Inflammation of the eye than that of adults and children

With such a problem as inflammation of the eye, everyone risks to face. This can occur either as a protective reaction, or because of mechanical damage. Inflammation of the organs of vision occurs in people of any age and sex, and it is not only the defeat of the eye itself, but also the area around it.

But do not confuse the usual redness caused by some minor external factors, and a serious inflammation. Because of the usual redness you should not worry. It is easy to get rid of, eliminating the cause, which provoked irritation. But if viruses and bacteria join this problem, inflammation is inevitable.

inflammation of the eye than to treat

Inflammation of the eye vessels

Common symptoms of all diseases associated with damage to the vessels of the organ of vision are fear of light, pain, blurred vision and blurred vision.

It is infectious diseases that are most often the cause that causes inflammation of the eye. Than to treat an inflammation of vessels? First of all, of course, it is necessary to eliminate the disease that caused it. And there are many reasons for provoking the mentioned problem. We list them.

Inflammation of the conjunctiva

Conjunctiva is an invisible film-like membrane that envelops the eyeball. Its inflammation can be caused by a number of reasons:

  • is an allergy;
  • infection;
  • mechanical damage;
  • is affected by any aggressive factors.

If conjunctivitis is triggered by bacteria, redness and swelling occur, accompanied by tears and a sharp reaction of the eye to bright light. For the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis, drops with an antibiotic( "Albucid", "Tobrex", "Sofraks", etc.) are best suited.

But to recognize that the conjunctiva has become inflamed due to an allergic reaction is difficult, because the symptoms can be completely different. If the allergic reaction has occurred due to the non-perception of some drug, then there will be itching, burning and copious discharge of tears.

treat inflammation of the upper eyelid

Inflammation of the cornea

Inflammation of the cornea is the most common disease in the body of vision, called keratitis. It can be external, that is, caused by causes from the outside, and deep, which occurs as a result of processes occurring in the body. Any type of keratitis is very dangerous and requires immediate treatment, as it can lead to a significant deterioration in vision.

Symptoms of inflammation of the cornea exist several:

  • abundant secretion of tears;
  • pain cutting;
  • sharp reaction to light;
  • itching;
  • swelling;
  • is an inflammation of the eye.

Than to treat a keratitis? The patient with this diagnosis is usually placed in a hospital, and the mandatory therapy is the use of antibiotics( drops of "Floxal", "Oftakwix", etc.), preparations against fungi and viruses( "Ocoferon"), as well as anti-inflammatory drugs( "Indocollar "," Naklof ").The patient is prescribed multivitamins and physiotherapy procedures.

Inflammation of the orbit

The most common cause of inflammation of the orbit is the penetration of the infection. Symptoms, by which you can understand that the eye socket is inflamed, is the reddening of the eyelid, pain, the appearance of edema and the deterioration of vision.

This disease is very serious, as it is often difficult to open the eye with it, and sometimes even impossible, the head hurts and the temperature that causes inflammation of the eye raises.

Than to treat? The first thing to do in this case is to seek help from a specialist. As a rule, he appoints antibacterial and sulfanilamide drugs depending on the patient's condition and the features of the course of the disease.

Inflammation of the eyelid

Than to treat, if you have an upper or lower eyelid, or even both at the same time? If you have reddened and swollen eyelids, purulent crusts gather around the edges, then, most likely, a specialist will determine the presence of infection.

Mikrokleschi, low immunity, severe reaction to cosmetics, penetration of dust, as well as existing diseases - all this can trigger inflammation of the eyelid. Than to treat? A photo of such a medical case proves that you can not linger.

inflammation of the eyelid than to treat

The first thing the doctor will need to identify and eliminate the cause of inflammation. And then the patient is prescribed antibiotics both locally and inward( Ampiox, Oksatsillin, etc.), eye drops Penicillin, Prednisolone, eye ointments, etc. Treat inflammation of the upper eyelid or lower,if they were formed pustules and boils, will have to be surgically - suppuration is opened, and then cleaned and disinfected.

Inflammation of lacrimal canals

Inflammations of this kind occur as a result of the appearance of an obstruction to the passage of the lacrimal flow, which causes the accumulation of microorganisms. Obstruction can be congenital, resulting from injuries or caused by infectious diseases.

Often, inflammation affects one eye, causing swelling, redness, pain in the area of ​​the inner corner and discharge, which provokes inflammation of the eye. Than to treat this disease? Most often, therapy consists in washing the tear duct with disinfectants. If such treatment is ineffective, then surgical intervention is also used.

treat inflammation of the eye with folk remedies

Inflammation of the eye in a child

Than to treat if an inflammation of the eyes is detected in the baby? This question immediately arises from any parent. But first you need to understand what caused the eye to become inflamed. The presence of this problem in children has several differences from a similar problem in adults.

If the named situation has occurred at the baby, then with a high probability it is dacryocystitis. This disease occurs due to a violation of the patency of the nasolacrimal duct, as a result of which bacteria accumulate, and inflammation forms. Determine dacryocystitis can be on the following symptoms: increased tearfulness, redness, purulent discharge. This pathology in most cases is not so terrible, as it often passes through six months without surgical interventions.

As a treatment, the doctor will most likely prescribe a special massage and eye wash with disinfectants. If this all turns out to be ineffective, then antibacterial drops will be used to remove inflammation of the eye.

How to treat an older child? In older children, conjunctivitis is the most frequent disease in the organs of vision. It is of an infectious nature, that is, it arises from infection from other people. Also at this age, external stimuli such as dust, sand, light, etc., are a common cause of inflammation.

Treatment in this case must begin with the identification and elimination of the cause. Do not wash the eye with anything other than special remedies, because it can further exacerbate the problem by injecting additional infection. In a situation with a child, you should not self-medicate, but it's best to see a doctor.

Treatment of

Than to treat an eye disease, depends on what is affected. In some cases, it is necessary to take antibiotics, in some - to rinse, and sometimes simply to eliminate the irritant that caused inflammation.

how to treat inflammation of the eye at home

How to treat inflammation of the eye at home? An effective method of treatment is rinsing. It can be carried out as a solution prepared on the basis of folk recipes, and pharmacy.

The solution of furacilin is very effective. In addition, it is not difficult to prepare. It is enough only to completely dissolve 2 tablets in 200 ml of boiled water.

For those who want to treat the inflammation of the eye with folk remedies, the decoction of the chemist's chamomile is perfect. It can also be used for compresses, since the infusion of chamomile is an excellent soothing agent that can quickly eliminate inflammation. The same effect has strong green tea.

inflammation of the eyelid than to treat the photo

When washing, hygiene should be closely monitored. It is important to use a separate tampon for each eye. Both hands and all objects touching the eye must be sterile. Movements are made in the direction from the temples to the bridge of the nose.


Many of the eye diseases can be avoided simply by following the rules of hygiene. Do not touch the eyes with unwashed hands, and the scarf should be changed as often as possible.

If you have a tendency to allergies or irritations, then as an inflammation prevention it is recommended to wash the eye with boiled water, chamomile broth or saline solution. If the cause of eye inflammation lies in the intolerance of bright light, you can buy sunglasses and if you need to wear them. But do not wear them regularly, unless it was a doctor's recommendation, since sunlight does have a beneficial effect, for example, on the nervous system.

inflammation of the eyes in a child than to treat

As prevention, ophthalmic drugs can not be consumed, since their administration without a doctor's prescription can cause various unpleasant side reactions. And if you still encounter inflammation of the eye, you should immediately consult a specialist, as this is quite dangerous, and the diseases found at an earlier stage can be treated much easier.