What is the diet for diseases of the pancreas?

Treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, the pancreas, is impossible without diet. Moreover, proper nutrition is the key to recovery, and drugs take second place in terms of effectiveness, although they are also necessary to relieve exacerbation and irritation.

So, what nutrition is needed for pancreatic diseases? In the beginning, always consult a gastroenterologist who will accurately diagnose. If you have acute pancreatitis, then it is likely that you will be sent to hospital for treatment. The first few days will require a sharp restriction of food or starvation. Fluids will be given to you approximately 200 ml up to 6 times a day. But this concerns only acute pancreatitis, and if your disease is not so dangerous, then the treatment will take place at home with diet № 5 or № 5а.

Proper nutrition in diseases of the pancreas does not allow the use of foods that stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. It is necessary to immediately list the list of allowed dishes:

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- Drinks: weak tea without sugar or with its minimum content, broth of wild rose, diluted berry and fruit juices.

- Flour products: yesterday's or dried bread, crackers, unsweetened biscuits.

- Dairy products: low-fat cottage cheese, puddings.

- Vegetables: steamed or boiled.

- Groats: oatmeal, semolina, rice, buckwheat, boiled on water.

- Eggs: allowed only in the form of omelettes( if tolerated), with the protein should be no more than two, and the yolks - no more than half a day.

- Meat: lean beef, chicken, rabbit, veal, turkey. Allowed in boiled, paired, grinded form.

- Fish: extremely low-fat varieties.

- Butter - up to 30 g per day, vegetable oil - up to 15 g.

- Fruit and berries: mashed soft and sweet varieties, baked apples.

As you can see, food for pancreatic diseases is quite diverse, you will not be constantly hungry.

Much food is required. For a long time you will have to eat small meals, and only in small portions. At first it will be difficult, but later such a diet for the pancreas will become familiar. Observing all the rules, you are guaranteed to get rid of the illness, forgetting about the discomfort and pain.

Depending on the disease, the doctor will recommend decoctions of herbs( for example, chamomile), medicinal water( Borjomi and other species).

Do not install food in case of pancreatic disease, without consulting a doctor and appropriate tests. Even the most qualified doctor will not be able to determine the degree of neglect of the illness and the presence of any accompanying problems only with an external examination.

It is worth noting that if you know where the human pancreas is located, do not make a diagnosis based on the nature of the pain. To such an ailment can be added gastritis, ulcer, dysbacteriosis, and in each case a certain diet and treatment is prescribed.