Furacil masť: návod na použitie

In recent years, in pharmacy chains, you can increasingly find antibiotic medicines manufactured in the form of ointments and creams. These drugs are for external use only. However, before using, always consult a doctor and study the annotation. This article will tell you about how to apply furatsilinovaya ointment. Instructions for use will be presented to your attention.

furacilin ointment

Description of the preparation

The furacilin ointment can be manufactured in different packages. In pharmacies you can see the medicine in a jar or tuba. Depending on the manufacturer, the package has a different color.

The composition of the drug is nitrofural. For every 100 grams of the drug, 200 μg of this substance is required. The drug has an antimicrobial effect.

Indications for prescribing

What informs the consumer about a preparation such as furatsilinovaja ointment, the instruction on application? The medicine is prescribed by doctors to correct damage to the skin. The drug is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The following indications to the use of the preparation are indicated in the annotation:

  • purulent wounds and ulcers;Pressure sores;
  • boils;
  • burns of different severity;
  • other skin lesions.

furacilin ointment

Restrictions in the use of the drug

The furacilin ointment also has contraindications. This is reported by the attached abstract. The drug should not be used with increased sensitivity to nitrofuran derivatives. Also, the composition is not assigned to children under the age of 15 years. Use of the drug in children is possible only according to the doctor's prescription.

Furacilin ointment is not used on mucous membranes. Do not apply medication to the skin, affected by an allergic reaction. If you find additional unpleasant symptoms during the treatment period, you should contact a specialist for correction of therapy.

furacilin ointment

Furacil Ointment: use of

As you already know, the drug in question is intended for external use only. The composition is applied to the damaged skin areas up to three times a day. In this case, do not rub the medicine into the skin. It is enough to apply a thin layer. If necessary, the drug can be fixed with a bandage or bandage. Always observe sterility when treating wound surfaces.

When forming a coarse crust, it is recommended to make punctures in it before applying the mass. This will help the medicine to penetrate inside the damage more quickly. When treating boils or abscesses, do not open the cavity. You can provoke getting inside the infection. It is enough to cover the sealed area with a thin layer of ointment and apply a bandage.

How does the furacil ointment work? When applied to the open wound surfaces, the composition is very quickly absorbed. The medication acts locally. Ointment has antiseptic and antimicrobial effect.

The composition in most cases does not cause any side effects. However, the manufacturer does not exclude the possibility of such a reaction. The medicine can provoke urticaria or the development of dermatosis. In this situation, it is necessary to stop treatment and urgently seek medical attention.

Opinions about the drug: what do consumers and experts say?

Consumers claim that the described tool has a very attractive price. One package costs about 50 rubles. While many analogs can cost you several times more.

Medication is often used in cosmetology. It is applied to the face and skin in places where acne is formed. Women report that this method always works. The medicine quickly helps to cope with the boil at the expense of its antibacterial properties. It penetrates the formation and destroys the bacteria.

Doctors say that such a drug application is not always permissible. Before using the compound, they are advised to contact medical professionals and cosmetologists. Before applying ointment on the skin of the face, it is worth to test for an allergic reaction. Otherwise, you may face deterioration in appearance due to side effects.

furacilin ointment

Summarizing the results of

You learned about what is an effective and inexpensive drug furatsilinovaya ointment. The instruction on its use and some reviews are presented to your attention in the article. Remember that the information described does not encourage you to use the medication yourself. Before using it, always consult a specialist and read the instructions. To store the medicine, use dark and cool places. Limit the access of children to the described composition. Do not forget that the medicine refers to antibacterial agents. Successful treatment and a speedy recovery!