"Pantohematogen" - what is it? Composition, instructions for use, reviews, prices

Anemia, asthenic conditions, a sense of weakness, hypotension, chronic fatigue, etc., indicate that the human body lacks nutrients, particularly iron. pantogematogen what is it

Currently, there are many drugs that fill the deficit of this component. However, many of them have a large number of side effects, including those detrimental to the organs of the digestive tract. In this regard, experienced professionals recommend their patients to take the drug "Pantohematogen."What this means, how it should be used, we will tell below.

Form release, packaging and composition

The drug "Pantohematogen", reviews about which are more positive in nature, is issued in different forms. It can be purchased as a liquid that contains dry pantogematogen, 65% sugar syrup, 100% ascorbic acid, ethyl rectified alcohol, food flavor and drinking water. For sale "Pantohematogen" liquid comes in bottles of 250 or 100 ml, which are placed in cardboard packages.

It should also be noted that this medicine is available in the form of capsules. Their active substances are: dry pantogematogen, citric acid and fructose.

Features of the preparation

What is Pantohematogen? What it is? According to the instructions, this remedy is a dietary supplement of

. The pantogematogen is called a highly active biological corrector, which is very effective in reducing physical and mental performance, as well as fatigue, a sharp change in surrounding stimuli( eg, lowering or increasing air temperature, emotional or noise loads) andmonotonous activity( for example, if a person works as an operator, a driver of long flights, a programmer, etc.).

pantogematogen reviews

Principle of operation of

How does Pantohematogen work in capsules and as a syrup? In all the cases listed above, this drug leads the nervous system to a normal state. This is especially important for those people who experience regular stress reloading.

This medication corrects and regulates the functioning of the immune system, and also strengthens the body's resistance.

The agent under consideration positively affects the genital area, especially in cases of abnormalities in its work that were caused by age-related changes, diseases and toxic effects. In addition, this medication is a very effective medicine against many forms of sexual impotence. It is also used for sexual dysfunctions with neurotic origin, climacteric disorders and gastrointestinal diseases.

Indications for taking medication

Do you know about which deviations the most commonly used drug is Pantohematogen? Comments from consumers and experienced specialists say that this remedy is very effective in various pathological conditions.

pantohematogen instructions for use

According to the instructions, the drug in question promotes the following:

  • increases the stability of the human nervous system in asthenic conditions, hypotension and weakness of the heart muscle;
  • enhances hematopoiesis in anemia;
  • removes the patient's body from the state of "chronic fatigue", and also increases vitality;
  • promotes rapid recovery of a person after surgical interventions;
  • increases the potency of members of the stronger sex and sexual sensations - weak;
  • increases the body's ability to withstand heavy loads and heavy work.

It should also be noted that the agent in question is often used for prophylactic purposes as an auxiliary drug in the treatment of infectious and colds.

Contraindications to taking medication

The medication "Pantohematogen", the price of which is indicated at the very end of the article, has many different contraindications. This should be taken into account when appointing a patient.

Prohibitions apply to the taking of both a liquid form of a medicine and capsules. According to experts, this remedy is not recommended for hypertension, severe heart failure, propensity to thrombosis, atherosclerosis, severe kidney damage, during breastfeeding, at the age of twelve years, and during pregnancy.

Preparation "Pantohematogen": instruction for use

Use this medication only on indications. Its dosage and method of reception depend on the form of release.

Liquid "Pantohematogen" is taken inside while eating. For adults, the syrup is prescribed 15 ml( that is, one large spoonful) twice or thrice a day.

As for children who have reached the age of 12, they are prescribed 10 ml of the drug( that is, one dessert spoon) with the same multiplicity( twice or thrice a day).

The duration of this medication is 10-20 days.

pantohematogenous liquid

As for the capsules, adults should take 1-2 of them 2-4 times a day, children - 1 capsule 1-2 times a day.

Side effects of

What are the undesirable consequences associated with taking such a drug as "Pantohematogen"?Instructions for use say that the drug in question rarely contributes to the occurrence of adverse reactions. In some cases, it can cause redness of the skin and itching. With such reactions, the drug should be discontinued.

Cases of overdose

What are the symptoms when excess doses of such a drug as "Pantohematogen"?What causes this in the patient? According to the instructions, an overdose of the drug in question increases the side effects. To eliminate these conditions, you should either cancel the medicine, or reduce the dosage to a minimum.

Drug Interaction

Do not take medicine "Pantohematogen" with other medicines. However, it is not recommended to be prescribed together with iron preparations because of possible cases of overdose. Also, do not combine this medicine with medications that can not be combined with iron.

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Special recommendations

Now you know how to use the drug "Pantohematogen".What is this drug, we also found out.

According to the instructions, the agent in question should not be prescribed to people with diabetes mellitus. This is due to the fact that it contains sucrose. Also, the medicine should be used with extreme caution on an empty stomach and in the presence of ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract( due to the presence of a large amount of ascorbic acid in the preparation).

Cost and analogues

The price of the presented drug is not very high. You can buy capsules or "Pantohematogen" syrup for 150-200 rubles.

If for any reason this medicine is not suitable for the patient, it can be replaced by one of such means as "Dar Altai", "Pantogematogen Bio", "Lunny Altai", "Altai-Seligor", "Narine", "Altai"Maralenok "and" Two lines ".


Many patients this drug helped to recover after the surgical operations. After several medications the patient's analyzes changed for the better.

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It should also be noted that most consumers use this drug to treat vitamin deficiency and enhance immune status. Against the background of its use, the periods and duration of colds and other diseases are markedly reduced. Also, patients are eliminated chronic fatigue and muscle weakness.