How to smoke electronic cigarettes: basic principles

To make any lesson enjoyable, it is necessary to know about it as much as possible and do it right. This applies to almost everything: work, nutrition, interests and habits. For example, not everyone understands how to smoke electronic cigarettes. Nevertheless, the number of people who do this, is constantly growing every year.

The basis of the process

Now, everywhere is fighting with smoking. In some countries, a person with a cigarette is closed to many public institutions. This is due to the harmful effect of the product on the body. States are fighting for a healthy nation and are making every effort to do so. Many smokers do not want to give up a long-term habit and are looking for alternatives. They perceive an electronic cigarette as just a way of replacing them in conditions of prohibition.

how to smoke electronic cigarettes

There are also those who make their choice consciously. But many of them are not sure that they know how to smoke electronic cigarettes. To begin with, it is necessary to note that the process itself will be more correctly called in another way. In this case, a "hover" occurs. That is, as a result of the actions performed in a certain sequence, the device generates a substance that, in fact, is not smoke. This is steam. It is from this point of view that we must perceive such devices. Therefore, when you figure out how to smoke electronic cigarettes, a person simply tries to understand how to properly handle the steam. Here at once the question arises whether its composition is harmful and why such a replacement is needed? Here everything is very clear. The smoke of an ordinary cigarette contains carbon monoxide, nicotine, hexamine, butane, ammonium, cadmium, methane, arsenic, methanol, as well as paint and even a little glue. Quite a rich set of components. The electronic analog has only nicotine. And it is not present in all the compositions. This fact alone allows us to draw certain conclusions.

Significant differences

Those who decided to become a steamer and find out how to smoke electronic cigarettes should first of all carefully study the device itself. It is necessary to clearly understand what is inside the apparatus, and what processes occur in each of its stages. Here you should know that any electronic cigarette includes:

  • battery;
  • separate cartridge, inside which is a special aromatic liquid;
  • atomizer, that is a device that turns this very liquid into a kind of vapor.

This structure is very similar to a well-known device in medicine, which is called "inhaler".True, there is one fundamental difference between them. In an inhaler, a cloud of suspended particles is formed by increasing the pressure, and in an electronic cigarette - by evaporation during heating. Therefore, it is unlikely that these devices can be considered the same. Nevertheless, they both lead to the formation of a suspension. Only in one case it benefits, and in the other - minimal harm to the body, completely incompatible with caustic tobacco smoke.

Beyond the prohibition of

Beginners are generally interested in whether it is possible to smoke an e-cigarette in public places or other places of congestion.

can I smoke an e-cigarette

It is known that the governments of many countries today have already said their categorical "no" to ordinary cigarettes and tobacco smoke. The electronic devices in these prohibitions are not talking. Therefore, some smokers try to realize their desires in this way. The use of such a device gives them the opportunity, without prejudice to their own interests, to retain complete freedom of action. In 2014, some additions were made to the anti-tobacco law, which supplemented the list of places free from smoking. Now, with a normal cigarette in your hands, you can no longer appear in an electric train or train, restaurant or cafe. They are tabooed. Is it possible to smoke an electronic cigarette while in these places? The answer to this question is positive. Of course yes. After all, the resulting steam is not harmful to people around. The only harm that an electronic cigarette carries is a public demonstration of a bad habit. But until now this is a contentious issue, which has not yet been fully resolved.

Basic rules of

Beginners are usually interested in how to properly smoke an electronic cigarette. This question is quite appropriate, because the combustion of tobacco and heating of the liquid are two very different processes. As a result of each of them, the same product is formed, for the sake of which, in fact, these devices are used.

how to smoke an e-cigarette

From the experience many steamers can give following recommendations on this account:

  1. To tighten it is necessary slowly, without making too deep inspiration. This allows you to better enjoy the scent and not burn your airways.
  2. Between puffs, it's best to take a short break. This will give time to experience the taste composition of the mixture and will not allow the atomizer springs to overheat.
  3. Monitor the presence of liquid in the cartridge. In the case of its absence, the atomizer can immediately burn out.

This is not a law or any strict rules, but only basic rules for safe operation of the device. Everyone will determine for himself how to smoke an e-cigarette correctly. These details can be found out by the steamer after a sufficiently long personal use of the device. But it is better to take into account the experience of knowledgeable people in order to protect themselves and prevent other people's mistakes.

Conscious self-deception

Some avid lovers of smoking, trying to give up a long-term habit, resort to the most unusual methods. They use for this tablets, drops, medical plasters, as well as ordinary sweets or seeds. But some of them, having got acquainted with the information on hovering, are interested in how to smoke an electronic cigarette in order to quit smoking? Here everything is not so simple and straightforward.

how to smoke an e-cigarette to quit smoking

A similar question can be divided into two parts:

  1. How to stop smoking, that is, inhale daily the harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke?
  2. How can an electronic cigarette help a person forget about a bad habit?

Each of these questions partly already contains the answer to it. In the first case, instead of smoke, a person inhales aromatized steam, in which there is no rich assortment of hazardous impurities. Of course, this is less harmful. But still there is still nicotine, which is present in most liquids for electronic devices. As a result, the daily dose is simply reduced, but no complete failure occurs. In the second case, a person manages to partially protect his nervous system. During stress, the hand of a smoker, as a rule, reaches for a cigarette. But because of numerous prohibitions, the reflex reflexively works that it can not do this in the place where it is at the moment. This creates additional inconvenience and increases nervousness. And an electronic "toy" a smoker can get anywhere and meet his need. However, for all this, the dependence itself remains. Only the role of an ordinary cigarette is played by an electronic device.

Sequence of actions

To understand how you can smoke an electronic cigarette, you first need to understand for yourself the principle of its operation and the way to prepare for work. In addition to each device there is always an instruction, which must be carefully read before proceeding to the process itself. Preparation of the device takes very little time. You just need to connect the battery to the refilled cartridge. If this occurs after recharging, it is best to wait a few minutes for the liquid to distribute evenly throughout the volume. Now you just need to drag it out. This action can be considered as a kind of inclusion of the device in the work, the confirmation of which will light up on the tip of the cigarette LED.

how can I smoke an e-cigarette

It also serves as a signal that the movement of the airflow is noted inside. When re-tightening, steam appears. Its intensity depends on the speed of the flow. The stronger the breath, the more heated the spiral, which heats the liquid. Here, do not overdo it so that the device does not fail. Breaks between puffs will give the atomizer time to cool slightly and be ready to work again. Do not hold the cigarette upright. In this situation, leakage may occur and the liquid will enter your mouth, which is extremely unpleasant. Otherwise, the usual security measures, which are described in more detail in the instructions.

How to smoke?

Beginners are usually interested in whether smoking an electronic cigarette can be delayed? This question can not be answered unambiguously. In principle, everyone chooses for himself the way he likes. For example, traditional smokers are divided into two groups initially:

  1. The first use conventional cigarettes, tightening so that the smoke immediately got into the lungs.
  2. The second choose tubes or cigars. In this case, without making a strong tightening, you can enjoy the aroma of the selected tobacco, and at the same time observe your favorite ritual.

The steamers have the same situation. The strength of the tightening depends entirely on the desire of the person who does it.

whether it is possible to smoke an electronic cigarette in a tight

In addition, it is also necessary to consider the conditions in which this occurs. Smoking can be on the move, quickly tightening with maximum force. In this case, imitation of standard smoking occurs in order to satisfy the body's need for nicotine. Tighteners of lesser strength give the opportunity to feel the whole gamut of flavors that are collected in a certain sort of liquid. In this situation, a person simply repeats the ritual, while receiving great pleasure.