Preparation "Fermentol": reviews, instructions for use

Means "Fermenkol" - a breakthrough in the field of cosmetology. Using this drug can reduce scarring, get rid of acne, burns, scars and wounds. Today we learn all about the "Fermenkol" remedy: instructions for use, the forms of its release, ways of affecting the skin. Also find out what the cost of this drug. fermentol gel

Form of issue, composition. Manufacturer

Means "Fermenkol", reviews about which are quite numerous, are sold as:

  1. Gel. This is a clear liquid, placed in a polymer bottle. The composition is as follows: potassium hydroxide and dihydrate, calcium chloride, water, benzyl alcohol, methylisothiazolone, methylchloroisothiazolone.
  2. Powder of light yellow or pale brown color, placed in a glass bottle. The composition of the preparation in this form of release is: a complex of collagenolytic proteases.

Produced in the Russian Federation.

Indications for use

"Fermenkol" is a gel that can be used in such cases:

  • Treatment of acne.
  • Correction of scars.
  • Preventing the appearance of scars in surgery and cosmetology.
  • Elimination of burns, wounds.

The "Fermencol" powder is also used for the same problems as the gel. fermental price

Ways of using

This medicine can affect human tissues in three ways:

  1. Through the application.
  2. Method of phonophoresis.
  3. By electrophoresis.

Applicative method

Application is the most suitable home method of application of the "Fermenkol" medication. Instructions for use in this case are as follows:

  • The powder with the drug should be diluted in 50 ml of saline. A napkin soaked in the resulting medicine should be applied to the scar area for about half an hour.
  • The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a day for 1 month.

If you use a gel, then the instruction will look like this:

  1. It is necessary to clean the skin area with any cosmetic means.
  2. Apply lightly with a gel, without rubbing it into the skin.
  3. This procedure should be carried out 2 to 3 times a day. The duration of the course can be from 30 to 40 days. The interval between courses must be observed( from 10 to 14 days).fermentol application

Phonophoresis method

Using this method of physiotherapy it is possible to deliver the necessary enzymes to deeply located areas of the altered skin. Phonophoresis is a special method used in the walls of a hospital where a drug is injected into the human body with the help of ultrasonic vibrations.

The instruction for use in this case is as follows:

  1. Clean the skin area.
  2. Open the tube with gel.
  3. Apply lightly to the problem area of ​​the skin. Do not rub the gel.
  4. Perform phonophoresis procedure.

The duration of such manipulation should be from 3 to 5 minutes per area.

After phonophoresis, you should rest for 30 minutes indoors.

The duration of such therapy should be from 10 to 12 procedures. And their frequency - every day at the same time. The gap between the courses should not be less than 10-14 days. fermentol from stretch marks


This method of physiotherapy uses "Fermenkol" powder. The use of the drug in this case should be literate. Therefore, to do electrophoresis with the powder "Fermenkol" should be a medical officer. Initially, the specialist dilutes the product in a solution of potassium chloride, and then dilutes it with hydrochloric acid. The doctor determines the proportion. Then, a gauze cloth is taken, which is wetted in the resulting solution, and is superimposed on the rumen area. Then the specialist connects the device, with the help of which a procedure called electrophoresis is performed. The duration of such manipulation should not exceed 15 minutes. The course of electrophoresis is usually limited to 10-15 sessions. fermentol reviews


The drug "Fermenkol", the price of which can be different, can be purchased at the pharmacy or on the Internet. The cost of this tool can be different and it depends on such factors:

  1. Product: powder or gel.
  2. Selling a single medicine or in a kit( for example, with an electrophoresis device or with a phonophoresis).
  3. Location of the pharmacy( in the city center or in the residential area).
  4. The cheating of a trading institution in which a medicine is sold.
  5. Place of purchase( at the pharmacy or on the Internet).

As you can see, several factors influence the cost of the means to which the article is devoted. But on average the price of the drug "Fermenkol" -gel( 30 ml) is about 1100 rubles. Powder( 4 g) will cost cheaper - about 750 rubles. If you buy a set - gel plus phonophoresis, then the price will be approximately 4 thousand rubles.


Means "Fermenkol Ehlaktin" - an innovative drug for correcting stretch marks with a laser effect. This gel is a find for many women. It has a complex effect on problem areas of the skin, restores their appearance. Means "Fermenkol Ehlaktin" can be used if there are stretches of varying severity. They can appear after bearing the baby, slimming on the hips, chest, abdomen, buttocks, and also as a result of endocrine disorders. fermentol instruction

The preparation "Fermenkol" from stretch marks is produced in two variations: day and night gel. Before using the product, the skin should be cleaned of dirt and dust. Then you need to squeeze out a small amount of gel and rub it into stretch marks until completely absorbed by light circular motions. For each time of day, you need to apply the appropriate tool. That is, if you will apply the drug in the evening, then you should use a night gel.

A positive result of using this tool can be seen only when a person will apply it daily for 2 months.


Gel or powder "Fermenkol", which will be discussed below, can not be applied to people who have the following problems:

  1. Pyoinflammatory processes in the acute stage.
  2. Malignant tumors.
  3. Diseases of the hematopoietic system.
  4. Paralysis of the facial nerve.
  5. Acute dermatitis.
  6. Rough endocrine pathology.
  7. Individual intolerance of individual components.

Preparation "Fermenkol": user reviews

About this tool people respond only positively. Indeed, the gel makes the scars on the skin paler and smaller in size. They also become flatter. About the powder "Fermencol" as the main element in electrophoresis people generally are delighted. In this case, the drug acts even faster. Scars and scars pale almost instantly. Also, users note that the product has a beneficial effect on the skin without causing any side effects.

Parents, whose children had previously received burns of varying severity, were not left out. Many moms and dads praise the "Fermentol" and consider it the best drug, thanks to which their sons and daughters regained the beauty of the skin. Parents note that such a gel should be in every home. After all, there are situations when you can not follow a child simply, but a baby can be burned in the meantime. So, the drug "Fermenkol" in this case acts as a wand-zashchalochki.

The disadvantage, according to users, is the cost of funds. However, even for this many people turn a blind eye, because the effect is worth the money spent. fermentol eLactin

More opinions about the preparation of "Fermenkol Ehlaktin"

Stretching is a problem that women often turn to specialists. Some doctors advise getting rid of such a skin defect with a laser, but others recommend using the "Fermenkol" kit. Reviews of women who use a regular day and night gel, are quite numerous. The representatives of the fair sex only respond positively to this remedy. Gel "Fermenkol Ehlakt" really helps to cope with stretch marks. In the beginning they become pale, and then the skin is completely smoothed out. Now the red stripes on the abdomen and thighs - it's not scary. After all, with the gel "Fermenkol Ehlaktin" stretch marks will leave without a trace. And the use of this tool is an excellent alternative to such an expensive procedure as laser exposure. In fact, even on sensations it will be more pleasant to apply gel, rather than to suffer tingling from the laser. And about the cost, then there's no need to say. Laser grinding will be 2 or even 3 times more expensive. Therefore, it is worth trying the gel "Fermenkol Elastin" and make sure of its effectiveness. The main thing - clearly follow the instructions, do not forget and do not be lazy to apply the remedy in the morning and evening. The result can be seen after 2 months. And the result will certainly please you.

Now you know what remedy will help get rid of such problems on the skin, like acne, scars, scars, burns, wounds. The drug "Fermenkol Ehlaktin" is able to replace such an expensive procedure as laser correction. The testimonies of people testify that this is really an effective tool that helps people with various skin defects.