The drug "Septefril"( pills): instruction, reviews

With diseases of the pharynx and oral cavity, very many people use antiseptic tablets for resorption. Such drugs contribute to a speedy recovery of the patient, as well as significantly improve his condition. septefril tablets instructions

One of the most popular means for treating the oral cavity and pharynx is the drug "Septefril"( tablets).Instruction for children, parents' feedback and features of the mentioned facility are presented below.

Composition and packaging of medicinal product

What are the ingredients of the preparation "Septefril"( tablets)?Instruction for children and adults says that the composition of this medication includes decamethoxin, as well as powdered sugar and calcium stearate.

The preparation in question is produced in the form of absorbable tablets, which can be packaged in a contiguous cell-free or cell pack.

Action of medicament

How does the drug "Septeptil"( tablets) work? The instruction states that this preparation has an antiseptic effect. It is actively used in the treatment of throat diseases. Decamethoxin is a group of ammonium compounds. It detrimental to microbial cells and changes their permeability. It should also be noted that decamethoxin has an antimicrobial effect. This substance has a depressing effect on the corynebacteria diphtheria, yeast-like fungi, gnotetornye cocci, dermatomycetes and viruses. In addition, treatment with this drug helps to slow the formation of decamethoxin-resistant forms of bacteria.

With the use of "Septefril" in complex therapy, the increased effect of other antimicrobial agents was noted. The drug under consideration is bactericidal, sporicidal and fungicidal in effect on microbial cells. Its maximum effectiveness is observed 7 minutes after taking and remains for an hour. septefril tablets instruction for children

Indications for absorption of resorption tablets

What diseases treats the drug "Septephryl"( tablets)?The instruction for children and adults indicates that the main indications for taking this remedy are:

  • sanitation of carriers of pathogenic staphylococcus and diphtheria bacillus in the pharyngeal mucosa;
  • treatment and prevention of diseases in the pharynx and oral cavity with angina, stomatitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis;
  • prevention of complications of an infectious nature before and after dental procedures and surgical interventions in the nasopharynx and oral cavity.


When is it not recommended to take "Septefril" medication( tablets)?Instruction for children( 2 years) says that this tool can be used only with 5 years. This is due to the fact that the tablets are intended only for resorption. It should also be noted that they can not be administered if hypersensitivity to the main and additional components.

Preparation "Septefril"( tablets): instruction for use

For children from 5 years, this medicine can be given one tablet three times a day. Therapeutic course for infants and adults is 4 days. If required, the treatment period is increased to one week.

Adult patients are prescribed medication prescribed 4-6 times a day. The tablets are placed in the mouth and completely dissolve. septefril tablets instruction for children 2 years

Side effects of

The drug "Septefril"( tablets), the instruction of which is presented above, does not cause serious adverse reactions. In some cases, patients have a slight increase in salivation. As a rule, this effect disappears immediately after resorption of the tablets.

Interaction with other means of

Is it possible to combine "Septefril" medication( tablets) with other drugs? The instruction states that simultaneous administration of this drug with antibiotics increases the sensitivity of bacteria to them. Thus, the agent under consideration improves the effectiveness of antibacterial drugs.

Special recommendations

What should I know before taking the drug "Septeptil"( tablets)?Instruction says that after resorption of the drug is not recommended to drink and eat for one hour.

For maximum therapeutic effect, the tablet should be kept in the mouth until it dissolves completely.

The drug in question is acceptable for use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. septefril tablets instruction for children reviews of parents

Is it possible to take Septefril tablets with alcohol? There is no direct contraindication to drinking alcohol during treatment. However, with such diseases as laryngitis, it is forbidden to smoke, and also to drink alcohol.

Reviews about the drug

There is a lot about the drug "Septeptil".Consumers are pleased with the fact that this medication can be used by children from the age of five, as well as pregnant women. Although the effectiveness of this drug is not manifested in all cases.

If the drug in question is used for severe pain and redness in the throat, then one tablet for resorption is indispensable. In this case, the patient is additionally prescribed antibiotics and other medications.

Also, tablets intended for the treatment of the throat and oral cavity are often combined with washing the nasopharynx, rinsing and mouth irrigation. septefril tablets instructions for use on children

Another plus of this tool is that it is relatively inexpensive( about 25-35 rubles).