Suprapol, recall of a patient with colorectal cancer with metastases

Response from Irina, provided by website :

"My mother( 74 years old) was diagnosed with a colorectal cancer with metastasis, removed the tumor and lymph nodes, removed colostomy from the left side of the abdomen." 8 chemotherapy courses were prescribed, but my mothercould only move 3. Already after the first chemotherapy, the hair fell out, after the second, indomitable vomiting appeared, after the third, urination, breaking in the bones and joints began, the tests became completely bad.

She was discharged due to poor analyzes and was told that she would resumeThe blood test at discharge was as follows: Hemoglobin - 45, Leukocytes - 1.5, Platelets - 104. This despite the fact that the mother was supported in parallel, and she observed a special diet.

After 2 weeks of a homeregimen and nutrition tests were almost unchanged. Hemoglobin was raised to 48, the white blood cells were 1.3, the platelets - 105. I realized that we can not restore blood parameters quickly, and we can not lose time. I began to look for new drugs against the tumor on the Internet, which would not have pronounced side effects, and found Suprapol.

Of course, we realized the drug while experimental and certain risks, but having got acquainted with the results of studies and reviews, we decided that the risk in our case is justified. The drug was delivered quickly. Mom took it intramuscularly, as was recommended, 2 ml daily, with courses 5, 8 and 13 injections with interruptions of 7 days and 14 days, respectively. In total, it turned out to be a month and a half( 47 days).In parallel, we continued to take maintenance treatment and restored the blood counts.

During treatment, in general, no side effects were noticed. Nausea, withdrawal, hair began to grow, slowly, but surely the blood counts began to recover. Two months after the start of treatment with Suprapol, Hemoglobin rose to 92, Leukocytes - 4.3, Platelets - 204, and most importantly, we did not miss the time and continued the antitumor treatment.

This week we will continue chemotherapy in oncology. I hope that we will be able to withstand 2 courses. Then again it is necessary to be restored, but with the help of Suprapol we hope to overcome all 8 courses of chemistry. On the other hand, if the chemistry "does not climb", let's move completely to Suprapol. It's expensive, of course, but health is more expensive. "

Warning: The drug can only be recommended on the basis of documents from your medical institution.