"Dioxydin"( ointment): description, composition, instructions for use and reviews

The peculiarity of the treatment of certain diseases is that the therapy includes several drugs with different methods of use. Thus, patients are prescribed drugs for oral administration and topical application. The latter means have different spectrum of action and mechanism of work. These can be anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds, anticoagulants and healing ointments. Also, a large list of prescriptions have antibacterial drugs. One of them will be discussed later in the article. You will learn about how to describe "Dioxydin"( ointment) instructions for use. Also, you can get acquainted with the price of the drug and the basic reviews about this medicine.

dioksidin ointment instruction on application price

General description

Dioxydin is available in different types of medicines. Ointment contains in its composition the same substance. For every 20 grams of creamy substance, 1 gram of dioxidine is needed. Also in the preparation there are additional compounds, which are called secondary components: nipagin, polyethylene oxide, paraoxybenzoic acid.

"Dioxydin"( ointment) is produced in tubes of 30 grams. Each such container is placed in a cardboard box. There is also an abstract to be studied. The cost of the described medicine is at the level of 400 rubles. However, the price can vary in one direction or another depending on your region of residence.

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Indications for use

In what cases does the use of the drug "Dioxydin"( ointment) recommend the instruction? The annotation states that the medicine has an antibacterial effect. The drug works against many microorganisms: microbes and bacteria. Therefore, it is classified as a broad-spectrum medicine. Ointment contributes to the rapid cleaning of the wound and the elimination of decay processes. The medicine has a regenerating and healing effect. The main indications are the following cases:

  • ulcers and long-term non-healing wounds;
  • damage to skin of varying severity with decay;
  • phlegmon and burns, accompanied by infection of tissues;
  • osteomyelitis, boils and purulent neoplasms.

"Dioxydin"( ointment) application has a wide. However, before using the drug, always consult a doctor. Do not forget that each drug may have limitations in its application.

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What are the contraindications for the drug?

Dioxydin( ointment) should not be used if there is a high sensitivity to any of its components. If there were previously problems with the adrenal glands, then the doctor decides about the possibility of treatment after a thorough examination. However, with such pathologies( even in the anamnesis), physicians try to prescribe other means.

Direct contraindications to the use of medicament will be the state of pregnancy and lactation. In either case, the use of an ointment can affect the health of a child or a future child. No medication is prescribed in pediatrics. If the patient has kidney problems or has previously had kidney failure, then it is necessary to undergo a diagnosis before use.

dioxin ointment instructions

Dioxydin( ointment): instruction for use

The medication is applied exclusively to the surface of the tissues. Beware of getting the product on the mucous membranes, in the eyes and inside the body. Before use, you must wash your hands with soap and water. After that, if necessary, treat the damage with additional antiseptics.

Ointment "Dioxydin" is applied with a thin layer once a day. It is advisable to conduct the procedure in the evening, when there is no need for any business. The duration of treatment is usually determined individually. Instruction for use does not advise to apply the medication for more than 3 weeks in a row. However, too short a course of antibiotic( less than five days) can lead to the development of resistance of microorganisms.

Adverse reactions to the use of the drug for topical use

In most situations, the Dioxydin drug is well tolerated. Ointment only occasionally can cause allergies and lead to the development of near-dermatitis. If the patient has a tendency to develop similar reactions, then it is necessary to simultaneously prescribe antihistamines for the purpose of their preventive use. The doctor must also select such a drug.

If, despite all the efforts and preventive measures, the allergy still appeared, then you need to suspend the treatment and see a doctor. Perhaps, for you will be picked up a different medication with antibacterial action.

Dioxydin Ointment

Dioxydin( ointment): reviews

There are many different opinions about the medicine. Most consumers note the expensive cost of the drug. After all, other antibacterial compounds can be purchased at a lower price. However, their efficiency can be very low. Therefore, doctors are not advised to try to save money. Doctors say that the drug "Dioxydin" is effective even in cases where many antibacterial compounds can not solve the problem.

Patients say that the medication has a low-fat consistency. The medicine is more like a cream or gel. Ointment is loose and quickly absorbed into the treated area. Many consumers resort to the use of compresses. After applying the ointment, they cover the wound with a bandage and rewind with a bandage. However, doctors are not advised to perform such actions on their own. In the open air, the wound will dry up and heal much faster than under the bandage.

With extreme caution, doctors advise using a medicine in the face area. This is often necessary for severe burns, boils, suppuration and other pathological processes. Try to treat an exceptionally damaged area without affecting the healthy skin.

There are practically no negative reviews about the drug. Most consumers are satisfied with the drug. They say that the effect of treatment becomes noticeable in a few days.

dioxin ointment

Let's make a small conclusion

From the article you read, you could learn about the medicine "Dioxydin"( ointment).The instruction on application, the price, the description and responses are given to your attention. Despite all the available information, you should not buy the medication yourself. Remember that the remedy is effective against bacterial infections. But it does not affect the viral and fungal skin lesions. In order to choose the right drug, it is worth to consult a doctor. Good luck to you and a speedy recovery!