"Trinephron": instructions for use, description, analogues, reviews

Herbal preparations are very popular among those who prefer to treat existing diseases with folk remedies. However, experts argue that such drugs are not always effective. Moreover, medicines based on plant components can not only help in the therapy of various pathological conditions, but also harm the health. Therefore, before using such drugs, you should always read the instructions and consult a doctor. trinefronus instructions for use

Today we will talk about such a plant preparation as "Trinefron".Instructions for use, a description of the drug, its indications and side effects will be presented below.

Description, Composition, Form, Packing

In pharmacies, you can purchase the following forms of the drug in question:

  • Trirefron in capsules. Instructions for use say that such a medicine is sold in a cardboard box, where the cells are placed. Bright yellow gelatin capsules contain a medicinal powder, the active components of which are the following substances: herb gold-thousandths, medicinal leaves of rosemary and medicinal root lovage.
  • Oral syrup "Trinefron"( drops).Instructions for use indicate that this medication is a clear liquid that is released in dark vials placed in cardboard boxes. The active components of this medicine are the same plant extracts that were presented above.


Do you know about what is remarkable about the drug "Trinefron"?Instruction for use informs us that this is a herbal preparation that helps to eliminate urinary tract spasms and anti-inflammatory effect.

trinefron capsules instruction manual

It should also be noted that this medication is a diuretic, antibacterial and vasodilating agent.

After applying the herbal medicine, the acidity of urine changes and the release of uric acid salts increases.

The use of drops or capsules prevents the growth and formation of concrements in the urinary tract, and also prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

Properties of the drug

What determines the effectiveness of the drug "Trinefron"?Instructions for use, reviews of experienced specialists indicate that as a result of exposure to rosmarinic acid, the release of inflammatory mediators is suppressed. This effect of the plant component results in a persistent anti-inflammatory effect.

All ingredients included in the product under consideration contain substances such as essential oils, phenol carboxylic acids and others. It is their presence in the drug that determines its broad antimicrobial effect.

It should also be noted that the effect of this drug on the glomerular and tubular kidney system contributes to a decrease in protein release in proteinuria.

trinefron tablets

Indications for the use of the drug

When should I use Trirefron in capsules? Instruction for use indicates that any form of the drug in question can be prescribed as the main or, so-called, basic therapy for chronic and acute infections of the bladder( including cystitis) and kidneys( including pyelonephritis).By the way, this medication is allowed to be used even for pregnant women. It is also often used as an auxiliary component in the complex treatment of these diseases.

What other indications is the drug Trinefron? Instruction for use reports that this remedy is often prescribed for the prevention of urinary stone formation, including the period after their removal. In addition, capsules and oral drops are taken with non-infectious kidney diseases of a chronic nature( interstitial nephritis, glomerulonephritis).

Contraindications to taking medication

When should you not prescribe a herbal medicine "Trinefron"( tablets)?Instruction for use informs patients that any form of this drug is forbidden to use when:

  • the presence of peptic ulcer in the stage of exacerbation;
  • hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the medication;
  • for diuretic therapy of edema that were caused by renal or heart failure.

Oral drops "Trinefron" is not recommended for use as a monotherapy for impaired renal function. trinefron drops instructions for use

Preparation "Trinefron": instructions for use

In what dosage are Oral Drops "Trinefron" administered? Their number for the treatment of a disease is determined individually( depending on the age of the patient).

Adults receive a medication in a dose of 50 drops, divided into three doses. Children aged 1-5 years should take the drug in an amount of 15 drops three times a day.

As for children older than 6 years of age, their dose is 25 drops three times a day.

After the symptoms of the disease are weakened, the medication should be continued for another 4-6 weeks.

It should also be noted that the drops should only be used undiluted. Babies are allowed to add them to tea or juice. Before using the drug, it must be shaken thoroughly.

How to use capsules

How should I take Trirefron? Capsules? Instruction for use reports that this form of the drug should be swallowed in its entirety.

Medication is used regardless of eating. It is recommended to drink it with sufficient amount of ordinary water. trinephron treatment instructions

The duration of treatment, as well as the dose of the drug, are determined by the doctor, taking into account the patient's condition, the nature of the disease, concomitant therapy and other factors.

For adults, this medication is usually prescribed 2 capsules three times a day. Babies over 6 years of age should take one capsule at the same frequency.

After the patient's condition is normalized to receive the medication is desirable for another four weeks in order to prevent relapse.

Side effects of

With increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, the patient may develop an allergy that manifests itself in the form of rashes, hives, itching and skin flushing. Gastrointestinal disturbances are also possible.

If these conditions occur, stop taking the medication and consult a doctor.

Analogs of the drug and reviews about it

How can I replace the medication we are considering? The same therapeutic effect has the drug "Kanefron N".On the shelves of the pharmacy chain it can be found in the form of dark orange or brown tablets. This drug is also used for diseases of the urinary system.

In most cases, reviews about this medicine are positive. Patients claim that it is a very effective anti-inflammatory drug that cures diseases of the urinary tract and kidneys well. trinefron instructions for use description

In view of the fact that it is a herbal preparation, it often causes allergic reactions.