FGBU "Russian Children's Clinical Hospital" MH RF: description, address. Children's Russian Clinical Hospital in Moscow: photos and reviews

The Russian Children's Clinical Hospital is a medical institution that is known throughout the country. What are the pros and cons of this institution worth paying attention to? And maybe this hospital has no shortcomings? In what cases should I undergo treatment? All this information is contained in numerous reviews about the institution. In some cases, opinions diverge. To be surprised it is not necessary. All parents have their own view of the medical institution. So how good is the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital? Where is she and how to get through to her?


This hospital is the largest in Russia children's state medical institution. In practice, as practice shows, children who have serious health problems are being treated. Some note that the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital is the last hope of parents and children.

This institution consists of numerous branches. There is a polyclinic and a hospital. In some situations, parents are allowed to stay in the hospital with the kids. This institution specializes in a variety of operations and other complex procedures.

Russian Children

Quite often they come here for treatment from different parts of Russia. By directions is absolutely free. True, in the walls of the institution provides for paid service. That is, parents themselves have the right to decide how to be treated and examined.

Many parents point out that the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital offers a wide range of options. Some operations and procedures, as well as studies can not be done even for fee, in private clinics. This factor must be taken into account. Most often, these patients are purposefully transferred here. Or advised to contact the children's Russian Clinical Hospital on their own.


Where is this institution located? Where should children and their parents go to get medical help? This medical facility is located in the Russian capital, Moscow. It is here, as already mentioned, many parents with children sent for treatment or a thorough examination.

What is the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital address? Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, house 117. There are several separate buildings on a large territory. Everyone is a specialized department. In all, there are 10 buildings in the hospital. All of them are located at the same address. And it makes many happy: you do not need to travel all over the capital to get help in this or that area.

By the way, the territory of the hospital is closer to the outskirts of the city. Some visitors indicate that this is a drawback. But in fact, the location is not in the center of Moscow - this is a plus. There are many places on the outskirts. And so you can arrange all the departments of the hospital in one area, rather than build separate branches throughout the settlement.

Finding the place where the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital is located( Moscow, Leninsky Prospect) is not so difficult. Right next to the institution is the metro station "Troparevo".Literally across the road potential visitors can see a large fenced area. This is the hospital being studied. Here you can ask for any medical help. Or at will, or in direction.

Structure of

It has already been said that the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital is a large medical institution. What is its structure? What branches are there? After all, not all parents know in what diseases it is possible to seek help from such a large organization. For example, without any directions.

Russian Clinical Hospital Moscow

In fact, FGBU "Russian Children's Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of Russia" assists in all areas of medicine. So, with any illness, everyone has the right to apply here. As practice shows, it is the hospital that primarily accepts people with serious problems from all over Russia. But the polyclinic, which is located at the institution, is enjoyed by residents of Moscow and the region.

The structure of the medical institution consists of the following departments:

  • polyclinic( usual clinic at the hospital, open to all comers);
  • microsurgical;
  • neurosurgical;
  • Chemotherapy and Hematology;
  • rheumatologic;
  • nephrologic;
  • is infectious;
  • kidney transplant;
  • gastroenterological;
  • pediatric;
  • genetic( here diagnose and treat genetic diseases);
  • resuscitation and intensive care;
  • Ophthalmic;
  • of the neuropsychiatric;
  • of otolaryngology;
  • of the gynecological;
  • of the urological;
  • of the Thoracic;
  • surgical;
  • traumatologic;
  • endocrinology;
  • radiation diagnosis;
  • blood transfusion;
  • dental;
  • X-ray;
  • surgical;
  • laser surgery;
  • immunological.

There is also a hospital in the hospital. Both daylight and normal. Parents indicate that the Russian Clinical Children's Hospital( 117 Leninsky Prospect, the address of the institution) specializes in treating virtually any disease. Some problems with the recording are observed, but about them - a little later.

How to contact and sign up

Some wonder how you can contact the clinic in question. After all, before applying for help, parents often find out the details of their stay in the hospital, and also record to one or another specialist. Therefore, communication with the institution plays an important role.

Russian Children

Fortunately, making an appointment is not as difficult as it seems. The city where the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital is located is Moscow. The inhabitants of this area are the easiest to get to the doctor. For example, sign up through a personal visit to the hospital. It is enough to apply to the registry with the policy and SNILS of the child. Employees will quickly write to the appointment to a specific doctor.

But all other people, especially residents of other cities, are advised to use other methods. For example, through the Internet, communication with the hospital is also maintained. Many point out that this is far from the best solution. It is difficult to make an appointment in this way. The process can drag on for a long time. But if you want, you can clarify all the information you need by writing to the email [email protected]

It's much easier to write to a polyclinic. The official website of the organization has a so-called feedback form. It allows you to easily register with any specialist. We are talking about paid reception, and about free. The main thing is to worry about this issue in advance. Many parents point out that FGBI "Russian Children's Clinical Hospital"( Moscow) accepts citizens by electronic recording, but failures are not ruled out. Therefore, it is recommended that you always call back to the registry and find out whether the entry through the site is accurate.

But how to do this? It is enough to use several phone numbers. Most of the visitors indicate that it's very difficult to get to the hospital just in time. Prior to the adoption of rest - no, but the polyclinic department will have to call for a long time. All this is justified by a serious load on the registry.

In order to reach the organization under study, the following combinations should be used:

  • 8( 495) 936-90-45 or 8( 495) 936-93-45 - reception room;
  • 8( 495) 936-92-30 or 8( 495) 936-91-57 - a polyclinic;
  • 7( 495) 434-11-77 - the head physician.

You can call from any city, but be surprised if it did not work out the first time to get through, it's not worth it. As practice shows, it is not too difficult to contact the chief doctor. And it pleases. All claims and wishes can be made to the head of the organization.

Russian Children


What else stands out for the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital( Moscow)?In fact, parents note a lot of features that help to understand how well the institution behaves towards patients.

Many people pay attention to the situation in the hospital. In this area, the reviews are divided into several categories. There is no unequivocal opinion here. Some say that FGBU "Russian Children's Clinical Hospital" does not offer the best conditions. And that in general the situation here is heavy. It has already been emphasized that for some patients treatment in this institution is the last hope for healing. Repair is not the best, in a polyclinic department, citizens feel uncomfortable. Especially children.

Other opinions indicate that the overall situation in the hospital is not bad. Yes, to the level of private clinics away. But at the same time there is nothing terrible. Positive emotions in the air do not hover - there really is a certain weight in specific branches. But the appearance of the hospital does not make you horrified. The usual, nothing special is not allocated state medical institution. And nothing more.

So what to believe? Rather, the second category of reviews. Repair in this children's hospital is done regularly, whenever possible the management tries to replace the old equipment with new ones. Yes, the situation is not as easy and friendly as in private clinics. But for the state institution, the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital( RCCH) looks decent.

Doctors of

Special attention should be paid to doctors, practitioners here. After all, it is from their work that the child's health, and also his life as a whole, depends. Therefore, parents often focus their attention on medical personnel.

What can the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital offer in this area? Doctors who work here, all with higher education and rich work experience. That is, you can safely entrust them a child and not be afraid that the staff can not cope with the work entrusted. Honored doctors and doctors of higher categories( for example, in the pediatric, surgical or neurological departments) - this is the bulk of workers. Especially in the hospital.

In the polyclinic, as parents say, there are young cadres. The age does not affect the quality of care. Even new doctors are constantly engaged in self-education. They also know what they are doing.

Nevertheless, there are always dissatisfied patients. Fortunately, the main focus is on the clinic. And only on specific doctors. For example, some discontent is found in the surgical department, as well as in some children's gynecologists. Parents indicate that they communicated with a certain rudeness and disregard. Is it really? It is not known, but due to the fact that such reviews are not so rare( though without specificity and evidence), potential visitors believe them.

Russian Children

In fact, nobody is immune from the discontent of doctors. Here the human factor plays a role. And the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of Russia has nothing to do with it. From the coldness of doctors can not be insured. Despite this, the staff is still doing their job qualitatively. Some parents emphasize that, despite some shortcomings in services( such as the unfriendliness of individual professionals), treatment is appointed on time and without question. The results of the appeal to the doctors of the FGBU of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital are almost all encouraging. Yes, some people also have negative experience. But mostly parents of patients are satisfied with the service.

Stay at

What kind of hospital stay does the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital offer( Moscow)?In this area, the opinions of the parents also diverge.

The first thing that attention is often focused on is that there are few places in the hospital. And children have to lie in other offices. For a government agency, this is quite normal. The main thing is that no one is left in the corridors and unattended, as some points indicate.

The second nuance: for the situation in the chambers, parents should watch for themselves. Some normally refer to the fact that you have to clean and clean the children's places of your own. Make up whole schedules of duty, according to which the parents of certain patients carry out the cleaning of the chambers. Some people consider this to be wildness. After all, parents should not initially clean up the wards. At the same time, the overwhelming majority consider this move to be the norm. The cleaners, of course, clean the chambers, but not in full. More precisely, not 24 hours a day: the hospital is large, and the process is on schedule. If cleaning is required earlier, then parents should do it.

Otherwise, there are no complaints. The situation, as already mentioned, is normal. Doctors and staff - too. Although sometimes there are precedents with the affability of some employees. But this is not a reason to speak negatively about the servicing of children in general.


Another controversial issue is the nutrition offered by the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital. Moscow is a fairly large city, the capital of Russia. But in the hospitals of this area they serve the most common food. Without frills or studying the preferences of each patient.

Russian Children

There is a special diet menu for all children undergoing treatment. Nutrition does not suit everyone's taste, it can be seen in numerous reviews. At the same time, the menu offered to children is designed in such a way as not to harm the body. Useful, nutritious and helps to establish a metabolism.

If someone does not like how to feed children, you can bring your food from home. But with some limitations. They depend directly on the diagnosis of the child. You can say for sure: no chips and other harmful treats. All other restrictions are recommended to be learned by the phones specified earlier.

About polyclinic

A special attention deserves from the organization called the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital polyclinic. She, as already said, is at the hospital. Doctors work here quite good, but sometimes there can be some disregard from their part of doctors. From it no one is immune.

The polyclinic works stably, it accepts all citizens who apply. It is possible to service both the OMS program and VHI.That is, a paid and free reception takes place. Just like in the hospital.

Parents often express their dissatisfaction with the implementation of the appointment. Free to get to some specialists difficult. And someone has to go to the order of the first line. Problems with recording occur when free of charge, and when paid. This is normal, especially for the state polyclinic. Given that the institution serves not only residents of Moscow and the region, but all citizens who apply, it is recommended that you simply register with doctors in advance. And take the turn to specialists in advance. Similar situations occur in all public clinics. Therefore, they do not surprise the population.

In general, the parents are satisfied with the care of the doctors of the polyclinic department. There are some complaints, but they are insignificant. For example, a long inspection or filling of references. On the overall quality of care and on the diagnosis of this influence is not. Therefore, many parents admit that ultimately the treatment and examination are properly provided. And for paid patients, and for free. They try to treat everyone with particular attention whenever possible.

Most often thanks to pediatricians. They are referred to as sensitive and attentive physicians who are trying to seek an individual approach to each child. However, the same opinions can be heard to the entire staff of the Children's Clinical Hospital in Russia.


What can be summarized? Based on all of the above, it should be emphasized that the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital is one of the largest medical organizations in the country. They offer treatment for serious illnesses. There is also a polyclinic where ordinary patients are served.

Russian Children

Nothing significant is not allocated to the hospital. Work in it is an educated and experienced cadres who can be entrusted with the life and health of the child. Disadvantages of patient care are available, but they are insignificant. And the quality of treatment, as well as the rehabilitation of children have no effect.

Most often in the RCCH from other cities fall in the directions. Doctors try to help every child. In the hospital conditions are good: there are paid chambers designed for 1-2 children, and free - for 5-6 people. Care of children is carried out properly, food is provided in accordance with medical indications. If the child categorically refuses to eat what is offered, you can bring some dishes from home.

The Russian Children's Clinical Hospital( Leninsky pr-t, 117) is the place where everyone is treated and practically from any illness. For many, this institution is the last hope for a normal life in the future. If doctors recommend to contact the RCCH, do not hesitate. Most likely, it is in this institution that a child will be cured of ailments.