Diet of the bodybuilder: a set of food, nutrition and recommendations

Many people know that the bodybuilding diet set of food is not easy. For everything to be as it should, a lot of theory on this topic should be studied. Let's consider what this diet is, and what its rules are.

diet of the bodybuilder food set

Power plan

If you are seriously engaged in iron, and are intensely engaged in each workout, you need to know that when you come home, it does not end. There is a special diet for a set of muscle mass for men and women. Only if you adhere to it, the cherished goal will be achievable in the foreseeable future.

Growth and recovery of muscles is simply impossible without proper nutrition. Moreover, the diet should be adjusted as the muscles grow. After all, poorly developed musculature requires far fewer nutrients compared to a large one. You can control this process in two ways.

On the one hand, the scales tell you whether you are moving in the right direction or not, while checking the set of muscle mass, do not confuse it with fat. In addition to the scales, there is a device called caliper. With him enough to do measurements 2 times a month. The results will show the percentage of fat mass. If you are measuring in the gym, then the same person must do the same to get reliable data. The caliper is able to display even the results of a set of several millimeters at the waist.

Basics of calculations

Add to this theory a little mathematical calculations. Knowing the weight of the body and the percentage of fatty tissue, it's easy to calculate the weight of fat. It is obtained by simple subtraction. Naturally, this number includes all systems, organs, bones and stuff. But this result can be constantly used as a value indicating muscle mass.

Once you have made measurements, you need to fix or remember them, and compare them with the following results. If the weight changes, but the fat remains at the same level, then there is nothing to boast about. But when the bodybuilder diet is correct, you will soon notice how soon the weight will go up due to the fat-free mass. The opposite result will be noticeable with a poor diet. But this bodybuilder is definitely not necessary.

Anthropometric measurements

For example, you can take a person with a total body weight of 70 kilograms and fat tissue at 21%.We make the following calculations:

  • 70 * 0,21 = 14,7( where 14,7 - the number of kilograms of fat mass);
  • 70 - 14,7 = 55,3( where 55,3 kg is the total amount of fat-free mass).

All aspirations are now associated with an increase in muscle mass. Unfortunately, the process does not always go in the direction we would like. If nutrients are not enough, and training you are doing grueling, the result will be losing muscle tissue.

diet for the bodybuilder muscle mass menu

If you are training at home, the measuring instruments are a mirror and a scale. If the weight does not increase, it is a sign that the food is bad. In the mirror, you can observe and track the results of your efforts at the waist.

The right diets for bodybuilders on weight gain start with determining the energy value of the diet per day. To the total number of calories add those that are wasted on daily workouts and all activity.

To understand the daily needs, you can use special programs that make online calculations.

In a high-quality diet the ratio should be as follows:

  • carbohydrate - 50%;
  • proteins - 30%;
  • fats - 20%.

One gram of proteins and carbohydrates is counted for 4 calories, and fat is 9 calories.

The calculation in this case is as follows. If the daily requirement is 2900 calories, then, based on the percentage, we get the need:

  • carbohydrates 1450 calories, dividing by 4 = 362.5 grams per day;
  • proteins 870 calories, dividing by 4 = 217.5 grams;
  • fats 580 calories, dividing by 9 = 64.4 grams.


diet of bodybuilders for weight loss and weight gain

Knowing the diets, it is necessary to distribute it between meals. Diet for a set of muscle mass menu not only must have properly composed, but also include a few tricks a day. And the more, the better.

It should be borne in mind that the first meal after training should consist of products that are digested the fastest. Therefore, fats should be excluded from this procedure.

In the Internet you can find a lot of tables, which indicate the caloric value. Choose those of them in which the bodybuilder diet contains a set of foods that allows you to gain weight. Based on this, a menu is made up.

Each meal should contain all nutrients. Portions of more can be scheduled for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and less - for lunch and snack.

Counting the nutritional value of all the tricks is easy. When you type your hand, it will not even be noticed. Also the situation is with each portion.

Recommendations at the beginning of the application of the diet

To adapt the body, the diet of bodybuilders for weight loss and weight gain should last at least 2 weeks. At the time of this time, look at the results.

correct diets for bodybuilders for weight gain

If weight is not collected, you should increase carbohydrate intake by half, and protein - in one and a half. The same recommendation applies in the case of weight gain due to the fat-free mass.

If you increase the weight due to fat, carbohydrates should be completely eliminated from the last two techniques. The same should be done if everything was all right first, and then the percentage of fat began to increase.

What breakfast can be

Let's consider some variants which it is quite possible to use a bodybuilder. Scrambled eggs, oatmeal and banana.

  • Low-fat curd, bran bun and green apple.
  • Cereal flakes, quail eggs, berries and chicory. Casserole and salad.
  • Chicken breast, buckwheat with milk, orange and tea. Beef, fried eggs, salad and milk.
  • Sandwiches, protein cocktail, millet porridge.
  • diet of the bodybuilder set of food menu

    Bodybuilders Bodybuilding Distinction

    Bodybuilders eat differently than ordinary people. A prolonged sense of hunger for them is unacceptable, since in such periods the resources of the body are wasted. Therefore, you need to eat often.

    Bodybuilders diet: a set of food

    Proteins are mainly obtained from the following products:

    • fish;
    • meat;
    • eggs;
    • cottage cheese;
    • serum protein.

    diet for a set of muscle mass for men and women

    Carbohydrate bodybuilders are derived from:

    • beans;
    • vegetables;
    • fruit;
    • oatmeal;
    • rice;
    • macaroni;
    • of cereals;
    • potatoes.

    Sources of fats can be:

    • olive, sesame, linseed oil;
    • almonds( not roasted);
    • nuts.

    Which products should be excluded

    Toxic to a bodybuilder are proteins such as:

    • fatty meat;
    • soybean;
    • milk and its products are high in fat;
    • fast food.

    The following foods are not recommended for carbohydrates:

    • bread;
    • juices bought in the store;
    • crackers;
    • food with sugar;
    • honey;
    • is sweet.

    The banned fats include:

    • margarine;
    • fried oil;
    • is a vegetable, except for permitted species;
    • fried foods.

    General recommendations

    diet for a set of muscle mass fitness and bodybuilding

    In order not to exhaust yourself with heavy training without results, which often happens without observing a certain diet, it is advisable to adhere to the following tips along with it.

    1. For a set of lean body mass, the calories consumed must be greater than those consumed.
    2. Food should contain many proteins and complex carbohydrates. The latter are needed to restore energy, strength and muscle. The amount of fat and fast carbohydrates should be brought to a minimum.
    3. Every day, drink 2 liters of water or more. We know that there is a bodybuilding diet set of food, menu specific. But also sufficient liquid intake should be provided, since in the athlete all the processes proceed more intensively, and more water is required for it.
    4. After 2 months begin to receive protein supplements. Cocktails are taken between meals, at bedtime and after, and after training.
    5. All harmful products must be completely eliminated.
    6. It is clear that vitamins and beneficial microelements are not enough to have a diet for a set of muscle mass. Fitness and bodybuilding at the same time require high physical activity. Therefore, it is highly desirable to take additional vitamins.
    7. Food should be high-calorie. Then everything will be absorbed properly.
    8. Meals should be at least 6. Then the digestive system will not be overloaded, in the blood regularly will come small portions of nutrients, which then feed the muscles. With a 3-time feed, the substances will begin to flow in excess and the depot will begin to fat.