How to call a doctor - district and children?

How to call a doctor at home? Probably this question was asked by everyone who had a high fever. Naturally, in this state it is almost impossible to get to the clinic yourself. At the same time, every citizen has the right to invite a specialist directly to his home, which in itself is very convenient. However, some people have no idea how to call a doctor at home. And in a number of cases, as they say, the delay in death is similar. Let's consider this issue in more detail.

What you need to do

So, you do not know how to call a doctor at home. The first action to be taken is to call the registry of the medical institution that serves you territorially. Next, you must dictate the name, first name, patronymic of the patient, year of birth, address of residence and accompanying health complaints to the employees of the clinic. If you, for example, feel a slight malaise, it is unlikely that you will be challenged. The grounds for this should be serious, including vomiting, diarrhea, rashes on the body,

fever and so on.

When considering the question of how to call a doctor at home, it should be emphasized that special rules that would regulate the times when it is possible and necessary to invite doctors to provide assistance, has not been developed. This issue is decided on an individual basis. Of course, no one takes away your right to call a local doctor on the house, but you must understand that he will not be able to arrive until after he has served the last client in the polyclinic, or immediately before starting work in a medical institution. Naturally, this creates significant inconvenience, since every minute of waiting can cause intolerable pain to the patient.

Cases when a call is required

Of course, in certain cases a person simply has to call a local doctor at home: when the patient suffers from vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, when suddenly hypertension has increased blood pressure when a person experiences severe pain in the back and legs, while he is not able to reach the polyclinic on his own.

Also, home health care is required for those who are restricted in movement( bedridden patients, elderly people and others).

When to call on "03"

There are situations when you do not know exactly, to call a doctor at home or to resort to the services of an ambulance. By phone "03" you need to call in cases when a person dizzy, increased blood pressure, he is in a precautionary state, injured or injured. In this case, note that in the event of the above circumstances, the ambulance staff can be bothered even on weekends, and in the evening or at night.

You can apply for help in a private clinic

You can call a doctor at home and privately. Naturally, the specialist will need to pay for the services. Commercial establishments operate around the clock, and assistance is provided even on weekends. Noteworthy is the fact that you can go to a private medical institution via the Internet - online, which is very convenient.

Departure for a doctor of a narrow profile

In the minds of Russians, the idea that if a doctor is called at home is firmly entrenched, then only a local therapist.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that there is a "prerogative" to call a doctor of narrow specialization at home. And it is mainly used by such categories of citizens as the disabled, bedridden patients and people of advanced age. In any case, the therapist is first to be invited, who gives advice on what specific specialist should be called to the patient.

What procedures are done at home

In your own apartment, a person can make an electrocardiogram, an injection, draw a blood sample for analysis. Together with the doctor( basically this refers to the ambulance staff), the patient's home is visited by nurses who take with them the necessary instruments and instruments.

In the opinion of most patients, the most convenient option for obtaining medical care is to call a doctor at home. The polyclinic in this respect is not the preferred place of treatment, as, as is known, even the walls help at home. In addition, some categories of citizens, in particular children and the elderly, do not and can not visit health facilities, especially if they are far away.

When you need help with the pediatrician

Of course, every parent worries about the health of his child. Unfortunately, children often get sick.

And, of course, fathers and mothers should know when to call a children's doctor at home, and in which you need to visit a clinic where their child will be provided with comprehensive medical care. However, the logic is simple: if the disease is mild, it makes sense to make an appointment for a consultation with a medical institution, when it comes to complicated forms of ailment, it is advisable to invite a specialist to your home. Also, the therapist should help the child at home, when he has a fever, convulsions, he loses consciousness. However, as already emphasized, at the legislative level there are no norms that would clearly establish in what cases it is possible and necessary to call a doctor at home. Parents themselves assess the state of their child's health and decide on their own whether they need specialist help at home. In any case, if the baby has a fever, this is a powerful argument for inviting a pediatrician.

How to call a children's doctor

For sure, for many, the question of how to call a doctor at home to a child is not uninteresting. It should be noted that the pediatrician, like other specialists, works according to the schedule.

Usually, calls are made in the morning, and only in the afternoon the specialist serves children at home.

So, to call a doctor, you should call the children's polyclinic and inform the registry staff about the baby's illness. It is very important to list the symptoms of ailment in a brief form. It is also necessary to indicate contact details: the child's last name, first name, patronymic, residential address, mobile phone number from which you are calling. It is not superfluous to prepare for the arrival of a specialist, for example, to make cleaning or take care of the availability of shoe covers for the doctor.

If the baby falls ill late at night or on weekends, it is necessary to call an ambulance. Your child has fever, his breathing is difficult or the skin has acquired a bluish tint? Perhaps he began to faint or got a thermal burn? In all these cases, you need to immediately call the station, and the attendant will take the call. Let one of your relatives go to meet an ambulance and conduct medical workers in a house or apartment.

However, it should be remembered that calling an ambulance is an extreme measure.

If possible, then invite a pediatrician who can prescribe treatment and prescribe pain medications or antipyretic drugs.


Calling a doctor at home is the right of every patient, and this right can and should be used! It is not always possible for a person to assess whether a particular situation is urgent. Do not risk your health - just dial the phone number of the medical institution.