How to whiten your teeth at home

In modern society, an indisputable sign of beauty is a snow-white smile. Currently, the procedure for teeth whitening is very popular, and many make it at home without resorting to dentists.

Whitening plates for teeth

A modern means of teeth whitening, allows you to achieve the desired result for the month. The set includes strips with a clarifying compound, which with its help are fixed on the surface of the teeth.

Principle of operation: applied for half an hour every day. And in a month the teeth will be lighter by 2 tones. The effect lasts about two months.

Strips are more expensive to fix more tightly. A snow-white smile will last for a year and a half. The maximum lightening of the teeth is 6 tones.

Also on sale there are strips for sensitive teeth. Perhaps the only drawback is that they do not act on the interdental spaces.

But still it's better to use professional services on teeth whitening, on the site you can find reviews about all dental clinics and specialists working there. That will save time and do not harm the teeth.

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Whitening gels

The most effective way to lighten the tooth enamel at home can be considered brushing a special gel is not the surface of the teeth. After solidification, it dissolves imperceptibly and is washed away by saliva.

No less effective is the method of whitening with a gel. Used a plastic construction - kapy, which is worn on the dentition. Whitening gel fills all free space. The main purpose of the kapa is to ensure a tight contact with the surface of the teeth and prevent the gel from getting on the mucosa.

This gel is used in most bleaching techniques. In fact - this peroxide, which can cause irritation of soft horny tissues. Therefore, when night bleaching is better to give preference to gels, which include carbamide peroxide.

The result will be visible in two weeks, so this method is considered to be fast.

Clarification of enamel with soda

This method is a mechanical removal of plaque. Apply soda to gauze, folded several times, and rub her tooth surface. Disadvantages: there is a risk of damaging the gum and enamel, as a consequence of its thinning.

You can add soda to the toothpaste. But even with healthy teeth to clean them with soda more times a week - is not recommended.

Tea tree oil - to help snow-white smile

To whiten teeth, 100% oil is used. First you need to clean your mouth in the usual way, using a brush with paste. Then, dropping on the brush a drop of 3 oil, distribute it evenly over the tooth surface. After the end of the procedure - thoroughly rinse your mouth.

Tea tree oil helps to get rid of not only the long-lasting plaque of tea or coffee, but also of tartar.