How to call a month ahead of schedule?

Yes, not all women have thought about how to provoke menstruation artificially, but at least many people in certain situations would like to "fit" their menstrual cycle to a certain date."Why is this necessary?"- you ask. But the situation is different.

It happens that the question of how to cause a month ahead of time is especially interesting, for example, athletes who go to competitions. Agree that to jump with a pole, set records on swimming or to make long-distance races during critical days, as they say, "not comme il faut".Or the woman will have to travel by train "from point A to point B", or an early wedding. .. As you see, the situation is serious, and there are not so few of them. What to do in such cases? How to cause monthly in the home, and most importantly, is it worth and what is all fraught with? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

In any case, it is worth remembering that such manipulations are nothing more than an influence on the hormonal background. After all, hormones are responsible for the functioning of the reproductive system of women and they are the cause of ovulation and menstruation. Therefore, the question is "how to cause menstruation?"is equivalent to the question - "how to change the hormonal background?"

If you are taking birth control pills, then things are a bit simpler. It is enough to interrupt the course and in a few days( usually 2-4 days) "red days" will begin. But here again it is necessary to discuss everything with a doctor. If you refuse to take pills, there will always be a similar reaction.
But what if you do not use oral contraceptives? How to be then? How to cause a period without harming the body?

Let's figure out why you need it. Many do so because of fear of unwanted pregnancy. For example, if there was unprotected sex, and now there are concerns about this. In such cases, women resort to an emergency contraceptive - postinor. Postinor - tablets containing a shock dose of hormones, which literally 1-3 days after ingestion causes bleeding. But this method can be called truly radical and even cruel. This is a huge blow to the hormonal background, when using a large dose in a few hours, there is a restructuring in the work of the whole organism. Alas, not the fact that then you will be able to recover painlessly. And even more, it may take months for the menstrual cycle to rebuild. In addition, by-products from postinor - nausea, headaches.dizziness and other troubles.

How to trigger monthly in more gentle ways? There are folk remedies that help to do this. But for someone, they are effective, and someone will not get the long-awaited effect from their use. It is believed that the use of a large number of citrus fruits affects the female cycle. For example, lemons, oranges, grapefruits in combination with ascorbic acid gives the desired effect. To enhance the action, you can use your favorite tool in the people - a sauna, sauna, steam room. A mixture of chamomile and nettle is also very effective. But you need to make sure that you do not have any allergies to these ingredients. And how they like parsley and dill - you can not talk. Their broths have a strong effect on the body, and if you use them in large quantities, then the desired effect can be achieved. In addition, the use of herbs is considered the most gentle way, in contrast, say, from hormonal drugs.

But, anyway, you need to consult a gynecologist, otherwise instead of menstruating you risk getting a bleeding, especially if you're experimenting with hormone pills. Take care of your female health, because this is the most valuable thing that you have.