Served cliromizer for electronic cigarettes: review, photos and reviews

When a decision is made to purchase an electronic cigarette, this often results in a visit to a specialized store in order to obtain quality advice from specialists in order to determine the right choice. However, alas, not always the level of preparation of the seller allows him to provide the client with the necessary information in sufficient volume. An important part of an electronic cigarette, such as a cliromiser, its device and characteristics, is usually known to the seller in general terms. However, if more detailed information is required, difficulties may arise.

The basic device of an electronic cigarette

Served as a cliromiser

The general device of an electronic cigarette is quite simple. Half of the volume is taken by a screw-up battery, the capacity of which, it should be noted, is sufficient for half a day of moderate-active smoking. The other part of the electronic cigarette is a cliromiser - this is where the liquid for smoking is poured and where steam comes from. The main parts of the cliromiser are the mouthpiece, which often contains the functions of the cork, the flask into which the smoking liquid is poured, and the evaporator is a composite element located inside the bulb with the liquid.

Function of the

cliromiser. In principle, the electronic cigarette is an inhaler, and the cliromiser is the active working element in it. Its task is to instantaneously bring to the boiling point an ultra-small volume of liquid by means of an electric current from the battery. The function of the cliromiser is also to ensure the uniformity of effervescence on the maximum area. This provides enough steam to create the impression that smoke is inhaled.

The device of the evrom

cliromiser The central element of the clinic is a liquid flask and mouthpiece, other parts, such as the evaporator, are not so obvious. The main element of the evaporation device is a heating coil. Just like in an electric fireplace or an electric oven with an open spiral, only very small. The ends of the spiral are connected to certain body elements and come into direct contact with the poles of the battery when the clinic is screwed to it.

Inside the spiral of the evaporator is a fibrous rope - wick. It is he who absorbs the evaporating liquid and basically provides the possibility of its boiling up - without a wick the spiral is not able to bring the liquid to a boil. The spiral with the wick is located in the evaporator housing, which is freely unscrewed from the clinicizer if it is serviced.

Types of

review of clinisers

The use of an electronic cigarette for its intended purpose leads to wear and damage to its parts. The first in the queue for repair / replacement is the clinician. Thanks to the wide distribution of electronic cigarettes today it can be concluded that the resource of his work in a sparing smoking regime is sufficient for a fairly long period - up to several months. However, over time, the wick and spiral of the cliromiser get spoiled.

Initially, only non-serviced cliromizers were present on the market, that is, those that are simply thrown out after the failure. Then there was an upgrade. Cliromizers have become serviceable for the reason that only one element really needs to be serviced - an evaporator, in contrast to a bulb and a mouthpiece. This means that for the owner of the electronic cigarette, it is possible to replace the helix of the heating element, the wick or the evaporator working unit itself in the serviced cliromizer at home, at home.


The most common problems of the cliromizers are the breakdown of the evaporator flowing the bulb. And if the flow of the bulb is not critical because most electronic cigarettes exclude leaks when the device is in a vertical state, the breakdown of the evaporator requires immediate repair, if desired, to use the gadget as intended.

As the electronic cigarette is used, at some point, a significant deterioration in the taste of the inhaled steam can be noted - a strange burning taste appears. In this case, you need to understand that the end of the wick's lifetime has expired - it just burnt out. In unattended models of clinisers, this means that it needs to be replaced. In serviced - only the need to replace the wick.

When the cliromiser stops working, the evaporator is the first reason. If the spiral of its heating element fails, the electronic cigarette simply stops emitting steam: when the evaporator is activated, the electronic indicator, if it is, lights up and the steam does not stand out.

The subtleties and nuances of operation and maintenance

cliromiser cc

The principally maintained cliromiser, like the electronic cigarette as a whole, is quite an easy-to-use thing. By observing the accuracy, you can use the device quite a long time. However, the process of using the device will be somewhat easier and more enjoyable, if, for example, paying attention to the accuracy of screwing the mouthpiece or base. In some models( for example, the Evod MT BCC), with negligence in this process, the central steam pipe may be loosened, which leads to leakage and the need for replacement. This can be avoided, only by being careful when handling an electronic cigarette.

Judging by the reviews, many people come to the conclusion that it is advisable to use serviced cliromizers for electronic cigarettes, that if the wick or the evaporator coil wear out, it is easier and easier to replace the entire evaporator complete with a new wick and heating coil because all the evaporator parts are very small, some are difficult to hold with your fingers. For example, the task of passing a wick into a heating spiral presents a difficulty: a lot of common models( for example, the CC clitorizer and others) have a diameter of the helix hole of the heating element about a millimeter.

Approximately the same difficulty is represented by the task of replacing the heating element itself: for small sizes of the spiral, it is very difficult to reach the required grooves with current-carrying antennae, even with tweezers.

Popular models of

This mini-review of cleromizers, which have been recognized by users, it is advisable to start with the most common options. The reason for this - the availability of these components not only on the Internet, but also in most offline stores selling electronic cigarettes.

cliromizer evaporator

No accurate statistics are available, but the BCC Evod is apparently one of the most common. Having a lower screw-down base, this type of clinisers would seem to be subject to the risks of leaks more than others. However, it is not. This serviced cliromiser proceeds more often due to the carelessness of the user than because of the wear of the rubber gasket. He himself is reliable, has a lower heat and is unpretentious in operation. If there is a question about which cliromizers for electronic cigarettes are preferred, this option is clearly worthy of consideration.

Other alternative and equally worthy models are also on the market. One of them is the CC Spy Kanger T2.This model by its design eliminates the possibility of liquid being poured into the steam-extraction tube. This makes it easier to "start" after refueling.

Two-helmed cliromizer

Mega VT( variant Joyetech eGo One) is another serviced cliromiser that conquers users with two spirals. The solution is simple and expedient, which allows you to always get a lot of thick steam.

However, this somewhat increases the cost of using an electronic cigarette in the case of replacing the evaporator in a block version and significantly complicates the self-replacement of both spirals and wicks. To this it is worthwhile to be ready, if this particular chosen clinician is chosen.

Instead of concluding

cliromayers for electronic cigarettes

For some smokers, the question is important: how much savings will come from switching to electronic cigarettes compared to conventional cigarettes? The answer is simple: not at all. In fact, the cost of all kinds of consumables, such as liquids, cliromizers, evaporators, both in assembled form and in parts - in the monthly period "eats" as much as ordinary cigarettes.

Unconditional advantage of using electronic devices is that you can really refuse from conventional cigarettes, that you can smoke indoors, that there are no unpleasant smells and do not cause significant harm to health.