Preparation "Glycerol": instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

Nowadays pharmacy shelves are full of various medications. Among them, you can find formulations for oral or intramuscular use, medications that are applied topically, or preparations for inhalation. The consumer can choose what is more convenient for him. This article will tell you about a long-known and universal tool called "Glycerol".Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of this medicine will be presented to your attention. You will also learn about the composition and you can see the description of the drug.

What is Glycerol?

Instruction for use informs that this medication has two forms of release. The consumer can buy rectal suppositories in almost every pharmacy chain with the name "Glycerol".Also the composition is made and in liquid form.

What about the additional components? The description of the drug says that in the case of the liquid form of the drug, the drug does not have extraneous ingredients. However, rectal suppositories may also contain additional components. Among them, we can distinguish petroleum jelly, lanolin, stearic acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate, etc.

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Indications for prescribing

About the drug "Glycerol" the instruction says that the drug has a laxative effect. This is primarily indicated in the annotation. Also, the medicament is a dehydrating, emollient and dermatoprotective agent. Indications for the use of drugs can be different situations. It is worth noting that much depends on the form of release of the drug.

On the preparation "Glycerol"( candles), the instruction for use informs that the composition is used for constipation of various etiologies. So, the medicine is recommended to be used before preparation for various studies of the rectum and after surgical interventions, when the muscles of the peritoneum can not be strained.

Medication in liquid form is prescribed for intracranial and ophthalmic pressure, before ophthalmologic interventions, for glaucoma and edema of the brain. The composition is also applied to the skin surface, while it is prescribed for the treatment of injuries, dryness of the dermis, allergies, wounds and so on.

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Restrictions on the use of

What does the instruction for use tell us about the contraindications to the use of Glycerol? The annotation says that the composition should not be used with increased sensitivity to its components. That is why it is so important to study the annotation before use.

It is not recommended to use the described agent alone among pregnant and lactating women. Especially it concerns those situations when the medicine is taken orally. For children, you must always observe a separate individual dose of the drug. Do not abuse the medicine. This can lead to exhaustion and irritable bowel syndrome. Also, the frequent use of rectal suppositories leads to the adaptation of the body and the refusal of spontaneous defecation.

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How to use medication inside and outside

How to use the medicine "Glycerol"?Instruction for use informs that the liquid composition can be applied to the skin in unlimited quantities. Often, women and beauticians use the substance described for the preparation of cosmetics( soaps, creams, funds for washing and so on).

For oral use, it is necessary to clarify the way the medicament is used by the doctor. Remember that an overdose of a drug has its unpleasant consequences.

Rectal suppositories and their use

How to use the "Glycerol" suppositories correctly? Instruction for use informs that the maximum daily dose of medication for an adult is 1 gram. For a child, this portion decreases depending on the age.

Rectal suppositories are preferably administered to the intestines after a morning meal. Immediately after this, a person will feel the urge to defecate. However, it is desirable to empty the intestine 5-15 minutes after the application of the drug.

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Reviews about the drug: what do people say?

You have learned that it informs you about the "Glycerol" medication instructions for use. The price of the drug is relatively low. This is evidenced by consumers. In the pharmacy network, you can buy this medication for a sum of 50 to 200 rubles. It all depends on the form of release and the dose of the drug.

Patients report that "Glycerol" is an indispensable item. The preparation perfectly copes with damages of integuments and dryness of mucous membranes. A few minutes after use begins its active manifestation. In this case, it does not matter in what form you apply the medicine.

Doctors report that the active ingredient glycerol is a part of many medicines. Among them, we can mention such compositions as Ingalipt and Lugol. They are designed to treat the larynx. Also, some vitamin complexes have a described substance in their composition. Cosmetology tightly uses glycerol to make caregivers. There are glycerol and in such medicines as "Glycerin suppositories", "Glycelax" and so on. A similar agent for topical application is Bepanten.

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Summing up

What is Glycerol? Instructions for use, price and reviews of this medicine are presented in this article. Many consumers keep this medication in their medicine cabinet in case of emergency. Remember that a medicine in the form of rectal suppositories is not recommended for intestinal obstruction, oncological processes in the digestive tract, acute diarrhea and bleeding from the anus. If possible, consult about the use of this or that medicine with your doctor. The drug "Glycerol" is sold in every pharmacy. To purchase it does not need a prescription. Be healthy and beautiful, well-being!