Correct dinner: the best recipes, cooking features and recommendations. What to eat for dinner with proper nutrition

A healthy lifestyle. .. How much sense does this phrase have? Is there such a fine line that will help to distinguish a person with a fanatical heightened desire to always be young and healthy, and someone who simply does not want to hurt himself, enjoying life? Of course, alcohol, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, irrationally structured schedule of the day and poor food will very quickly turn into a sick person even a hero, so each of us should try to minimize the negative factors. A healthy diet is one of the highest priorities for everyone who aspires to a full and long life. In today's article, we will try to reveal not the entire food system as a whole, but only one part of it. We will find out what a proper dinner is and whether it is possible to combine the points of view of nutritionists and lovers of various yummies together, to find the cherished golden line between useful and tasty.

proper dinner

A pledge of health and longevity

To start with - a bit of topical reality. Few of the contemporaries can boast of a normal working day, the opportunity to work until five o'clock in the evening and the absence of obstacles on the way home, such as a supermarket, meeting with friends, solving personal problems and, of course, many kilometers and exhausting traffic jams. Well, how can you cook and eat the right dinner in time if the only desire of a person at the end of the day is lying on the couch and rest. Salad and steamed dishes, you say? No, they did not hear about it. Pizza, warmed up in the microwave, and Chinese food from the delivery service - that's what we do about the future sleep.

As a result, we get fat unbalanced food, calories, stomach severity, gastrointestinal problems, blood sugar level and cholesterol. All this bouquet pours out in quite typical for any townspeople symptoms: frequent headache, nausea, insomnia, problems with stools, obesity and general unhealthy state of health. What, then, should be done, what to eat for dinner with proper nutrition?

Good night

During the day, each person needs to take many actions: someone goes to work, someone learns, and someone lounges at home. Some after the completion of the "mandatory program" can come to their cozy nest and calmly indulge in doing nothing, while others only dream of a sweet dream. Hobbies, children, chores - yes a little does a person have classes that you have to spend your priceless calories in? That is why for each of us there is no single principle that would describe what is healthier than food in general and a proper dinner in particular.

what to eat for dinner with proper nutrition

To be cheerful and fresh in the morning, it's important to have a good night's sleep, and before that it's ok to eat in the evening. Nutritionists, bloggers who specialize in healthy lifestyles, and simply all those who have eaten a dog on this issue, argue that evening meals should be mandatory. It can consist of a variety of dishes, most importantly, that they are light, not very high in calories and easily digestible. So, what to eat for dinner with proper nutrition?

  • fish, seafood or dietary meat;

  • vegetables, however, those types that contain a lot of carbohydrates, it is better to say "no"( potatoes, carrots, beets);Acid milk products.

According to the norms, for a person who does not observe the strictest diet and is not a professional athlete, at dinner you need to consume about 300 kcal( 250 for men and 350 for women).Two-thirds of what is on the plate is vegetables, not only those that have been heat treated, but also fresh ones. The rest - proteins in the form of poultry meat, rabbit, veal or fish. Mushrooms, as an alternative to proteins of animal origin, are quite acceptable.

Dinner 18+

For those who still have strength after work, and the soul wants a holiday and love, you need to carefully think over your regular dinner. Disputes about a variety of products that increase sexual attraction in men and women will always, but definitely tested by centuries and a lot of passionate couples ingredients that will decorate any recipe, exist and are not subject to doubt.

The basis of a romantic dinner should be all the same protein, but to achieve the desired effect it must be generously seasoned with spicy exotic herbs that will stir up hot feelings in partners. Fresh vegetables( for example, a salad of tomato, cucumber, celery), along with a variety of greens( coriander, parsley, parsnip or basil) and soft varieties of cheese - this is the right dinner. Recipes of dishes should be as simple as possible, it's better to cook food on the grill or bake in the oven. Having tasted such yummy, a man can not help thanking his beloved for his culinary masterpiece on a pleasant evening and at night.

proper lunches and dinners

Eat with children

Children's dinner is a bit different from the adult. Babies spend much more energy during the day, they grow up, experiencing enormous loads in the school, various circles and sections. This does not mean that they can be fed by fast food, but moms should try to make the dinner nutritious and varied.

Delicious salad of fresh or boiled vegetables with meat, vegetable patties, casserole or pudding - great options for a tasty and healthy dinner for a small gourmet. In addition, it is useful and meets the needs of the child's body, prepare such dishes simply and quickly.

Dinner: right or healthy?

The trend towards obesity and short life expectancy is something that doctors all over the world have to deal with daily. Naturally, each specialist adheres to his own methods and methods of combating obesity and improving the body of a person in need of a diet. Some of them go to extremes, and in pursuit of the rapid result of their clients "dolhamyvayut" and so shaky metabolism, turning people into their eternal patients.

regular dinner recipes

Specialized editions are full of diets and works of pseudo-scientists, which guarantee quick weight loss and normalization of digestion by strange and questionable methods. But you need to understand that the normal functioning of the body involves the use of man not only proteins or carbohydrates, but also fats, vitamins, minerals. Exclude from the diet of any component can be, but only for a short period, because one-component diets or separate meals have nothing to do with rational and diverse. The correct supper for weight loss is not a bowl of empty buckwheat or a glass of skimmed yogurt, but a normal dish with a balanced composition that includes different groups of ingredients.

Mouth lock

Another myth that makes locking not so much the mouth as the refrigerator, and with it all the kitchen cabinets is a rule that prohibits food after six. Desperate slimming treat it so literally that some of them for fifteen minutes to six evenings from the heart are full of fried potatoes and chicken baked in mayonnaise, and for dessert they can slap half of Prague cake. A sad result is the growing kilograms on the arrow of weights and the growing pop and waist.

Studies in recent years prove that you can eat six fields, the main thing here is to start from the time when you go to bed. From the hour "H" you need to take 2-3 hours, and for the future to come you can afford to drink a glass of yogurt or yogurt with berries, sprouted cereals or a delicious herbal tea with honey. This will be an excellent alternative to dessert or buns that are better to be shelved until better times, that is until the morning.

the correct supper for losing weight

Tasty is

So, we have a specific task: eat properly( dinner).The recipes that make up the menu for a week are briefly described, but they will understand the essence of the preparation and the right direction.

  1. Classic vegetable stew. For its preparation you need a very affordable and affordable list of products at any time of the year( potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, zucchini, cauliflower, green peas).For sauce-seasoning, low-fat sour cream, favorite greens and spices, tomato sauce or juice will do. Preparation of the dish is simple to disgrace: clean the vegetables, crumble into cubes or straws and cook until ready, sour cream sauce and greens are best added at the end, 10 minutes before serving. Spiced chicken with rice. Cooks are advised to prepare this dish in advance, more precisely, to cook meat, picking it in orange juice, curry and salt in the morning, and in the evening boil the rice and fry the chicken over a large fire. Just do not use too much vegetable oil - we do not need excess fat.

  2. Fish. Here, the space for imagination is simply boundless, this product can be baked in the oven( it's better to take the sorts fatter) or cook cutlets from it, which are served with boiled or baked potatoes. Fish cutlets should be prepared from fillets, which is passed through a meat grinder, with bread and onion soaked in milk. In the mass you need to add a pre-fried grated carrot, egg, salt and pepper. Cutlets are fried over medium heat from two sides( about 5-7 minutes).

eat the correct dinner recipes

Vain efforts of the

. No matter how much we try to rationalize the dinner, but a healthy diet involves a certain system that includes not only the right lunches and dinners, but also breakfasts as well as useful snacks. From the diet it is necessary to exclude all kinds of harmfulness and synthetic delicacies, replacing them with dried fruits, nuts, cereal bars. For breakfast, the largest number of calories, fats and carbohydrates eaten during the day should be eaten, so they will give strength for productive work and will not be laid off as fat stores on the tummy, hips and waist.