How to dip into a font? Recommendations and epiphany signs

Every year an increasing number of Orthodox Christians celebrating the Feast of Baptism dive into the hole. But, unfortunately, not everyone thinks about the consequences, which such a heroic decision can lead to. Therefore, before doing this act, it is necessary to understand how to dip into the baptismal font properly.

how to dip into a font

A short digression into the history of

Baptism is an ancient Orthodox holiday, whose roots go back to the distant past. Knowledgeable people have told us that he has a direct relationship to such an outstanding personality as John the Baptist. According to an old legend, one day John met a young Jesus who dedicated him to the Sacrament of Baptism. According to Christ, it was this preacher who was to conduct the rite of the baptism of the Son of God. Realizing that John doubted the words of the Messiah, the higher powers sent him a sign in the form of a dove. At the same time, the preacher heard a divine voice from Heaven. Convinced of the truthfulness of the words of Christ, John fulfilled his request. It is this date, falling on January 19( according to the new style) or January 6( old), and it became a religious holiday.

how to dip into a baptismal font

How are the Epiphany celebrated?

For those who are interested in how to dip into the font properly, it does not hurt to get acquainted with the traditions associated with this holiday. Orthodox Christians begin to celebrate this great day the day before. On January 18, Epiphany Eve, popularly known as the Hungry Coot, falls on. On this day it is customary to adhere to the strictest fasting. On the eve of the feast of the Epiphany, our ancestors usually cooked lean kutya. During the evening meal on Epiphany Christmas Eve on the table must have been such dishes as oat jelly, pancakes and kutya.

The most important event related to the Epiphany of the Lord is the rite of the water consecration. For its conduct in the ice covering the surface of a river or lake, a cruciform-like wormwood, called the Jordan, is cut in advance. After midnight, the ministers of the church consecrate water, and parishioners are dipped into it.

how to dip into a woman

The ancient traditions associated with this holiday

For those who do not know how to properly dip into an ice hole on Epiphany, it will be interesting to know for sure, our distant ancestors celebrated this day. On the night before the feast, the church service began, during which the priests performed the consecration ceremony of water. It was believed that after that, it gets incredible healing power, so all believers who want to get at least a little "magic" fluid, relieving spiritual and bodily diseases, brought with them a container of water. It was recruited in the nearest fresh water reservoirs.

To perform the consecration ceremony on the surface of the frozen river, a special hole was made, resembling a cross in shape. As a rule, these actions were led by representatives of the Church. In villages where there was not a single priest, the rite was conducted by the elder or the oldest man in the village. After reading all the necessary prayers, the local population was armed with various containers and filled them with miraculous baptismal water. Later it was used for drinking, bathing, cooking and even sprinkling the corners of their homes. Our ancestors believed that this water helps to destroy the evil spirit.

how to dip into a baptismal font

How safe is swimming in an ice hole?

Those who want to learn how to dip into the font for baptism properly, it will be useful to get acquainted with the opinions of specialists. Unfortunately, skeptics and physicians to this day can not reach any consensus on issues related to the safety of bathing in the ice hole. Some of them believe that these actions can be equated to walrus, and therefore they do not cause harm to human health. The rest, on the contrary, bring a lot of arguments, confirming the harm of this occupation.

Precisely the same arguments do not subside on the essence of this rite. Even priests can not come to a common opinion on this issue. Someone sees in this ritual echoes of paganism, someone considers such actions "youthful" fun, and someone sincerely believes that bathing in icy water can heal from a lot of chronic ailments.

how correctly to baptize dip in an ice hole

Contraindications for diving in the hole

People who are interested in how to dip into the font properly, will not prevent you from first reading the contraindications to this activity. After all, immersion in icy water becomes a real shock for the human body. Categorically forbidden to plunge into the hole people who have problems with the cardiovascular system and nasopharynx. Before you dive right into the hole at Epiphany, a woman and a man need to remember if there is a history of such diseases as laryngitis, sinusitis, otitis or maxillary sinusitis. All of them are considered a serious obstacle on the way to immersion in the font.

Do not climb into the icy water and those who have recently had a heart attack, chemotherapy or surgery. Contraindications to such bathing are pregnancy, hypertension, disorders in the work of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and venereal diseases.

how to dip into the baptism of recommendations

What should I take with me?

Those who do not yet know how to dip into the font, it is necessary to read the list of things to bring to the place of immersion in the water. So, in your bag there must be a set of dry change clothes, a terry dressing gown, a towel, a swimsuit( swimming trunks) and shoes on a stable non-slip sole. You can take a thermos with hot tea. This drink will help you get warm faster after bathing. To perform a ritual ablution little to know how to dive into the font. A woman still needs to think about what she will do it. It is not recommended to dress up in lacy swimsuits decorated with ruffles. In this case, it would be more appropriate to have decent indoor clothes.

how to dive right into the holy spring

How to dip into the font: recommendations

Experienced experts advise to prepare your body in advance for this occupation. It is advisable for a couple of months before this to begin hardening procedures. Otherwise, swimming in the ice hole can lead to a serious cold. You need to start by taking a contrast shower with a gradual decrease in the water temperature. After a couple of weeks, you can proceed to dousing, and only then try to immerse yourself in icy water.

For those who do not know how to dip into the font properly, remember that you can do this only in specially designated places. In order to avoid serious trouble, you can not climb at night, drunk in the village pond. Optimal depth of the font should not be more than 1.8 meters. To prevent accidental falls, it must have special fences and handrails.

Immediately before dipping in the hole, it is necessary to slightly warm up. To do this, you can wave your arms and make a few inclines or sit-ups. It is important not to overdo it. The body should not be sweaty. It is necessary to enter the hole very carefully, holding on to the handrails, so as not to fall accidentally on slippery wet steps. Clergymen assure that it is impossible to enter the water without prayer. Therefore, entering the ice-hole, one must certainly turn to God. It is important that your words are sincere and go from the heart.

After getting out of the ice water, it is necessary to carefully rub the brought with it a terry towel, change into warm dry clothes and drink hot tea. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol before and after bathing.

how to dip into a hole in a woman

How to dive right into the holy spring?

Unlike baptismal bathing, you can do this at any time of the year. In order for these actions to have the maximum effect, it is recommended to follow a few simple rules. Going to the holy spring, you need to bring a cross, a holy water tank, a towel and a bathing shirt. In the healing water must be immersed three times, plunging into it with his head.

When you come home, you need to dry your bathing shirt. It should be worn instead of nighttime pajamas. Knowledgeable people say that until the next wash, all the healing properties are preserved on it. Collected holy water is recommended to drink a little on an empty stomach after a morning prayer. To get the maximum effect you need to sincerely believe in everything that you do.

Basic rules for safe swimming in the hole

During the immersion in the student's baptismal water, you must follow the basic recommendations that can save you from possible troubles. To avoid the risk of not finding an ice hole, it is strictly forbidden to dive under the ice. Dip should only be in specially provided places, equipped with thick ropes, on which knots are tied. It can not be released from the hands before leaving the hole. It is desirable that representatives of rescue services are located nearby.