The drug Pentoxil: instructions for use, contraindications, side effects

Almost every one of us has heard such a definition as metabolism, and many know that the violation of this process in the body leads to serious health problems of a different nature. In some cases, the situation becomes so critical that without the stimulation of metabolic processes, special medication can not be dispensed with. It is to such drugs that the drug Pentoxil is used, the instruction for its use will be discussed below.

All of the above information can not be used as a guide, the drug should be appointed by a qualified physician only on indications. Otherwise, self-medication can cause deterioration of well-being. Therefore, do not prescribe yourself this medication and without a doctor's recommendation to take the drug "Pentoxil".The instructions for use attached to the product also can not be used by patients as a guide to use.

Pentoxylin instructions for use

The action of the drug and the composition of

In medical terms, the drug has phagocytic activity. In other words, the active component of the drug stimulates the production of leukocytes necessary for the control of pathogenic microorganisms. This immunostimulating property has a positive effect on the body and helps to cope with a number of ailments associated with a deficit of leukocytes.

The active ingredient of the preparation is a synthetic substance with the complex chemical name 4-methyl-5-hydroxymethyluracil. In appearance it is a white powder with small crystals, which is slightly soluble in water. One tablet contains 200 mg of the active ingredient.


The main indication for admission is a diagnosis such as leukopenia. The causes of such a pathology can be very different, including poisoning or malnutrition. There are a number of other diseases in which the use of Pentoxyl will be useful. The instructions for use contain information that the medicine has a positive effect in the treatment of severe form of agranulocyte angina, when laboratory blood tests indicate the absence of leukocytes.

pentoxil instruction manual for children

In addition, the drug will be successful in the poisoning of benzene, peptic ulcer diseases, in the process of rehabilitation after burns, bone fractures, with trophic ulcers and fistula.

Synthetic composition of the product increases the body's resistance, promotes the regeneration of tissues at the cellular level. Therefore, often the drug is prescribed as part of complex therapy of periodontal disease, pancreatitis and immunodeficiency for correction of immunity.

Contraindications and cautions

Like many medicines, the drug Pentoxil is contraindicated. Instructions for use categorically prohibit medication for bone marrow cancer, connective tissue cancer, leukemia.

Also, after taking the drug, side effects may occur in the form of an allergic reaction( rash, spots and swelling), as well as digestive system disorders, accompanied by pain, nausea and diarrhea. However, studies during testing did not show pronounced negative consequences after taking. Only in rare cases, patients experienced headaches and dizziness.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that this description differs from what contains the instructions for use for Pentoxyl preparations.

pentoxil instruction manual vaccine

The vaccine "Pentaxim" and the drug "Pentoxyl"

Sometimes one or two letters are decisive. And this is exactly the case. The name of the drug, which is administered for the prevention of diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, differs from immunomodulating medication only by a couple of letters. Therefore, when buying a medicine, you should be very careful not to be mistaken.

Recommended intake regimen

How to drink medicine? What is the instruction for the recommended doses of Pentoxyl? Tablets are taken depending on the age of the patient, the daily dose for children and adults is as follows:

  • for children up to a year is recommended 15 mg;
  • for children under three years of age - 25 mg;
  • up to eight years - 50 mg;
  • for children under 12 years - 75 mg;
  • adolescents from the age of twelve - 100-150 mg;
  • adults - 200-400 mg.

The duration and frequency of the procedures is determined by the attending physician individually, depending on the patient's condition. As a rule, two to three weeks of therapy is sufficient to improve the condition.

Pentoxylin instruction for tablet use

Form release and storage conditions

What does the instruction for use indicate the storage conditions of Pentoxyl preparation? For children and adults, it is important that the medicine does not lose its healing properties and has the maximum therapeutic effect. Shelf life of tablets under condition of absence of direct sunlight and with dry air - 4 years.

The medication is available in tablets of 0.2 g for 40, 20 and 10 tablets in a package.