How to care for soft contact lenses? Lens care products

People who wear lenses know that they get very dirty. This is because on the surface of the eyes there is the development of a huge number of bacteria and infections. But pollution can get on the lens not only from the eye, but also from the environment. Therefore, you must know how to take care of soft contact lenses.


Not everyone knows how to provide such delicate goods with proper care. Soft contact lenses need proper care, otherwise their original properties and characteristics may be violated. One of the most common methods of preserving their parameters is the use of solutions that are designed specifically for this purpose. But they also need to be properly selected. They contain substances that are compatible with the eye. Preservatives are added to the solutions, otherwise they can deteriorate. In addition, with a high concentration of preservatives, microorganisms on lenses die faster. But it must be taken into account that excessive use of them can be harmful to the cornea.

how to care for soft contact lenses

Disinfection systems

If you are interested in how to look after contact lenses, special solutions and disinfection systems are used for this. They are divided into three groups: thermal, peroxide and chemical.

Thermal disinfection is characterized by its simplicity and efficiency. With it, you can quickly destroy bacteria and infections if you follow the instructions. But it must be taken into account that after carrying out such a procedure, the lenses can become discolored, change their characteristics, quickly deteriorate. Therefore, this process is only applicable to lenses that contain a low percentage of water.

In the case of peroxide disinfection, a peroxide solution( 3%) is used during operation. This procedure does not last long, so not all microorganisms can die. Nevertheless, peroxide disinfection is also very popular, because it is very simple and convenient. However, it is not applicable to all lenses. In particular, it is not recommended to clean colored MKL in peroxide solutions.

Chemical disinfection uses substances used during the preservation of solutions. But in this case their concentration is slightly higher. Disinfection will be more effective if solutions with a high concentration of substances are used. However, if these particles fall into the eyes, then irritation may appear. Lenses must be immersed in the solution for a certain time( preferably at night).If they can not stand them all this time in solution, some microorganisms may remain on their surface.

what kind of soft contact lens care is needed

Why do we need special solutions?

Usually people who do not know how to care for soft contact lenses are wondering why they need solutions for disinfection? In fact, if you leave the lens in the air, it will dry quickly, become brittle and stiff. Therefore at the slightest touch it will be broken. Elastic and imperceptible to the eye of it makes the water that is contained inside.

Why can not I use ordinary water?

Quite often, anyone who is interested in what care is needed for soft contact lenses, thinks that one could leave the lenses in the tap water. But it's not right. Even in countries with the cleanest water, this is not done. Natural water contains microorganisms that, if ingested into the eye, can lead to inflammation of the cornea, the appearance of small sores on its surface. Water and tears have a different composition, so there may be a sting in the eyes. To joke with this is not worth it, since one can even remain completely without sight.

what is the care of soft contact lenses

Salt solutions

Many believe that the use of salt solutions when storing lenses are remnants of the past. But some still do not forget this method. Take a 0.9% solution of salt, in which the lenses boil 2-3 times a week. However, this method has some drawbacks. After all, the lens accumulates contaminants that need to be removed daily, and if the solution boils only a couple of times a week, the microorganisms and bacteria are not completely removed. Remove contamination every day, so that wearing the lens was safe.

Solution selection

If you do not know what is the care of soft contact lenses, and buy them for the first time, then it will not be easy to choose them. At the same time one should at least be guided by formal signs( availability of certificates from the seller, ISO for Europe, etc.).If you wear contact lenses, you need to consult with your doctor, which disinfectants to choose. After all, some substances can cause unpleasant sensations in the eye, so this tool should be replaced by another. When using colored lenses, in no case should you buy solutions containing peroxide. Their use will cause discoloration of the lens. At the same time, such solutions are excellent for silicone hydrogel lenses. In addition, when processing MKL, it is not recommended to use solutions designed for hard lenses, as this can lead to their deformation.

basic rules for the care of soft contact lenses

Cleaning aids

Not knowing how to care for soft contact lenses, it is better to consult a specialist. The doctor will help you choose the most suitable tool for lenses and your eyes. Cleansing drugs are divided into several groups:

  • Surface active agents. With their help, fat, protein and calcium salts are removed from the lens surface( MRL).These drugs are considered perfectly safe for the human eye. When rinsing a special solution, they are washed off without much difficulty. For substances to function effectively, they must be placed in special conditions, which is usually the chemical composition in solutions;
  • Enzyme cleaners that remove deposits from the surface of the lens, which later break up into small particles;
  • Oxidizing drugs, which are now practically not used because they can harm the MCL and the eye.

rules for the care of soft contact lenses

Multifunctional solutions

In addition, there are solutions that allow you to combine several stages of care for MKL.Simultaneously, they are used for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing MKL.They include components that have different effects on the lens. In this case, each person can choose for themselves a solution in accordance with their personal needs and recommendations of the doctor. To use these solutions, you must follow the instructions.

how to care for contact lenses

In addition, at least once a week, the lens needs to be treated with enzymatic cleaners. Also, if you are interested in how to take care of soft contact lenses, it is necessary to take into account that during the process of wearing MKL, pollution occurs. This leads to deformation of some of the areas present on the surface of the lens, which is due to the evaporation of the particles. As a result, a small change in its size occurs. Therefore, to preserve the dimensions of the lens, it is necessary to use special drops, which are of two kinds. Wetting is necessary to increase the volume of tears, but they do not last long. Lubricating drops are used to reduce friction between the lens and the cornea. They last about an hour.

Useful advices for

There are basic rules for the care of soft contact lenses. They are included in the following:

  • Each removal of the lens must be accompanied by its cleaning, washing and disinfection.
  • You can not take lenses in your mouth and use saliva to clean them. This can lead to irritation of the eye, since in the saliva there are unfavorable enzymes for it.
  • It is necessary to store MKL in special cases, in which a clean solution is poured in advance.
  • The same solution can not be used several times, since the lens can accumulate harmful microorganisms from the environment.
  • In the hands should take only one lens, since it is not recommended to confuse the lens in some places.
  • The rules for the care of soft contact lenses suggest the use of the same care systems. It is recommended that you only use the one recommended by your ophthalmologist.
  • MKL should be periodically replaced, in accordance with the schedule drawn up by the attending physician.
  • You can not wear a lens after doing makeup. In addition, it is better to switch to cosmetics, made on a water basis.
  • Do not spray on other liquids.
  • The solution should not be used for more than 6 months after opening the bottle.
  • All ophthalmologist recommendations must be strictly followed.
  • A sufficient quantity of solution must be poured into the liquid container. It should be tightly closed while soaking the lenses in it. It should be washed daily, and replaced approximately every 3 months. If cracks or scratches were found on its surface, it is better to discard it. Otherwise, disinfection may be ineffective.

care for soft contact lenses needed


Many replace glasses with soft contact lenses. Care and feedback on the means for storing them are of interest to many. People note that they are much more convenient than hard lenses, since they are practically not felt in the eye. If you also use special drops, the frictional force between the MCL and the cornea decreases, so you can forget for a while that there is a lens in the eye. However, taking care of them is a little more difficult, because they are more gentle. You need to shoot them every day, you can not leave them outdoors, otherwise they will quickly deteriorate. But if you follow all the rules for caring for them, then they will serve their intended time without causing irritation and discomfort.