mine, which is poured out of the metal, as well as the tube sealed in it. Together they create an excellent seal. The models of hookahs "Khalil Mamun" are very stable and beautiful in appearance.

As the data of the model have been produced for many years according to the classical technology, they retained all the traditional properties and features of the old samples. Ceremony, thanks to this hookah, dips all its participants in the mysterious world of the East.

Tobacco for shisha

For the hookah ceremony, special tobacco is needed, which differs from other species. As a rule, he has a sticky and consistency, reminiscent of fruit jam.

Egyptian tobacco for shisha

Egyptian tobacco for shisha is made by special technology. In doing so, it is several times soaked. This is done to reduce the content of nicotine in it, as well as pitches harmful to human health.

In addition to Egypt, it is produced in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and even in Russia. Hookah tobacco with nicotine content and non-tobacco mixture is sold.