Minoxidil for beard: reviews

The drug Minoxidil for a beard( reviews about it will be presented later) are often used by men who have very thin hair or they just grow up incorrectly. minoxidil for the beard отзывы

We will tell you in what form the above mentioned product is being sold in the material of this article. Also you will find out what is included in the preparation, whether it has analogues, how to use it correctly, etc.

Form and Composition

In what form do Minoxidil for Beard? Experts say that this drug goes on sale in the form of a powder without any smell. It dissolves fairly easily in ethanol, propylene glycol, propanol, methanol, water, as well as in some other liquids.

Also considered means can be purchased in a ready-made solution with an active substance concentration of 15%, 5% and 2%.In addition, this drug is sold as a spray, foam and tablets.

What is included in Minoxidil for the beard? The doctors' comments indicate that its active substance is minoxidil. Also, the finished solution includes such additional components as propylene glycol, alcohol and water.

Pharmacological action of

Can Minoxidil be used to grow beards and how does this drug work? According to the instructions, the agent under consideration activates the potassium channels of the smooth muscle cells membranes in the walls of the vessels. This preparation is characterized by a vasodilating peripheral effect that expands the resistive vessels, reduces the load on the myocardium, and also leads to an increase in cardiac output and reflex tachycardia. In addition, this agent can increase the activity of plasma renin in the blood, and also affect the retention of sodium and water in the body.

In the course of the research, it was found that this drug stimulates the growth of hair, especially in the case of androgen-dependent alopecia. This effect is achieved due to vasodilation and improvement of microcirculation of hair follicles and skin. minoxidil in reviews of cosmetics

As practice shows, the maximum result is manifested in young patients in the treatment of a disease that occurs less than 10 years. At the same time, the size of the bald head can reach 10 cm.

Reviews about Minoxidil read that a noticeable effect of treatment with the drug under consideration is noticeable after 4 months. However, this is subject to the daily use of the solution. It should also be noted that the abolition of therapy often leads to a halt in the growth of new hair. And in 3-4 months the appearance of the former bald patch is not ruled out.

Pharmacokinetic properties of

Is Minoxidil absorbed for the beard? The doctors' comments inform us that after taking the pills inside they are completely absorbed. The greatest concentration of the agent is achieved within 60 minutes.

In the body this drug does not come into contact with plasma proteins. However, the active ingredient of the drug can easily penetrate into breast milk.

Removal of the drug occurs through the kidneys. As for biotransformation, this process is carried out in the liver with the formation of low-activity metabolites.

With local application of the agent under consideration, an absorption of about 1.4% is noted on undamaged skin. After the drug is stopped, it is excreted by the kidneys for 4 days. reviews about the drug minoxidil

Indications for use

The preparation "Minoxidil" is a means for growing a beard. However, in some cases this medication is used for other purposes. For example, in the form of tablets, it is often prescribed for hypertension( in severe form), as well as in combination therapy with other antihypertensive drugs. In addition, such a tool is often used by representatives of the weaker sex with baldness or the presence of very liquid hair.

Contraindications to the use of

When should Minoxidil be used? In reviews of cosmetics there is information about the following contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to the substances included in the substance;
  • lactation period, as well as pregnancy time;
  • presence of mitral stenosis;
  • presence of pheochromocytoma;
  • secondary pulmonary hypertension.

It should also be noted that the drug in solution is highly not recommended for use in dermatosis of the scalp and violation of the integrity of the skin.

Minoxidil for Beard Growth

Men's reviews about this product are mostly positive. To improve the growth of the beard, the stronger sex usually uses a 5% solution.

After applying the local preparation on the skin of the face, a rapid expansion of the vessels takes place, which increases the microcirculation of the blood. Due to this effect, the power of the hair follicles is markedly increased. It is this fact that leads to an increase in hair growth from the gun condition to the terminal one. Whether it is possible to apply minoxidil for growth of a beard

Of course, different people have different results of using the drug Minoxidil. Reviews of men( for the beard this tool is used very often) say that the effect largely depends on the characteristics of the human body. For example, with the same use of a solution for the rapid growth of bristles in some people, the result is already apparent in the first month, and in others only after 3-4 months.

How long should I take Minoxidil( 5%)?Reviews( beard with the use of such a tool becomes tough and dense) experts point out that to consolidate the result you may need about one and a half years. Such a long use converts Pushkovaya vegetation on the face into a terminal one.

Instruction for use

Minoxidil tablets are for oral use only. According to the attached instructions, the initial daily dosage of such a drug for children who have reached the age of 12 and adults is 5 mg. It is desirable to take this drug twice a day. If necessary, the dosage can be gradually increased.

With regard to the maintenance daily dose of the drug, it is usually 10-40 mg. In day it is possible to take no more than 100 mg of the mentioned agent. For children under 12 years of age, the drug is prescribed once. In this case, the initial dosage is calculated based on the body weight of the child( 0.2 mg per kg of body weight).Minoxidil Means for Growing a Beard

The average therapeutic dose for children is 0.2-1 mg per kg of body weight. The maximum allowable dosage is 50 mg per kg.

If you decide to use the external solution of Minoxidil, then it is desirable to apply it twice a day on a dry surface of the scalp( 1 ml each).In this case, the drug should be rubbed very carefully, starting from the center of the damaged area.

Side effects of

Does the drug in question have side effects? During its use, completely different side effects can develop, which can affect the work of any organ or system. Especially often, patients suffer from sensory organs and the nervous system. In this case, the patient can feel frequent dizziness, headaches, visual impairment and so on.

The following adverse reactions are typical for hematopoiesis and cardiovascular system: a sharp decrease in pressure, arrhythmia, development of tachycardia, heart failure, angina, exudative pericarditis, thrombopenia and leukopenia.

There are also possible various undesirable manifestations on the scalp and skin in general( for example: hypertrichosis, dermatitis, pigmentation, folliculitis, eczema, etc.).

Symptoms of an overdose of

If you use the drug Minoxidil in large quantities, the patient may experience excessive vasodilation, severe hypotension, chest pain, arrhythmia, neuritis, tachycardia, and water and sodium retention in the body. In such cases, symptomatic and supportive therapy is necessary. minoxidil alerana for the beard отзывы

Drug Interaction

Before using this agent, it should be noted that:

  • Simultaneous use of the drug with diuretics, nitrates and beta-blockers can significantly increase its antihypertensive effect.
  • The combination of hair growth agents with oral contraceptives, estrogens, NSAIDs and sympathomimetics can weaken the effects of the former.
  • Contraindicated use of the drug in combination with "Guanethidine".This is due to the fact that such a combination can easily cause orthostatic hypotension.

Analogs of

How can I replace Minoxidil?"Minox", "Alerana" for the growth of the beard are also often used by those of the stronger sex who can not boast of the presence of thick and luxurious bristles. In addition to these funds, some men also use analogues such as Regein, Kosilon, Dualgen( 15%), Alopeksi, Spectral BPS, Revasil, and Generolon.

The price of the preparation

How much does Minoxidil cost?"Alerana" for a beard( reviews on these drugs are listed below) and the original of this product can be purchased at completely different prices. For example, in pharmacies in Moscow and the Moscow region, 5% of Minoxidil for 1 month of use is sold at a price of 900 rubles, and for a whole year - from 7300 rubles. If you need 15% solution, then you will have to pay about 2300 rubles for it.

Agree, the cost of the medicine is quite high. However, experts say that this is a perfectly justified price. After all, at the outlet you will surely get a thick and luxurious head of hair, which will come to sour cream liquid hair and bald patches.

Reviews about the tool

Few people know that the drug examined by us is distributed not only in our country, but in other states. minoxidil minox alerana for beard growth Reviews about this tool are ambiguous. Some patients report that the therapy was highly effective and they achieved the ideal result. At the same time, the opinions of the representatives of the weaker sex are much more frequent than the responses of men.

According to the opinion of those who have ever used the drug in question, the effect of this drug is noticeable already three months after the start of treatment. On the affected areas of the skin begin to appear hairs, which over time darken and thicken.

In addition to women, this drug is actively used and the male half of humanity. Applying this tool, they quickly become owners of brutal bristles and luxurious head of hear.

It should also be noted that, in addition to positive feedback about the Minoxidil preparation, there are often reports of people who have not been affected by the treatment. Such users claim that they followed all the requirements of the instruction exactly and applied the solution for quite a long time. However, they did not see the result. Experts explain this by saying that the above drug should be used only according to indications, or rather, with androgenic alopecia. And as you know, only an experienced doctor can diagnose such a disease.